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FlexClip User Review – Best Online Video Editor Free

Believe it or not, a 2-minute video is equal to 200 words! Even videos are always engaging and engaging. 

Definitely, As easy as anything can be explained in a video, it can never be sorted into text.

But video making has never been easier while you are exhausted from professional resources.

Now, put worries away for a professional content and video editing hassle. 

What if you could use a platform that helps you full fill the lack of video assets and editing together?

Say hello to FlexClip!

Hey marketers! I’m Akram. Here I will talk about Flexclip, the best online video editor for FREE!

Let’s jump into the topic…

Short Highlight:

@ Use FlexClip and edit your videos for FREE.

@ Lets you access thousands of professional video templates.

@ 3 million+ animation text & elements

4 million+ stock assets


FlexClip is a feature-rich online video editor that lets you make stunning videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and any purpose.

Unlike any other online video editor, it has massive video assets (templates) besides video editing, with which you can easily create professional-type videos.

Using FlexClip’s video templates, you can create any type of video for your purposes.

Below we will discuss some of the features of FlexClip, what tools are available, and what kind of videos you can create. The following discussion is about them.

FlexClip Tools

All the tools you need to edit a video and add various features, elements, and animations to that video.

FlexClip provides everything;

FlexClip Review - Tools First

Slideshow Maker

FlexClip comes with pre-made stunning slideshow templates that you can use for birthdays, weddings, family, travel, etc. 

You can create a stylish slideshow with text, music, and effects. In addition, there are almost 60+ preset transition effects you can use in your slideshow to make your videos more enjoyable.

Meme Maker

Almost all of us have created memes at some point and shared them on social media.

With FlexClip, you can create many great memes effortlessly.

GIF Maker

Use FlexClip and create GIFs using a GIF generator from photos and video clips in seconds!

You can use ready-made elements or use your own assets to make GIFs.

Screen Recorder

Often, we need to present the screen, so we have to record the screen.

If you use FlexClip, you do not bother to record the screen using any third-party software.

It allows you to record your screen online for free without downloading apps.

Video Trimmer

Trimming is another essential part of video editing. FlexClip allows you to trim and cut videos to the perfect length effortlessly.

Just select your video and choose the start and end times to trim. 

Apply and get your desired duration of the video.

Video Merger

Only video trim and cut? No! FlexClip lets you merge video clips to make your videos more engaging.

You can add any footage or short clips anywhere in your video.

It’s a drag-and-drop solution for you!

Video Compressor

Many times the size is fixed in case of video upload. But if your video is too large, that could be a problem for you.

So you need to reduce the video size but use third-party tools? No!

Using FlexClip, you can easily reduce the size of the video without losing any resolution.

Video Converter

With FlexClip, you can change video format, resolution, or size using a Video converter. 

So, What next? Use FlexClip and take the complete video editing solution.

FlexClip Review - Tools

Add Music to Video

Do you need to add background music to your video? But don’t know music editing? No worries! 

Just select your audio files from your computer and add them as a piece of background music with ease. 

Add Text to Video

Wanna add text-like subtitles to your video? (It is beneficial for understanding video concepts quickly). 

Just pick a style you like and then put your text on the video easily.

Add Watermark to Video

Often our content gets stolen, but we can’t claim there.

Content watermarks will protect you from that clutter.

Using FlexClip, you can add a watermark and explore your branding in every video.

Add Transitions to Video

FlexClip allows you to add 60+ preset transition effects to your videos. 

Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Page Curl, and more effects are available to make your videos more enjoyable and watchful. 

Text Animations

You can make your text more stunning by editing text size, colour, font, and text placement to perfect your videos.

FlexClip provides you with a variety of text animations.

Well! I have discussed many tools here. But there are many more tools to make a lot of smart and professional videos. 

More tools; 

  • Video Mute, Flip, Rotate, Speed Control, Split, Zoom, and Brightness
  • Add Image to MP3
  • Add Audio to Photo
  • Add Subtitles to MP4/Video
  • Add Text to GIF
  • GIF Editor

How Many Types of Videos Can You Create?

What type of videos do you want to create? 

Maybe not together. No problem. With FlexClip, you can make any kind of usable video for any purpose.

You can create three categories type videos; 

Business, Lifestyle, and Social Media.

Business Type Videos

FlexClip Review - News Video Maker

Promo Video: In FlexClip, you can make a promo video without a watermark. It’s constructive to increase sales or release a new product, etc. You can also use promo video templates.

Real Estate Video: Boost property sales with professional real estate videos. You can easily create and customize real estate videos with FlexClip.

News Video: Seamlessly, you can make the latest breaking news, sales news, and trends in your niche. Pick a news template and blend it with your video clips and photos. 

Corporate Videos: Exhibit your brand’s personality and highlight services and products using professional corporate videos. As usual, use a video template and add your clips.

Trailer Maker: FlexClip allows you to make viral trailer videos. Create a video for a movie, TV, book, product, etc. 

Tutorial Videos: You can easily create how-to-type videos or step-by-step product instructions. 

Lifestyle Type Videos

FlexClip Review -Lifetstyle

Birthday/Wedding Videos: Make a document birthday party and make a birthday video with FlexClip.

Upload your video clips and photos in FlexClip and use them with birthday video templates. Then, BOOM! You can create stunning birthday videos/slideshows.

Like birthday video making, you can create Wedding videos with the most memorable experience of your life. 

Additionally, you can create wedding videos, slideshows, invitations, e-cards, etc.

Memorial/Anniversary Video: FlexClip allows you to create memorial or funeral slideshows to honour family members. 

Pick up an elegant memorial video template and add captions, music, external video clips, and photos. 

Within 1 minute, you can create a solemn video with ease.

Besides, impress your loved one with a lovely anniversary video. It can be a wedding anniversary, friendship celebration, establishment, etc.

Music/Travel Video: Amazingly, FlexClip lets you access 10,000+ royalty-free sound effects and music. You can create euphonical and watchful music videos in minutes using those effects and music.

Additionally, take some incredible travelling shots and upload them on FlexClip. Pick a pre-built travel video template and add your video clips and photos. 

Ola! Create outstanding travelling videos effortlessly.

Social Media

FlexClip Review - Social Media

YouTube/Facebook Video: Boost your company business by running YouTube ads with professional ad videos. 

No doubt! You can create stunning YouTube and Facebook videos with FlexClip. In addition, it will help you to boost more clicks, subscribers, and likes.

Instagram/Twitter Video: Using FlexClip’s easy-to-use video editor, you can create Instagram videos and Instagram ads using worthy resources like; music, photos, videos, and effects.

Besides, build trust with Twitter videos, win more followers, and boost sales. 

Facebook Cover Video: Short but important! The Facebook cover photo is a priority for visitors. You can create a good-looking video on Facebook Cover videos and get more likes and comments.

YouTube Intro Maker: Hey, YouTubers, worried about making intro videos? Put it away! 

Using FlexClip’s professionally pre-built intro video template, you can create professional and effective intro videos with your brand logo, text, and sound.

Above is a discussion of some of its features and tools. First, let’s take a look at FlexClip’s pricing plan.

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FlexClip Pricing Plans

FlexClip Review - Pricing Plans

FlexClip is entirely free to use and creates marketing, brand, social media, and promotional videos. 

It comes with Four pricing plans; 

Free, Basic, Plus, and Business.

Free Plan $0/forever:

  • 480p SD downloads
  • 1 stock video per project
  • Maximum 12 projects
  • Video length up to 1 min

Basic Plan $9.99/mo:

  • 720p HD downloads
  • 1 stock video per project
  • Save unlimited projects online
  • Video length up to 3 mins
  • Custom watermark
  • No FlexClip intro
  • 10 GB Cloud Space

Plus Plan $19.99/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan +
  • 1080p Full-HD downloads
  • 5 stock videos per project
  • Save unlimited projects online
  • Video length up to 10 mins
  • 30 GB Cloud Space

Business Plan $29.99/mo:

  • Everything Plus Plan +
  • Unlimited stock videos per project
  • Video length up to 30 mins
  • 100 GB Cloud Space

Final Verdict

You can easily edit the video if you need a video editor later.

But you don’t have to bring resources (e.g., images, video clips, photos) from anywhere else. Then you can choose FlexClip.

Not only that, you can easily create any video using any video, audio, photos, etc., of your own. And you don’t need to be an expert to use FlexClip.

You can easily edit and create professional-type videos if you know basic editing.

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