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Komodo Appsumo Deal & Review | Best Loom Alternative

Suppose you are doing a client project, and you would like to share something urgent with your screen and camera. 

But simultaneously, screen recording and camera capture aren’t easy to process. 

Have any solutions to record the screen and camera with the client’s satisfactory guide?

You might be heard about Loom or Screencastify, but now I’ll share something new that allows you to screen-recording with your camera with one click. 

It’s Only Komodo.

Hi everyone. I’m Akram Hossain from ThePromotes. Here I will explore Komodo Desks – the best screen-recording and sharing tool.

Komodo Desks Overview

In short, Komodo Desks is a real-time screen recording and sharing solution where you can record screens, tabs, or specific windows with the camera with just one click.

Using Komodo, you can quickly record your screen with the guide that shares as soon as the video end. 

Komodo Desk is an alternative to: 

  • Loom
  • Screencastify
  • CloudApp

It would be best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and Product & Sales Managers who need to share quick video explanations to teach anything in minutes. 

In minutes, you can record and share HD video demos and guidelines immediately so they can understand with visuals. 

Why Should You Use Komodo Desks?

Komodo Desks Appsumo Deal - Record Screen Only, Recording plus Guides or only guide

Let’s start with the last;

I think you know about Loom, but it looks very expensive and is another effective way to record screen and camera simultaneously. 

But in Komodo, you can do the same things, such as screen recording and camera with voice recording. 

Komodo will record everything clicked as a video guide, and your visited links will automatically be added to the guide section.

Komodo Desks Appsumo Deal - Capture camera with screen Full screen, or single tab

But what about the guide?

The video guide feature allows you to add extra screenshots, videos, templates, and even your visited links while recording. 

Everything will be attached with a video. 

So, whenever anyone views your video, they can see the elements and can access them right from the video page.

Before sharing your video via a link, you can edit and add pages at a specific time, making your video more informative. 

Komodo Desks Appsumo Deal - Screencasting with guide and page added

Video Creation –

You can create product overview videos, training videos, and anything you need to explain; you can do it as soon as you want. 

Video Editing –

After recording the video, you can edit by adding a voiceover, and even you can re-record your video if you think the current voiceover isn’t perfect. 

Also, you will get a real-time transcript where you can delete mistakes in text with one click.


In Komodo’s video, you can add Call To Action, where they can click and go to the right URLs, and you will get leads effortlessly.

Komodo Desks Appsumo Deal - Edit Pages at certain time


You can add comments for a better understanding of your video and if you need to explain more. 

Even your viewers can comment on your video, and you can reply as easily. 

Folder Creation – 

Komodo Desks allows you to create a folder where you can categorize videos with a specific name so that you can identify them quickly. 

The most interesting part it you can share the whole folder with a single click. How easy is that! 

Link sharing-

You can select guide links without recording if you want to share only a video guide without a video visual.

By default, you can share a single link that contains a video and guide that you can video by clicking the guide section only if they don’t want to view the full video. 

Komodo Desks Appsumo Deal - Screencasting with guide and links

Usages of Komodo

You can use Komodo Desks for three amazing purposes (not specified), excluding your own job. 

Presentation: You can record training materials, your customer success stories, company updates, and more. 

It will be the best solution for presentation at your professional work.

Education: As a teacher, you can record your lecture and other content that can be helpful content for your students. 

They will be up to date with assignments and other updates. 

Sales: You can record product demos, send short to your customer, and establish a better relationship with your customers with real-time products offering.

Embedded Technology

Komodo Desks allows integration with third-party companies that help to provide screencasting facilities to employees and customers. 

You will get the following;

  • SSO Support
  • Security Model
  • API Integrations
  • Transcript-Based Video Editing
  • Automatic Documentation
  • Innovative Business Model

Wanna start to use it?

Okay, Let’s explore the regular pricing plans;

Komodo Desks Pricing Plans

Using Komodo Desks, you will be able to record the screen with a camera and share it with your customers, employees, or clients. 

It comes with three pricing plans;

Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Starter Plan $0/mo:

  • Up to 10 Videos
  • Daily Analysis
  • Unlimited Length of Videos
  • High-Resolution Output
  • Screen Recording with Camera
  • Video Embeds

Professional Plan $7/user/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • Unlimited Videos

See the Enterprise plan features and pricing.

Hey! Wait! Here is something special only for you!

Appsumo brings Kodomo Appsumo Deal Plan only for $19.00

Komodo Appsumo Deal Plan [$19]

Make HD video with screen recording and camera for your explanation and course video with a single click. 


  • Lifetime access to Komodo Decks Professional Plan
  • Everything Professional Plan Features
  • 1 user
  • Unlimited videos
  • Subdomain

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Bottom Line

Using Komodo Desks, you can create high-definition (HD) video with your computer screen and camera.

Share your videos and guides with single click-generated links, or even you can share only guide with your customers.

Even you can boost your sales with product demos, and customers will surely like it.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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