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Oode Lifetime Deal & Storefront Review, Features, Pricing

Let’s say you are providing consulting services, and you have thousands of clients here. But how can you talk to them?

Should they send you an appointment later, and you will approve manually? No, that’s not an easy process. 

For managing clients’ and customers’ appointments, online tools can be the best way to manage their timely appointment without approving manual latter. 

You might be heard of Calendly, Squarespace, or similar tools; here is a similar one that’s a new player in this industry;

I’m talking about Oode.

Oode isn’t only an appointment management platform; you can also manage your whole business from a single dashboard. 

In short;

  • Online booking
  • Online scheduling  
  • Live chat with customers
  • Video with Zoom 
  • Payment Access via Stripe, Square, and Sumup

These are the simple setup of Oode, but by using it, you will able to manage your whole marketing preference in a single dashboard. 

Oode Provides Useful Features that make your online business management journey easier;

Oode Features

From online booking to online payment collection, everything you can complete with Oode; not only that, but also, you can make your business management procedure easier to handle. 

Let’s jump into the main features; 

Oode Storefront view


One of the most highlighted and useful features of Oode is that it provides high all-in-one customer service solutions. 

Here, you can use it as a website that makes it more informative with your own content. 

Storefront means your own website with a unique URL that you can share with your customers, campaign, and other platforms. 

Customers can easily know about you and can make an impact on you easily. You can add your personalized content to your Storefront and make it attractive to all;

Let’s start with the content section first, and let’s see what kind of content you can add to your storefront;

Oode Storefront Content Editing Panel


Oode provides white-label options to customize your storefront, and you can add your brand Logo, Title, Custom URL, Banner, Favicon, and more. 

It allows you to add descriptions to introduce yourself, impacting your customer retention.

Importantly, you can add your whole about section as you present yourself from A to Z. 

Timeset: You can set your opening and closing availability time where you can make an appointment or booking for your service.

FAQs: Add frequently asked questions about yourself and your service or product. 

It helps your customers to understand your service deeply without asking you. 

Contact Details: Make it your customers easy to reach you with your contact details; You will get a Chat bubble to single-click chat. 

And you can add a “Free Consultation” option to attract them mentally. Set the duration of consultation time via Google Meet and Zoom.

Lastly, you can add your social media links. 

Oode Storefront Appearance Setting


Oode allows you to change everything in your storefront, from color preset, layouts, fonts, styles, and everything. 

Even you can change a single portion color, such as the Heading, Background, and Border Radius, And also you can change the footer of your storefront. 


Show your social proof to your storefront; it’s always important to show how many satisfied faces take your service and how much they are satisfied. 

For a new buyer, it’s really helpful to understand your service quality and user satisfaction rate. 


Interestingly, your Oode storefront will be SEO optimized for Google search, which makes your business management more effective with organic buyers. 

With relevant search, you will get in search result pages and get organic traffic without effort. 

Besides, you can add custom CSS or HTML code to make your Storefront more unique and needy. 

Lightly, you can add multiple languages based on your audience’s geolocation and make it more impactful with a multilingual variation. 

Live Chat

Oode provides real-time built-in live chat options where users can chat with you without signing up for any platform. 

Even they can get in touch with a single click, and you can seamlessly reply right from your Oode dashboard. 

Importantly, you don’t have to pay extra costs for this chatbot, which will make your conversation easier than ever. 

I personally love this feature that makes my clients chat with me effortlessly without singing with Google or Facebook. 

But for extra connection with your audience, you can ask them for an email or mobile number so that you can get in touch smoothly.

Oode Email Marketing Feature

Mail Marketing

You should not miss this feature that makes your email marketing easier than ever. The most marketing feature that you will get in Oode; you don’t have to pay extra money.

You can start your email campaign journey right from Oode. Just click the “Create Campaign” button without any technical settings and follow their steps. 

Within 5 minutes, you can complete your test campaign effortlessly. 

This is your most valuable feature if you want to send the same email to multiple clients or customers.

Additionally, Oode allows you to see all booking history, and you will get notified when someone books any service or appointment. 

Oode Integrations


The highly attractive thing is you can collect payment directly via Stripe, which provides a seamless experience. 

Even you can connect to Google Meet and Zoom for online meetings with your customers or clients. 

By connecting Zapier, you can manage the automation of your appointment process and save tons of time. 

You can integrate your Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar to get meeting reminders.

And lastly, you can add a custom domain to present your own branding toward your online presence. 

Simply, it makes your online business management more accessible. Let’s have a look at the pricing plans;

Oode Pricing Plans

Very much simple with their pricing, but I think If they allow collecting payment in the free plan, It could be the best option here. 

Did you see their pricing plans before? Okay, let’s have a look;

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Online Booking and Scheduling
  • Unlimited Booking
  • Live Chat
  • Reviews
  • Video Chat with Zoom
  • Google and Microsoft Calenders Sync

Pro Plan $49/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • Unlimited Service
  • Payment Collection via Stripe, Square, and Sumup
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Custom Domain
  • And More

But if you are looking for a smart solution, you should grab the Oode Lifetime Deal from Appsumo. 

In Appsumo, you can purchase Oode Lifetime Deal plan only for $49 instead of $49 monthly from their official website. 

Let me explain more;

Oode Lifetime Deal Plan from Appsumo 90% OFF

Oode Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo

After analyzing the pricing plans of Oode, you might be got not interested in their monthly $49 pricing plan. 

But Appsumo has nailed it with the Lifetime Deal plan without any commitment.

Here are the features of Oode Appsumo Deals;

  • Lifetime Access to Oode Pro Plan Features
  • 1 Sub accounts
  • Unlimited Booking, Services
  • Custom Domains
  • White Labeling

Final Line

Using Oode, you can feel that you are using a workspace that allows you to manage your clients, bookings, and services, modify, accept payments, and more in a comprehensive suite. 

Even if you book the Oode Lifetime Deal plan, then you don’t have to think about monthly subscriptions for a lifetime. 

If you make your services worldwide without any border of communication. Let’s have fun with Oode and expose your service. 

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