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ShortySMS Lifetime Deal – Engage Your Clients By Text Message

Do you know the SMS open rate is up to four times higher than email?

Which gives you the most conversions? SMS or Email?
SMS, of course. The reason is that the SMS will also reach the customers offline, which will have the opportunity to click immediately.

But in the case of email marketing, it may be a much more time-consuming affair.
Good news! There is a tool with which you can easily send SMS to your VIP client, customer if you want.

Say hello to ShortySMS.

What is ShortySMS?

ShortySMS is a text message solution powered by Appsumo Original. It allows you to make it more accessible and affordable to communicate with the audience and grow the brand. 

Using ShortySMS, you can easily engage and entice your best customers with SMS text messages (Only for U.S and Canada).

ShortySMS is an alternative to TextMagic and Simple Texting. It is best for content creators, marketing agencies, and sales teams to communicate with their audience effectively. 

You can set up SMS automation for clients engaging time. Also, you can schedule your SMS campaign.

Also, you can send SMS using a private number, so you don’t need to share your personal number with anyone. 

Before we drive in, Let’s check out the features of ShortySMS. 

ShortySMS Features

You can maximize the power of SMS campaigns using ShortySMS. 

Here I’ve described a few features of ShortySMS below; 

ShortySMS lifetime Deal Features

SMS Campaign: You can schedule your SMS campaign in Shorty SMS so that your clients won’t miss any updates or notices from your running or upcoming campaign. After the campaign, you can import all campaign data in a CSV file. 

SMS Automation: Using ShortySMS, you can create automation for anything else. Like; as product launching dates, expiring dates and sale dates, etc. 

Customer Engagement: You can keep your customer engaged with real-time conversations. Keep connected with customers using your dashboard from an automatically supplied number.

Shortcodes: You can create SMS sequences from shortcodes and other customer triggers. Not only that, you can track all kinds of results of a single SMS. 

Analytics: You will get insights into your contact growth, click rates, opt-outs, and more real results without any hassle. 

Learn more about ShortySMS.

Who should purchase ShortySMS?

Suppose you have a marketing agency or any digital business. So you need to keep your customer updated regarding your product’s sale, deal, coupon, or others. 

SMS messages can help you with those tasks. You may know that SMS marketing effectiveness is better than Email marketing

For your business module, you must need SMS marketing facilities that can help you to engage your customers. 

Don’t worry about the pricing of ShortySMS.

ShortySMS lifetime Deal is available on Appsumo. (Only for $59.00)

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShortySMS Lifetime Deal: Appsumo

Using ShortySMS, you will experience an effective way to cut through the noise and communicate with your audience effortlessly. 

ShortySMS (Appsumo Original) comes with Three-lifetime deals; License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3.

License Tier 1 $59.00/lifetime $103.00:

  • Lifetime access to ShortySMS Lifetime Plan
  • All future Lifetime Plan updates
  • Only for ShortySMS users who do not have an existing paid account
  • U.S. and Canada only
  • 1 private number
  • 300 total text messages (sent and received) per month

License Tier 2 $118.00/lifetime $217.00:

  • All Features of License Tier 1
  • 1 private number
  • 700 total text messages (sent and received) per month

License Tier 3 $236.00/lifetime $438.00:

  • All Features of License Tier 1
  • 1 private number
  • 1,500 total text messages (sent and received) per month

Text messages aren’t just for silent conversations with the person sitting next to you. (“Pass the remote plz.”)

ShortySMS makes it easy to send targeted, automated SMS campaigns to the customers you care about the most.

Don’t let your best leads leave you on “read.”

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An SMS-sending platform is significant for a business, and sending SMS messages to each customer separately is very time-consuming.

And that’s why we need an all-in-one solution through which your customers can get the right SMS at the right time.

And the best tool for you to do that is ShortySMS.
ShortySMS Lifetime Deal is available on Appsumo right now. Pick up any one deal according to the needs of your business.
Don’t miss out.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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