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GrabSign Vs OnTask Signatures | Lifetime Deal & Review


Collect your eSignature in less than a second with the certificate!

If you are an agency or solopreneur, you may face problems with contract signing because it’s the most important thing and evidence about your work. 

Like, I’m an SEO expert, and I’m handling my overseas clients in a smooth and effortless method that saves me time, and I can easily sign my SEO project contract within a minute. 

How? It’s super easy with an online tool that provides 100% authentic and effortless options to sign contract papers from your clients. 

Let me share something special that makes me clear and effortless that easily organizes online contract signatures. 

For those things, you may know about HelloSign, DocSign, and AdobeSign as the most popular. 

But they are something costly, and if you are a beginner in this industry, you should not pay much more for them. 

This introduction makes you bored, but here is a simple solution for you that saves you money for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Instead, you can use its Lifetime Deal plan from Appsumo with a small amount and use it for a lifetime. 

You can check out the amazing deal of Grabsign and OnTask Signature Lifetime Deal plan from Appsumo. 

Before driving into the deal purchasing, you should read this content about GrabSign Vs OnTask Signatures that provides an ultimate opinion about purchasing.

Let’s start with the GrabSign, followed by OnTask Signatures

What is GrabSign?

GrabSign allows you to authentically get your contract’s digital signatures, tracking, and audited sign by your clients and customers. 

Within 5 minutes, you can set up the whole contract signing process with GrabSign and define the signing field where the client should sign. 

Let’s have a look at the features of GrabSign;

GrabSign Dashboard

GrabSign Features 

Multiple File Formats: You can upload different types of files as your digital contract paper, such as PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Multi Signer: If you are working with multiple people for the same project, you can get a verified contract signed by them with the same flow. 

Just select their name and email to get a sign from them effortlessly.

Templates: You can create your own template for repeated signing and save your valuable time with some effort.

Bank Level Security: Every document is protected by SSL encryption, and it’s hosted on an ISO-27001-certified data center. So you don’t have to think about leaking your important contract documents. 

In-Person Signing: Clients or customers can easily sign right from their mobile, laptop, or desktop. Even they can upload their sign or sign with a drawing pad.

Audit Trail: GrabSign provides certification with Audit Trail that ensures every authentic action against your time stamp. 

SMS Authentication: It’s a smart and unique feature that helps to verify someone exactly with OTP. It ensures the real person and for further verification. 

Easy to use: With its flexible workflow and easy-to-organize features, you can collect signatures from your clients easily. 

If you want to use the free version with limited features, you can manage your small business it will be beneficial for you.

Let’s come to the GrabSign pricing; 

GrabSign Pricing

You can use GrabSign for free of cost with limited features, and to get access to all of the features, then you should upgrade your plan. 

Here are the three standard pricing plans; 

  • Starter $14/mo
  • Standard $35/mo
  • Business $79/mo. 

Now, we should move on to the OnTask Signatures; 

What is OnTask Signatures?

OnTask Signatures is a tremendous SaaS that allows you to collect signatures within seconds without any technical knowledge. 

Using OnTask Signatures, you can ask your client and customers to sign on your digital contract paper for furthermore deals. 

First things first, you will get a super workspace for your organization and make it accessible for all. 

Right from the dashboard, you can ask your client to sign your contract paper. With their own signatures and sign date, they can deliver your contract paper without any issues from your client’s end.

Ontask Signatures Dashboard

Let’s explore the features; 

OnTask Signatures Features

Despite of GrabSIgn, OnTask Signatures provides fewer features, but you can manage your contract signing workflow effortlessly. 

eSignatures: The most important and essential feature that helps to collect signatures in under a second. 

You can send a request directly to their email; they can sign right from there. OnTask Signatures provides an Audit Trail certificate with a time stamp that ensures the authenticity of your contract signing. 

OnTask Signatures allows you to send documents, track them on time, and share , and sign documents on any device.

It’s the fastest workflow that you need to use to collect signatures electronically. 

Forms: Create no code forms for your leads collection or contact form with a few clicks. You don’t have to be skilled in coding or technical knowledge. 

Collect your user’s information effectively and make it an automated process for all of your customers. 

It’s completely hosted by OnTask Signatures; there is less chance of form errors while filling. 

OnTask Signatures Pricing

First of all, they are not providing any free plan so that you can manage your business deal. But you can try their 14 days trial. 

Before that, let’s have a look at their pricing plans; 

  • Personal $11/mo
  • Business $29/mo
  • Business Pro $118/mo 

GrabSign VS OnTask Signatures – Comparison

GrabSign VS OnTask Signatures - Comparison

It’s really tough thinking about managing your online paperless business remotely. You need to grab something special and feature-rich that makes your online deal seamless. 

Compared with the GrabSign and OnTask Signatures, you can choose any of them for your business. 

But here are some differences between them, and you are always smarter than me, so you should see the comparison. 

NameGrabSignOnTask Signatures
UsageEvery EasyEasy
TrailYes & Free PlanYes, No
Starting Price$14/Monthly$11/Monthly
FeaturesFeature-richCompare Fewer Features
SigningUpload, Draw, and TextDraw & Text

This comparison table was completely created by my own experience, and I just added my experienced here. 

But in most cases, you can feel the other is better. So, it completely depends on your use case. 

Now, this is the part of magic that will change your mind and decision to use them. It’s time to LTD. 

GrabSign and OnTask Signatures Appsumo Lifetime Deal

GrabSign and OnTask Signatures Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Are you excited to know the Appsumo Lifetime Deal of both of them? No more further deals with Lifetime Deal. 

First, let’s explore GrabSign Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for Only $69.00.

GrabSign Appsumo Features

  • 10 Templates
  • 1 User
  • 250 Documents per month
  • Draw/upload signatures
  • Advanced fields

These are the key features of the GrabSign Appsumo Lifetime Deal, and you will get it only for $69. 

Now, what about the OnTask Deal?

OnTask Signatures Appsumo Features

  • 2 workspaces
  • 2 users
  • 2 active workflow or template

These are the key features of OnTask Signatures Appsumo Features, and you can purchase this deal only for $49.00.


Now, it’s time to decide whether you should purchase their original price or Appsumo Deal’s discounted price. 

It’s totally up to you, but you should pick one for your contract signing process. 

If you told me to choose one for you, then I’ll choose GrabSign! 

Why GrabSign? 

Because I think it’s very much easier and more convenient than OnTask Signatures. GrabSign provides an easier option to select the signer name and sign option and send with less time. 

But that doesn’t mean OnTask isn’t qualified for business. Still, you can use both of them. But I suggest using GrabSign. 

So, here is my conclusion about these two items, and Appsumo Lifetime Deal is available for both of them. Go and check it out. 

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