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DesignCap Review – Best Online Graphics Design Tool Free

Designing a graphic design can be a daunting process. First, you have to find a design template or go to a graphic design store to find the perfect one for your needs.

What if you could have a perfect solution for making your designs? It will make your graphic design process much easier and faster.

DesignCap is the software that will make your design process easy and quick.

Meet DesignCap.

DesignCap Review In Detail

DesignCap helps you to create an online graphic design without graphic designing knowledge or experience.

You don’t have to think about designing plans; You will get a vast templates library with thousands of ready-to-use professionally designed templates.

DesignCap Review

DesignCap lets you speed up your creative process to make striking graphic designs. 

You can design for your business, social media, event, and more efficiently here. 

Four special features make DesignCap a great design experience.

Templates & Resources: DesignCap lets you access unlimited professionally designed templates and resources that boost your own creativity. 

You don’t take any pressure to make designs or ideas. However, there are a huge number of ideas you will find which help you make stunning designs.

No Skill Needed: Wondering how to create a professional design? No worries; there are professional and straightforward design elements for you.

These will give you a unique design experience.

Powerful Tools: DesignCap is very much simple but more than powerful. It allows you to create a professional and attractive design with simple yet powerful editing tools. 

From now, design customization will be more than more accessible. 

Time & Money Saving: DesignCap will help you avoid spending money on designers. You do not have to hire a new designer.

You can create your own professional creative design for your company, business, social media, and anything else from now on.

Does it save you time and money?

DesignCap Design Categories

Since there is a vast demand for graphics design, DesignCap will never disappoint you.

DesignCap Review and Total Design Ideas are discussed below.

In DesignCap, you will get lots of design ideas that actually help you to create awesome and professional designs with ease. 

Let’s have a look;

DesignCap Review - Design Ideas

Free Infographic Maker

Using DesignCap, You can create awesome infographics to visualize your data and information with great ease;

You don’t need any graphic design skills.

You pick up your favorite template, add your information and whip up a professional-looking infographic with handy editing tools and abundant graphic resources.

  • Corporate Introduction
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Recipe
  • History Timeline
  • Interview Tips
  • Early Education
  • Travel Plan
  • Fashion Trend and more

Online Presentation

DesignCap allows you to make an online presence more attractive with powerful editing tools. 

You will get such professional presentation templates that professional designers design.

  • Business Plan
  • Product Launch
  • Financial Report
  • Chemical Summit
  • Math Lesson
  • Marketing
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Environment Issue and more

Poster Maker

Online Poster making has never been easier. But DesignCap makes it easy to make stylish posters easily.

You will get access to a massive collection of freemium poster templates that give you a quick start to designing a custom poster. 

Here are some stunning poster templates for you;

  • Education Poster
  • Exhibition Poster
  • Music Poster
  • Motivational Poster
  • Cocktail Poster
  • Fitness Poster
  • Graduation Poster
  • Baby Poster and more
DesignCap Review - Banner

Flyer Design

Flyer Design is the most demanding design of the graphic design sector. Using DesignCap, you can turn your creativity into stylish flyers with ease. 

You can design personal flyers for your business and events.

You will get pre-made stunning flyers templates;

  • Food Flyer
  • Party Flyer
  • Fashion Flyer
  • Music Flyer
  • Education Flyer
  • Business Flyer
  • Sports Flyer
  • Real Estate Flyer and more

Invitation Design

In DesignCap, you can design an invitation without any hassle. Choose your favorite template and add your information to make it more professional-looking.

Here are some awesome invitation templates for any occasion;

  • Wedding Invitation
  • Birthday Invitation
  • Baby Shower Invitation
  • Graduation Invitation
  • Party Invitation
  • Thanksgiving Invitation
  • New Year Invitation
  • Engagement Invitation and more

Youtube Banner Design

DesignCap allows you to make awesome high-level YouTube channel art. 

In addition, you will get professional-looking YouTube banner templates for your inspiration.

Select your template and customize it with your information. It will help to grow your channel and stand out from the audience.

What kind of YouTube channel art category template will you get?

  • Sports YouTube Channel Art
  • Tool YouTube Channel Art
  • Club YouTube Channel Art
  • Animal YouTube Channel Art
  • Art YouTube Channel Art
  • Party YouTube Channel Art
  • Holiday YouTube Channel Art
  • Technology YouTube Channel Art
  • Music YouTube Channel Art and more
DesignCap Review - Categories

Facebook Cover

DesignCap lets you make amazing Facebook cover photos for your profile and business page. 

You don’t have professional design skills. By choosing your favorite templates of Facebook cover, you can customize everything.

You can customize fonts, clipart images, and background resources to make your FB cover more personalized.

  • Coffee Shop Facebook Cover
  • Marketing Facebook Cover
  • Fitness Facebook Cover
  • Event Planning Facebook Cover
  • Wedding Facebook Cover
  • Jewelry Facebook Cover
  • Food Facebook Cover
  • Business Facebook Cover

Influential Instagram Post Design

You can create high-converting Instagram influential posts that engage your followers without any design knowledge. 

It helps you to convert your followers into customers effortlessly.

Here are some useful templates for you;

  • Promotion Post
  • Nature Post
  • Trip Post
  • Festival Post
  • Agent Post
  • Party Post
  • Coffee Shop Post
  • Quote Post and more

There are many more design ideas that have been mentioned here.

Which can make your graphics design career much richer.

DesignCap Resources

DesignCap allows you to create custom designs with thousands of ready-to-use templates that are professionally designed. 

Here are some short resource libraries below;

DesignCap Review - Featuers

Delicate Templates: In DesignCap, you will get thousands of delicate templates that help you to create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, and more. 

Arts & Resources: DesignCap lets you access millions of high-level built-in fonts, shapes, and backgrounds. Not only that, but also you will get stock images and icons. 

Visual Charts: Elegant Visual Charts help you turn your massive data into a visualized, nifty chart.

You can customize your chart and present data to your clients and partners.

Well-Grouped Modules: DesignCap lets you access dozens of grouped modules that visually combine images, icons, and text into a cohesive whole. 

It helps you to make the visual design more accessible and faster.

DesignCap Pricing Plans

Use DesignCap and save your time and money on designing. Whether you have design skills or not.

DesignCap comes with three pricing plans;

Free, Basic, and Plus

Free Plan $0/mo:

  •  Limited templates
  •  Limited stock media choices
  •  5 image uploads
  •  Save up to 5 designs
  •  JPG exports

Basic Plan $8.99/mo:

  •  Unlimited templates
  •  Unlimited stock icons
  •  Unlimited modules
  •  High-res PNG & PDF exports
  •  100 image uploads
  •  Save up to 100 designs

Plus Plan $12.99/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan Features +
  • Upload your fonts
  •  1,000 image uploads
  •  Save up to 1,000 designs

DesignCap Pros and Cons

✅Easy to use
✅Time and money-saving
✅Huge resource elements
✅Professional design
❌Limited image uploads for Plus plan
❌Limited design save for Plus plan
❌Limited export options
❌SVG, Ai export options missing


DesignCap has everything you need for graphics design; you can choose it for everything from your business, social media, presentations, etc.

You have the option to customize everything for the convenience of your work, which will make your design more personalized.

Note: Here is a amazing tool that helps you to creative stunning videography with ease.

Meet, the amazing tool FlexClip.

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