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Stackable Review, Features, Pricing | Elementor Alternative?


Gutenberg based WordPress page builder and you can use it as an alternative to Elementor Page Builder. Really?

Since my blogging and digital marketing career, I’ve been using Elementor Pro page builder for its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature.

But most of the time, I tried to use something new that I didn’t want to use Elementor page builder. 

It was the closest alternative to Gutenberg’s editor. That completes little expectation from the end. 

But now, I’m fully satisfied with something special I always want to use on my next blogging website. 

It’s Stackable – Gutenberg WordPress Website Builder.

Stackable Overview

Stackable is a Gutenberg-based drag-and-drop WordPress page builder that allows the creation of a professional web page without coding.

The most feature-rich and unique page builder that provides a vast number of brand kit that allows creating a landing page in under five minutes. 

You don’t have to create a landing manually; just select its premium brand kit and import within seconds. 

After importing, you can see every aspect of each element. No coding skill is required to edit elements. 

You can change font family, colors, background, and more right from your sidebar. 

Everything I’ll explain later. Just stay tuned till the end;

In short;

Stackable is an alternative to: 

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor Page Builder

Stackable is the best for: 

  • Website Designers
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Design Agencies

From my experience, I can see that they are providing a huge number of blocks, and I can edit almost every aspect of it. 

Let’s jump into the main topic of Stackable;

I’m starting from the Blocks Feature;

Stackable Blocks

From Heading to Accordion to making your design more attractive and unique, you will get the blocks into your page editing panel.

It provides some essential and useful blocks that make your design quality SEO-friendly that Google love to rank. 

Stackable Reviews for It's Gutenberg Editor Blocks


Using the Accordion feature, you can add a FAQ section to your page or blog posts that provide extra handy information to your audience. 

It provides five different types of accordions;

  • Default
  • Plain
  • Shadow
  • Colored
  • Plus


To make your blog post more unique and try to provide authentic information to your audience, you can add Blockquote to them.

You can choose different types of variations;

  • Default
  • Simple
  • Highlighted
  • Huge
  • Centered Quote

Those are the best on that suit your theme.


I got its button options that allow creating buttons with background, with icons, plain or only link buttons.

After selecting your favorite one, you can change the styles from the style tab.

Even you can group with multiple buttons, which helps to add more buttons in a single line.

In short:

  • Normal Button
  • Ghost Button
  • Links
  • Icon Button
  • Social Button and more

Choose any button that you need and fit with your website design. 100% customizable. 

Call to Action

After the Hero section of your site, you should add a CTA section; from Stackable Blocks, you can easily add a Call to Action section. 

And design with your own style. Even you can choose different styles, such as;

  • Default
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2 and 3
  • Split Centered


The Card is almost the same as the CTA section, but something has different with Card. You can easily add an image, heading text, description, and button.

Everything is customizable, and you can add your own texts with unique styles. 

As same as others, you can choose different types of Card;

  • Default
  • Default 2
  • Horizontal
  • Full
  • Faded

Columns or Container

For a bulky and unique design, you have to use columns or containers for responsiveness. Stackable provides different types of Columns that you can fit with any design.

Such as;

  • 100 (Full width)
  • 50/50 
  • 30/70
  • 70/30
  • 33/33/33
  • 25/50/25
  • 25/25/25/25

Is it fixed? Not at all; you can easily change the aspect ratio of columns by dragging your mouse.

Count Up

You can counter up in any part of your webpage that shows your total number of users, posts, deals, or something else. 

Design Library

Oh! This is insane. You will be crazy after seeing its amazing ready-to-use blocks, designs, and brand kits.

Here is something special to convince you to use it for your next project. I explained “Design Library” below; before that, let’s explore other Stackable blocks.


You can add a stylish divider on your website that makes your design more attractive, and you will get something more aesthetic with more uniqueness.

Stackable provides some unique options such as; 

  • Default
  • Bar
  • Dots
  • Asterisks

Expand or Show More

You can show some content to your audience and add a button to view the full message of this context. 

This Expand tool allows the creation of this amazing section with this amazing block. That allows you to write more content within a short area. 

Feature Grid

Feature Grid block allows the creation of a stunning section with images, descriptions, and a button. Even you can add multiple columns with a single row. 

Stackable provides different types of Feature Grid;

  • Default
  • Float
  • Horizontal
  • Large Mid
  • Offset
  • ZigZag


It’s another stunning thing that makes your page design more unique and effective with its variations. 

You will get a huge number of variations that provides extra benefits;

  • Default
  • Horizontal
  • Overlap Shape 1,2,3,4,5
  • Overlap Background 1,2,3,4,5


You can add different styles in your heading that is 100% customizable with your theme scheme, and also you can choose colors and background as you wish.


One of the most important and essential parts of your website is HERO. When someone visits your site, they will view your Hero section first for sure. 

In Stackable Blocks, you will get different types of Hero section block that helps to create unique and attractive Hero section without coding. 

Just select your favorite one and customize it in your own way, and makes your site’s Hero section with ease.

You will get the following; 

  • Default
  • Horizontal
  • Half Overlay
  • Center Overlay
  • Side Overlay
  • Half


Stackable provides different types of icon designs to make your web page more readable and SEO-friendly. 

You will find some special blocks of icons;

  • Icon Box
  • Icon Lists
  • Icon Label
  • Single Icon

Image/Image Box

You can add an attractive section with a background image and some unique content. 

It makes your image box layout more unique and eye-catchy, which helps to increase the click-through rate. 

You can add a single image or Image box to your page and effortlessly make a stunning advanced Call to Action section. 

You will get the following;

  • Default
  • Plain
  • Box
  • Captioned
  • Fade
  • Line


If you want to provide or alert your users for any sensitive or prevent content, then you can add “Notification” blocks on your web page. 

You can add icons, heading text, descriptions, and button bottom of this section. 

Here are some variations of Notifications such as;

  • Default
  • Plain
  • Side
  • Bordered
  • Outlined
  • Large Icon

Number Box

Another funny thing you will get in Stackable blocks is a Number Box. It allows you to add an eye-catchy number with the background.

You can add this box to any key feature of the topic.


The essential block is Posts; you can dynamically display your posts with specific categories, tags, and all posts with unique styles. 

You can customize the styles with vast variations and add or remove metadata. 

Add a title or remove meta, category, and other things that ease your posts.

Here are some amazing layouts from Stackable blocks;

  • Default
  • List
  • Image Card
  • Horizontal 1, 2
  • Portfolio 1, 2
  • Vertical Card 1,2

Pricing Tag and Pricing Box

You can make user friendly and easy-to-understand pricing table on your website with a Pricing tag and Pricing box. 

You can add lists to your pricing table and add custom pricing effortlessly. 

You will get something special;

  • Default
  • Compact
  • Banner
  • Colored
  • Sectioned

Progress Bar / Cycle

By selection, you can add a progress bar or cycle on your webpage that makes your timeline closer to your users. 

You can easily change the progress bar or cycle color, fonts, background, and other things.


In between your webpage section, you can add an attractive separator that makes the website page more joyful that users actually love. 

You can add different types of separators with different types of colors to match your website’s scheme.


Add unlimited space between two sections with a spacer; you don’t have to give margin or padding in a specific section.
Add any number of space and makes your design Google-friendly. 


Make your design SEO friendly and use this block in your website as a subheading so that people can understand the section. 

Table of Contents

Oh no! It’s another favorite and useful block that you can use as a header for single posts on your website. 

Table of Contents allows users to navigate your posts from the top of the single post page. 

After using it, they can read your article in a specific section, and you will get a specific value from your users.

Team Member

If you have a service or company website, you can display your team members for your users to build trust in your company. 

You can add team members’ names, images, and social links with a professional card.

You will get some different types of layouts of Team Member blocks;

  • Default
  • Plain
  • Horizontal 1,2
  • Cover


Add some testimonials with your service, and you can build more trust by displaying testimonials. You can add their quote, name, image, and position. 

You will get the following;

  • Default
  • Compact
  • Horizontal
  • Bubble
  • Vertical
  • Inverted Vertical


Add paragraph text on your web page, and you can add styles to that text. Change colors, and add a background to make your text more attractive.

Video PopUp

Last but not least, you can add videos as a popup where users can click and watch videos in a popup frame. 

You can upload your own video or embed it from YouTube or Vimeo via a link. 

Here is the end up of Stackable blocks, and you will get everything in your web page making. 

Design Library

Design library is a warehouse of ready-to-use templates that you can use with a single click.

Stackable provides different types of resources, such as; Block Designs, UI Kits, and Wireframes.

Let’s start with the first one;

Block Designs

Stackable Block Designs Read-to-use 450+ templates

You will get 450+ ready-to-use block design templates for every section, including Hero to Text sections. 

You can get some specific designs of specific blocks like; 

Feature, Feature Grid, Blog Posts, Hero, CTA, FAQs, Card, Lists, Image Gallery, and more with different designs. 

You don’t have to add a manual design with these blocks, everything will be premade, and you can just use it with the flow. 

If you need to edit, you can from the sidebar and change every aspect of every section with your own brand design and colors.

UI Kits

Stackable UI Kits Designs Read-to-use templates

UI design provides a different group of designs with the same color; you will get some color scheme designs for the same section.

Including Blog Posts, Hero, Pricing, Call to Aciton, and other sections with the same schema. 

You will get some aesthetic color schemes such as; Arch, Capital, Elevate, Heights, Lume, Prime, and more, and you can choose the right one for you. 


Stackable Wireframes Read-to-use color-based all templates

Like Block Designs, you will get some ready-to-use designs with wireframes that ultimately save you time. 

You don’t have to code or think about any section design. Just select the section that you need and customize it with your own brand colors and content. 

You will get a readymade design of; Blog Posts, Call to Action, FAQs, Card, Feature, Feature Grid, Hero, and more.

Hope you can check all of the resources of the Stackable library of design and use them for your next project. 

Now, let’s come to the comparison part;

Is Stackable Alternative to Elementor Pro? Let’s see some features and insight into them;

Stackable Vs Elementor

Stackable vs Elementor Pro page builder - which is the better

I’m using Elemtor Pro page builder for a long time, and frankly, I love it to use for my every project. 

Now, I art a comparison table of them with my own experience, and you will surely love it. 

StackableElementor Pro
Gutenberg EditorCustom Editor
Little Hard to NavigateEasy to Navigate
Feature-Rich Resource LibraryFeature-Rich Resource Library
Little Hard to CustomizeEasy to Customize
Limited CustomizabilityFull-House Customizability
Third-Party Addons Not SupportedThird-Party Addons Supported
Limited FunctionalityUtmost Functionality
Not Possible to Create a Complete Site100% You Can Create a Complete Website

Those are my own preference, even you can feel better with Stackable. But now the question is; 

Should I Use Stackable Or Elementor?

If you are a newbie in WordPress, if you don’t know how to use Elementor Page builder, then you can go for Stackable based on an optimized theme. 

But if you are already using Elementor Page builder for your project, then you can switch but it’s up to you. 

I used Stackable, and I reckon, It provides a huge resource to build a web page within 5 minutes, but limited customizability and functions. 

You can create a professional landing page with Stackable’s read-to-use library, but the same thing you can do in Elementor Page builder with its pre-made landing page templates. 

But from my end, I’ll prefer to go for Elementor Page if you are already used to Elementor. 

For newbies, Stackable can be the game changer. Now, What’s your plan?

Let’s see the pricing plans of Stackable;

Stackable Pricing Plans

Stackable is completely free, you can use most of the features for free, but for more functionality and features, you have to purchase their premium plan. 

You can download a free plugin from their official website, let’s see other prices;

Personal Plan $49/year:

  • Single Site
  • All Features

Business Plan $99/year:

  • Three Sites
  • All Features

And others’ plans are the same with different values. But Appsumo has another Lifetime Deal Plan for Stackable for Lifetime. 

Final Thought

If you are already excited about Stackable features, then you should go for it with a test site, even though I think it can be the best choice for you. 

Because they are a new company who provides huge resources and surely they will add something special day by day.

Another thing is, you can use it in Gutenberg editor that is super optimized for WordPress and you can manage your website layouts with ease. 

So, here is the final conclusion, you can use it for free or Get a Lifetime Deal from Appsumo. 

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Remember: You don't have to pay extra for this commission. That small amount helps me to improve my service and site maintenance. 

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