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Flash Lead Lifetime Deal & Review [$69] – Is It Salesforce Alternative?

In sales, lead generation is the most crucial part. But managing leads and following up with them is a very time-consuming process.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a CRM that takes care of all your lead generation needs? Then you can concentrate on your sales and marketing efforts.

Introducing Flash Lead Pro.

Hey marketers. I’m Akram; Here, I’ll disclose Flash Lead – the new sales and marketing CRM generation.

What is Flash Lead?

Flash Lead is an all-in-one CRM solution that helps you manage and streamline internal communication, automates marketing messages, and supports omnichannel conversations. 

It helps you to generate more leads and sales than before. 

Flash Lead is an alternative to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

It would be the best for sales and marketing managers who want a platform to lead tracking and automated client communication.

You will get real-time monitoring for every step of your pipeline using Flash Lead. 

Even you can optimize SMS and email marketing with its custom automated messages. 

You can use omnichannel communication to message leads across Facebook-Instagram from the same window.

Flash Lead has come up with many services to increase your leads and sales. Let’s take a look at the services;

Flash Lead Services

In Flash Lead Pro, you will get the most accessible and most advanced CRM in GCC and the Middle East, Automation, and Conversation modules.

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal - Services

Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead Pro is a new-generation sales and marketing CRM. It covers a whole new spectrum of professional tools where sales, marketing, and customer service can directly communicate with clients. 

Here you can integrate Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Also, you will get an automated marketing flow that allows you to send automated sending SMS and Email, Leads re-delivery, and tracking.

Flash Lead CRM

Flash Lead Pro brings with “Flash Lead CRM” the best sales and marketing CRM for your growing company. 

It helps you with Facebook leads integration, automatic leads assignment, reporting, customer pipeline, and more.

You will even get some management features such as internal chat, activity progress, and an entire module.

Flash Lead Call

In Flash Lead Pro, Flash Lead Call is a plug-and-play virtual call center that helps you with VOIP services for clients at local tariffs in KSA and Egypt. 

You don’t need IP phones or special devices; you can download their softphone and enjoy 100 of the traditional cost of “Call Centers.”

Now let’s talk about Flash Lead Pro features for a better explanation.

Flash Lead Pro Features

You can’t deny Flash Lead Pro for its unique features for your marketing solution.

Let’s have a look at the features of Flash Lead Pro below;

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal - Features


In Flash Lead Pro, you will get built-in omnichannel conversions with WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. 


You can connect Facebook Leads to CRM for better management. It helps you to enhance your marketing and sales progress better than before. 

You can automate lead entry and delivery and get communication tracking, team management, reports, and opportunities. 

Interestingly, you will get a fully integrated deals module.

Whatsapp Business

Flash Lead Pro lets WhatsApp Business integrate all of your company on a single WhatsApp. Here you will get sales, marketing, and management reports. 

In WhatsApp Business, you can create automated replies that enhance your customer communications.

Marketing Automation

Flash Lead Pro has an automated marketing flow that helps you to send automated SMS and Email. 

You can stay engaged with your potential customers and up to date with your progress.

Flash Lead Pro Pricing Plans

Use Flash Lead Pro and boost your sales and marketing better than before. 

Flash Lead Pro comes with two subscription plans;

Flash Lead Pro and Flash Lead CRM

Flash Lead CRM Plan $20/mo:

  • Advanced Cloud-based CRM
  • Advanced CRM built to increase sales performance
  • Automatic import of leads from (Facebook, Google Forms, Excel, and website)
  • Easy access from the app and website

Flash Lead Pro Plan $25/mo:

  • CRM + Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Advanced CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel communication (Whatsapp Business, Messenger, Instagram)

Or, Get a Flash Lead Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $69.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Flash Lead Pro helps you turn seamless communication into scalable business growth effortlessly. 


  • Lifetime access to Flash Lead Plan
  • Everything Flash Lead Pro Plan Features +
  • 4 users
  • 400 lead entries per month
  • 1 Google Form connection
  • 1 landing page connection
  • 1 Facebook Messenger connection

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In this tool, you can integrate with Facebook Lead and Google Forms. Even you can upload leads directly from website landing pages.

Also, Flash Lead Pro allows you to tag and sort each contact easily. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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