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Generate ALT text for images using AI in no time.

In today’s digital landscape, optimizing your website for both search engines and accessibility is paramount to reaching a wider audience and enhancing user experience.

Images play a crucial role in engaging visitors, but without appropriate alt text, they remain invisible to search engines and users with visual impairments.

Enter, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to generate accurate and SEO-friendly image alt text swiftly, making your website more inclusive and discoverable.

Source: Appsumo Compatible With:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify App
  • Custom CMS
  • Website and Developer API Features

Alt made generating ALT Text for images simple, and you don’t have to think about your SEO score. They know how to explain an image from the core.

The Power of AI Technology in Image Alt Text Generation harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize image alt-text creation.

The tool analyzes images and produces precise and relevant text descriptions using advanced algorithms.

Gone are the days of manually crafting alt text for each image – streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. AI generates ALT for images in WordPress

Seamless Integration and Versatility

Whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, or other CMS apps, offers seamless integration, making the alt text generation process hassle-free.

You can upload images or CSV files or even paste direct links, and will work its magic, creating alt text for your entire media library in seconds.

Global Reach with Multilingual Support

The internet transcends borders, and so should your website’s accessibility. takes it a step further by enabling alt-text generation in over 130 languages.

By optimizing your images for a global audience, you can reach and connect with users from different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing user engagement and brand recognition.

Keyword Optimization for Improved SEO

For any website owner, search engine optimization is a top priority. understands this, allowing you to list specific keywords that you want the tool to incorporate in the alt text.

Doing so makes your images more SEO-friendly, contributing to higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

Natural-Sounding Alt Text for User-Friendly Experience

While keyword optimization is crucial, it’s equally important for the alt text to sound natural and be user-friendly. perfectly balances incorporating relevant keywords and ensuring that the alt text remains coherent and engaging for all users.

Compatibility with Leading SEO Plugins plugin capabilities is designed to work harmoniously with major WordPress SEO plugins such as

  • Yoast SEO
  • All In One SEO
  • Rank Math
  • SEOPress

This compatibility allows you to seamlessly integrate the tool into your existing SEO workflow, further enhancing your website’s visibility and accessibility. Pricing Plan is a top-notch AI alt-text generator that saves time and thinking pressure on your brain.

It has different types of subscriptions;

Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze Plan $49/year:

  • 1,200 credits per year

Silver Plan $189/year:

  • 6,000 credits per year

Gold Plan $489/mo:

  • 24,000 credits per year

But here is one option for Pay as you go;

Credit Packs $3/packs

  • 50 Credits

One more interesting part you will get here is Lifetime Deal. Wanna see? Lifetime Deal Plan appsumo lifetime deal

Keep away from your repeated task with the tool and improve your website’s SEO and accessibility quickly.

Appsumo Lifetime deal features for;

  • Lifetime access to
  • Lifetime access to Silver Plan
  • 150 credits per month


In conclusion, is a game-changing tool that empowers website owners to effortlessly generate accurate and SEO-friendly image alt text using cutting-edge AI technology.

By optimizing your website’s alt text, you enhance its accessibility for visually impaired users and improve search engine rankings, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and prosperous online presence.

Embrace the power of and embark on a journey towards a more accessible and discoverable website today.

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