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sec Features | Best Background Remover Tool Online

Summary is the most popular and powerful AI-based background remover tool that removes background under 5 seconds.

Sometimes I download an image from the internet, but it comes with a background that prevents me to use it in my project. 

Most of the time I searched for a free tool that can remove the background of the image, but when I went for export. 

It’s asking me for credit! 

After searching several times I find an amazing and free-of-cost background remover tool that allows you to remove in under 5 seconds. Overview

First thing first, when you are trying to remove the background of the image, you might be thinking that how difficult a task is. 

Will you be more thanked that, is completely free forever, even they won’t ask for any credit when you go for export.

Best for: 

  • Individuals
  • Photographers
  • Marketing 
  • Developers
  • eCommerce
  • Media
  • Enterprise

Well, I’ll cover the pricing section below; before that, let’s explore something special that impresses you with its incredible AI technology. 

Even Canva, Samsung, and Sony Musc are their most trusted customer. 

Let’s explore the products of that impress you; Features

You don’t have to think about quality loss, everything will be remaining the same and you can remove the background as easy as possible. 

Peoples Object - Remove background of any people's object

You can remove people’s background images in under 5 seconds and you can freely use them for your next projects. 

It can be human with nature, green background, and another mixed background that you can automatically remove.

Products Object

Remove background of any product's object allows you to remove the product’s background to use in your eCommerce or any banner, poster, or another platform. 

Just upload your regular product image into and it will automatically remove the product background and it’s ready to use. 

Animals Object

Remove background of any animal's object

Remove the background of any animal’s image with a single click, It can be underwater animals or surface animals.

Cars Object

Remove background of any car object

Present your car or vehicles in an attractive way with different backgrounds in different situations. 

Graphics Object

Remove background of any graphical object

Not only animals, cars, or other objects, can remove the background from any graphical objects such as logos, images, normal objects, and others.

How to use

It’s super simple, you just drag and drop and everything will be complete automatically. Before that let me show you;

The first thing is Upload. You can upload your image in three ways, 

Upload image on website

Like; Drag-and-Drop, URL, and Manual Upload.

After uploading, you will automatically process your image to remove the background.

Before downloading, you can edit your image if you see any irrelevancy. 

Erase or Restore:

Erase and restore background of image in

If you see that some portions aren’t removed accurately, then you can use a custom brush to remove specific areas with the Brush tool.

Or even, if you see any object removed mistakenly, then you can restore in the same way which makes your image more accurate. 


Edit after background removed from image in

You can use the blurriness of your image from the Background section and add some ready-to-use graphical background. 

Even you can upload your own background that is automatically set into your image. 

After successful editing, you can download your image with the same size that you upload first. 

Tools & API of

You can integrate almost in every platform that you already used. Tools and APIs save your time and increase the productivity of your workflow. 

It provides some amazing plugins that allow you to remove background from that tool, you don’t have to go website.

Design & Photo Editing

Design & Photo Editing tools and API of


You can download the official software of your Windows, Mac, and Linux which allows you to remove background effortlessly from your machine. 


Command Line Interface tool allows you to remove background from images by Kaleido. 

Also, you will get some additional plugins;

  • Android App
  • Photoshop Plugin
  • Gimp Plugin
  • Figma Plugin
  • Sketch Plugin
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Google Photos
  • Unsplash and more


You can integrate to Shopify which allows removing your product image’s background right from your Shopify dashboard. 

Content Management: 

Integrate with Google Drive, Ghost, and Zoho WorkDrive.

Pricing Plans

First, is completely free forever, you don’t have to pay for it or even you don’t need to sign up. 

But if you need to remove bulk images then you have to upgrade your plan to premium. 

You will get two types of plans such as a Subscription Plan and Pay As You Go.


You can find thousands of bg remover tools online, but most of them are partially free and for certain features, you have to pay. 

I’m not guaranteed that you will get everything free in 

But I’m using it for a long time and I love it to use.

As it’s free, why not try it?

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Remember: You don't have to pay extra for this commission. That small amount helps me to improve my service and site maintenance. 

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