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LeadMonk Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Calendly Alternative In 2023?

Scheduling appointments and coordinating schedules can be a hassle. 

You have to call everyone, coordinate your availability and make sure everyone knows about the appointment so that no one misses it. 

Scheduling appointments on your own is always a challenge, but it’s even more time-consuming when your business requires the flexibility of online booking. 

Meet LeadMonk.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss LeadMonk – the best online scheduling platform.

That’s why Leadmonk was created—to make scheduling as easy as possible for busy business owners by providing automated appointment scheduling in a mobile-first environment. 

With LeadMonk, you can create unlimited recurring appointments with just a few clicks from your phone or tablet. Add custom notes, set reminders, and generate a link to share the schedule with other team members or clients.

Why do you need to schedule on the go

Scheduling a meeting on your desktop computer is easy enough, but with LeadMonk, you can schedule appointments on the go—and do so with ease. 

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Their platform’s database of available appointment slots allows us to provide scheduling flexibility for any business size. Additionally, you can send a link to your favorite scheduling app and let others book an appointment from there. 

It makes it easy for customers, team members, and clients to access your schedule and helps keep up with the growing demand for scheduling options in today’s digital-first world.

LeadMonk is designed for busy business owners who need professional online booking software that allows them to schedule across multiple platforms easily. 

There are many reasons why you should consider using a mobile-first scheduling tool like LeadMonk. 

With its modern design and intuitive interface, you never have to worry about missing an important deadline again. 

You’ll also have more time in the day to focus on what matters most: your business!

Schedule mobile appointments on your own

At any time of day, Leadmonk allows you to schedule appointments any time of the day from your phone. 

Leadmonk Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

You should have no problem scheduling appointments in the middle of the night or early in the morning—no need to worry about missing important meetings! 

With LeadMonk, it’s easy for you to manage your schedule and take care of business without needing any help from your team members. 

No more coordinating schedules by phone or email—just schedule an appointment with Scheduling Monkey and keep on going!

Automated appointment scheduling and marketing with LeadMonk

You can schedule appointments as often as you want and with as much flexibility as you need. 

Marketing promotions are a breeze with our automated appointment scheduling platform. Promote your business by creating one-time events or recurring specials that are easy to share with your customers. 

With LeadMonk, you have the power to automate your appointment schedule and keep your business running smoothly.

Leadmonk Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

How LeadMonk automatically finds available appointments in your database and matches them to potential clients’ profiles

Leadmonk is a scheduling platform that automatically finds available appointments in your database and matches them to potential clients’ profiles. 

You can customize the personal information collected from your clients, such as their names, email addresses, and company name. 

To match your schedule, you only have to provide an approximate time for each appointment in the client’s profile. 

The app also provides an easy-to-use interface for creating new appointments without much effort. 

While LeadMonk has been successful in the past few years, the service plans to expand its features to make scheduling easier.

The three types of booking conditions you can create with LeadMonk

You can use LeadMonk to create three different types of booking conditions for your appointments:

Leadmonk Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

– Recurring appointments: Create a schedule for recurring meetings, classes, and events with just a few clicks from your phone. 

Recurring appointments allow you to set custom details like start/end time, location, and length, as well as a reminder email or text. 

– Poetry Mini-Appointments: Set up an appointment that requires a reservation, which includes a specific time and date.

In addition to these details and the ability to set reminders, this type of booking allows you to include a custom note that will be visible on the scheduled day.

 – Online Booking: Allow clients or customers to book online using your unique link.

This type of booking includes all the details of scheduled appointments plus the ability to receive messages and emails on their behalf so they can be notified when their appointment is ready. 

LeadMonk is completely mobile-responsive and designed for today’s busy business owners who need scheduling automation in an easy-to-use interface.

Leadmonk Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

The ultimate guide to LeadMonk

While LeadMonk is easy to use and offers a wide range of options, it’s important to get familiar with the platform before you start scheduling appointments. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up your first appointment on the app. 

1) Go to LeadMonk’s homepage by selecting “Get Started Now” or tapping “Add my business” at the top of the screen.

 2) You will be prompted to enter your email address, name, and website URL. 

3) Choose from three scheduling services: Guest Appointments, Calendar Events, or Business Appointments. 

The default option is Business Appointment, allowing you to create recurring appointments without re-entering the information each time. 

4) After choosing a service type, input your business contact information (name and phone number). 

5) Add an appointment by selecting one of the following categories: Free/No Charge, Personal Appointment, Work, or Government (if applicable). 

6) Enter information about who you want to book an appointment with in the form of first and last name and email address if they are not already entered in the system.

If you are creating a work appointment, enter their company name, email address, and other required fields in this section. 

7) LeadMonk automatically generates a link that can be emailed or shared via social media or text message so that everyone is.

LeadMonk Pricing Plans

One thing you should remember is that more appointments are equaled more sales. 

LeadMonk makes it easy to manage your appointments.

It comes with two amazing plans;

Basic and Professional.

Basic Plan $0/mo:

  • 1 Calendar connection
  • 1 Active 1:1 or Group Appointment Type
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Add a custom intake form to your scheduling page
  • Customize your booking Link
  • Automated appointment notifications – Email
  • Add Leadmonk to your website
  • Connect to Google Meet and MS Teams

Professional Plan $10/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited Appointment Types
  • Automated appointment notifications – Email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Add branding to your booking pages
  • Customize Leadmonk colors when you add them to your website
  • Collect payments using Stripe
  • Minimal and Professional Booking page design options

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Final Word

Do you really need a flowless appointment solution? You should use LeadMonk for once. 

I can surely tell you that you can manage all of your appointments, and it brings more leads. 

Using Leadmonk, you can create stunning landing pages that make your business bookable 24/7.

Why are you getting late?

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