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Canva Features & User Review | Best Free Graphic Design Tool


Canva is the most popular free drag-and-drop online-based graphic designing tool.

You might hear about some graphic designing tools, but most of them are either expensive or hard to use. 

Now, I’ll share an amazing tool, the most popular and easy-to-use graphic designing tool in the world. 

It’s Canva. 

You might know this tool. 

Let me explore more if you don’t know much about Canva. 

If you don’t know what Canva is and how to use it to get potential output from it, you are in the right place to know about the depth of Canva

Continue with me with dive deep;

What is Canva?

Canva is the most popular and number one online-based graphic designing tool that allows creating the professional design without prior knowledge.

With its amazing features and resources, anyone can design social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, short videos, PDFs, documents, infographics, and more with drag and drop feature. 

Well, I would like to share more with you;

Added, you can create your own whiteboard design and stunning presentations, and you can present via a link. 

Or you can export .pptx, .ppt, or .pdf formats and share them anywhere you need. 

Also, it provides a super amazing editing panel that makes your designing experience flawless and codeless with ease.

Now, let’s move on to the 20 best tips of Canva that you should know to create stunning creations on Canva. 

Canva Features In Short


Canva's new features Doc, where anyone can create doc files without prior knowledge

Canva introduced this feature in late 2022, and it’s really amazing feature that we actually expected from the start. 

You may be used Microsoft word to create Doc files, but from now, you can create Doc files right from your Canva dashboard. 

Canva provides ready-to-use templates that you can use to create professional Doc file designs with ease.

If you want to add a To-Do list in your doc file dynamically, as simple as that, you can add a To-Do list with ease.

But if you have any issues with the device’s responsiveness of your Doc files, no worries; you can convert your file’s mobile devices to desktops from the same place.

In Doc, you can add your own custom design by just clicking the “+” icon and using it anywhere in your Doc file. 

To make your doc file more unique and informative, you can add some following amazing features;

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Text body
  • Embed (Link)
  • Table 
  • Bullet point
  • To-do list
  • Emoji and everything your need

After completing your Doc file, you can convert it into a presentation that enhances your presentation level to top-notch.


Whiteboard of Canva, Can create new whiteboard design for meeting and others

In Canva, you can create a Brainstorm, FlowChart, Team, and Planning whiteboard that provides you with seamless collaboration. 

Here, you can create a professional and attractive whiteboard that allows you to manage your projects, meeting, and collaboration easily. 

Basically, the whiteboard allows you to design freely without any boundaries, even if you can add any element from anywhere you need. 

In short, a whiteboard allows design without any restriction or size limitation; you can use it as your physical whiteboard

You can add anything you need, such as; 

  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Mindmap
  • Flowchart
  • Schedule and more. 

Those amazing features help you to create a useful and effective whiteboard for teaching and analysis. 


Canva' features _Presentation_ that allows to create attractive presentation without editing knowledge

I mentioned above that you could create your whiteboard design for a stunning presentation, but now you can easily create a presentation for your class or any team meeting with Canva. 

You don’t have to buy Microsoft Office to create presentations, everything is available in Canva, and you can use them with zero design knowledge. 

Create a presentation with any aspect ratio, such as (16:9, 4:3, and 9:16).

Here you can create several types of presentations, such as;

  • Talking Presentation
  • Mobile-First Presentation
  • Brainstorm Presentation
  • Game Presentation and other

In short, you can create a cinematic presentation with vast animations and audio where you need to add. 

Social Media

Social media content creation by Canva

It’s a common and useful feature for everyone because we all use social media, and even social media engagement is the most important for any business. 

You can create social media posts for portrait or landscape, story, WhatsApp status, Facebook Cover, Facebook Posts, and more. 

Also, you can create something more interesting that impresses you for sure;

  • YouTube Intro and Outro
  • TikTok Video
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Instagram Reel
  • Facebook Reel
  • YouTube Banner
  • Twitter Posts 
  • Pinterest Pin
  • LinkedIn Photos

You even have anything for your social media you can create in Canva. 

NB: You will get 250,000+ templates for FREE. So you don’t have to think about design. 


Short video creation by canva, just drag and drop element and design with ease

Peoples watch 7x videos more than any post or image; using Canva, you can create social media videos such as TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms.


Canva provides a massive number of copyright-free videos, audio, stock images, fonts, styles, templates for every occasion, and more. 

Just type your keyword, and you will get it right from the right panel of Canva. 


Logo creation by canva

Need a professional, unique, and meaningful logo? 

You can choose thousand of logos from Canva’s library that is completely free to use. 

Just choose your favourite one and customise it without your own information. 

Post Schedule

Another useful and time-needy feature helps you schedule your important update on social media. 

You can set a time and date with a proper caption of your update with images or videos. 

You can schedule to Facebook Page, Linkedin Page or Profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. 

Text to Image

Text to Image in Canva by AI

This is an insane feature you will love for its next-level effectiveness.

Suppose you don’t find images that you actually need, even don’t know what the keyword of that image is. 

No worries about this situation; the AI solution is here for you;

Use Canva’s “Text to Image” feature and type your desired image with text; Canva will automatically suggest similar images by analysing your text. 

Just choose one and use it for your project. 


It allows you to share your design via a single click; you can allow to edit your design or use it as a template. 

Overall, you will get a flawless experience in Canva design. I said it before; it’s the best and most popular online-based graphic designing tool. 

Still, I will tell you something common that you will get in a similar platform to Canva. 

Well, Let’s see the essential features that you need;

Background Remover 

You don’t have to use another app, such as or something else, to remove any image’s background. 

Just upload the image in Canva, search for “Background Remover,” and click. BOOM. 

The image background will automatically be removed without touching the cursor. 

Even if you think it’s not perfectly done! You can erase comfortably. 


It’s a helpful feature when you create an image and want to create for a different platform. 

Smoothly, you can resize by clicking the “Resize” option. 

By the way, you will only get options for the Pro or Edu plan. 


You can upload almost everything you need, up to 5GB for the FREE plan, and if you are using the Pro or Edu plan, you can upload 100GB – 1TB storage. 

You can upload images, videos, fonts, audio, and anything you need. 

QR code Generator

When you are trying to create a QR code, you need to Google search for a QR code generator and find a random website. 

It takes too much time, and you have to download and upload the QR code. 

But in Canva, you can easily create QR codes with your own URLs. 

And use it anywhere you need. 

Is this the end for Canva? 

No way! Canva is the warehouse of features of graphic design. From A to Z, you will get here to create your next-level graphic design. 

Even if you don’t have to be skilled in Canva design, everything is under control and smooth. 


You can integrate almost every data collection tool that you have already used for your task management. 

Let’s have a look at the list of integration tools lists that make your design-sharing process flawless;

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Hubspot
  • Flickr
  • Google Photos
  • Air
  • Instagram
  • my.G2
  • myWall
  • AdAlong
  • Typeform and more.


In short, Canva has several types of pricing plans, but most users the features you can use for free. 

If you haven’t used it before, just sign up for free.

Even they have an Edu plan where verified education and non-profit organisations get free access to premium resources. 

You should contact them to get your Edu account with valid documents. 


Canva is always free to use and you can convert your normal design into a stunning design for free. 

I have used it for almost 3 years and still, I didn’t need to use another tool instead than Canva. 

As I’m using the premium version of Canva so I can use everything, but in the Free version, you might be facing some limitations of features. 

So, thank you so much for reading this content, see you in the next content soon. 

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