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TidyCal Lifetime Deal – TidyCal Vs Calendly


Book and manage your online scheduling with ease

I was randomly searching Calendly alternative for my consultancy service, but sadly, nothing was functional or feature-rich. 

If you are a service provider or HR manager, you should always use appointment solutions for the long run.

The appointment is the major thing of any company for consultancy service providers, but most of the platforms are costly and only affordable for some. 

I’m one of those who want an affordable and easy-to-get appointment with clients or customers. 

Here is an amazing product TidyCal.

I’ll definitely write down the difference between Calendly and TidyCal. You should read and make the better decision to pick one for your appointment management. 

TidyCal Overview

TidyCal is an appointment management solution from Appsumo that provides easy-to-get appointment solutions with a few clicks. 

You can charge your customers during appointments via Stripe or PayPal. You can make free or paid meetings and get paid with the same flow.

Source: Appsumo

TidyCal Alternative:

Embed calendar to your website that makes proper branding to you. With its customized time availability, you can set your preferable time. 

After using TidyCal, I felt like you could be the best alternative to Calendly. 

It even provides a 100% unique and customizable field that makes your appointment process more accessible than ever. 

Let’s explore the features of TidyCal, followed by TidyCal Vs Calendly. Hope you can understand the difference between both of them. 

TidyCal Features

Make your appointment and online scheduling dramatically upgradable, and you can manage lead and calendaring at your fingertips.

Let’s jump into the first one; 

TidyCal Lifetime Deal and TidyCal Vs Calendly - Booking Page


The most important and useful feature is that it allows booking appointments with a single link. Even you can charge your customers from their credit card or PayPal. 

Even you can make the appointment process easier with a custom and attractive interface of appointments. 

Even you can set the custom follow-up and reminder date of your customer appointment registration.

You can set different types of booking such as Online Booking (Google Meet or Zoom), Physical Meeting, Phone Call, or No Location

You can set email reminder before the meeting that helps your customers don’t miss the meeting. 

Even you can keep it private from your meeting page and use only the link to share with a specific person. 

Overall, you can manage everything on your meeting page, making it professional. 

You can edit, cancel, reschedule, or any meeting according to your available time, and it helps you to keep your client up to date with the reminder.


From the contact section, you can see your customer’s data and the information they have been provided. 

It ensures you see your customers’ real information, such as names and email addresses. 

Even you can see the booking count of a single client, and you can cancel multiple bookings from one person. 


TidyCal Lifetime Deal and TidyCal Vs Calendly - Integrations

One of the most important and useful features is that it allows you to automate your appointment and collect payment for the paid appointment. 

You can connect calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Calender, and Apple Calendars to get reminders of your meeting with clients. 

Meeting Integration

Generate a unique Google Meet link for each meeting, and it will automatically connect with your Google Calendar. 

Zoom integration allows dynamic links for each meeting to prevent unwanted entry into your meeting. 

It will generate unique links for specific meetings with a secure atmosphere. 

Payment Integration: 

Important integration model to collect payment from your clients or customers for your consultancy meeting. 

You can integrate Stripe or PayPal accounts to collect payment effortlessly. 

Even TidyCal won’t charge for collecting payment via Stripe and PayPal

Website Embed

You can embed your meeting calendar anywhere on your web page where your customers can easily book meetings right from your website. 

They don’t have to leave your website to TidyCal. 


Collect TidyCal with Zapier and automate your workflow without touching any code or functions. 

You can collect mail, numbers, or location via Zapier from TidyCal without a manual process. 

Now, let’s come to the features and resources of Calendly;

Calendly Features

Hope you already know about Calendly; it’s the most popular easy to scheduling and appointment management platform. 

Here, I’ll compare with a single feature which is Scheduling. Besides, you manage your marketing, sales, customer management, customer support, and more with a single product. 

According to our use case, you can connect the most popular payment method via Stripe and PayPal to collect paid meeting fees. 

Generate a custom link for your scheduling calendar and make it branding with your own brand. 

You can even set up your profile and cover photo to make your brand advertising board.

Overall, you can manage your appointment process effortlessly. 

You can see the scheduled events from the dashboard, making your workflow easier than ever. 

Now, let’s have a look at the difference between TidyCal vs Calendly, with some features comparison. 

TidyCal vs Calendly – Which Should You Use?

TidyCal Vs Calendly

First of all, if you are only focused on getting an appointment or customer support via a serial appointment solution. 

Then you can go for TidyCal, which has a combined option to get your appointment and a reminder to your clients or customer.s 


It provides complete scheduling solutions with limited types of integration and automation. 

Even still, now, TidyCal hasn’t any web browser extension to make scheduling less time.

You can use a unique link or embed it into your web page and send reminders to your customers via mail. 

Collect payment via Stripe or PayPal effortlessly; 

TidyCal comes with only $29 Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan access with full features and upcoming features. 



Widely popular and used scheduling platform where you can manage your scheduling and client management under the roof. 

Analyzing its features of it, you can make your scheduling progress easier than ever with its web browser extensions and other integration features. 

Similarly, you can collect meeting charges via Stripe and PayPal, but you will get a massive number of extensions of Calendly. 

Come to the pricing of Calendly; you will get some variations of its pricing plans; They start with a free and a minimum $8 per month plan

So, if you want bulk features for automation, workflows, and data collection, you can definitely choose Calendly. 

But TidyCal can be your first choice if you only focus only scheduling and appointment solutions. 

Lastly, with the TidyCal Lifetime Deal plan from Appsumo, you can save monthly payments such as Calendly and other similar products. 

It depends on your demand and use case; if you are a small business or freelancer, you can use TidyCal. 

Based on your affordability, Caledly gives you the best way to manage to schedule. TidyCal isn’t finished.

Well, let’s have a look at the lifetime deal plan of TidyCal, as I mentioned above. 

TidyCal Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo

TidyCal Lifetime Appsumo Deal Plan Access

As TidyCal is the product of Appsumo, so there are no different pricing plans or pricing features. 

You will get some attractive features;

  • 10 calendar connections
  • Free & paid meetings
  • Stripe and PayPal Integration
  • Reduced branding
  • Group bookings
  • Pro integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, API
  • Custom redirect URL

Final Decision

Using Calendly and TidyCal, you can feel both of them are useful and easy to use. Considering their features of them, Calendly is always upfront. 

TidyCal helps you to manage your schedule and payment in the same way. 

Overall, with your budget, or if you have a low budget, you should pick TidyCal as a bank saver. 

Also, you have the option to get Calendly with a free and paid plan.

Now, the decision is yours, and you can create the impact of your scheduling process. 

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