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MonSpark Lifetime Deal & Review | Best User Guide

You may have a website and audit it with different tools for uptime, speeds, pings, IPs, and more.

Wouldn’t it take much time? Definitely, It takes lots of time to monitor and analyze your website’s status. 

What if you get comprehensive solutions for website tracking, managing, and monitoring? Won’t it be superb?

Let’s explore an amazing tool that helps you to maintain your website under the roof without switching tabs. 

Hi everyone. My name is Akram Hossain. Here, I will explore MonSpark – the best way to monitor your website. 

What is MonSpark?

MonSpart is an all-in-one web-based monitoring platform where you can track, monitor, and maintain your websites and apps with a single click.

It prevents your website from downtime, and you can fix issues immediately after occur any damaging error. 

MonSpark is an alternative to:

  • Pingdom
  • Statuspage
  • UptimeRobot
  • GTmetrix

It would be best for:

  • eCommerce
  • Project Managers
  • SEO Agencies
  • Developers

MonSpark is a complete free uptime monitoring solution where you can monitor your web application’s uptime, download, SSL status, SSL expiry date, lighthouse audit, and more in the same dashboard. 

I will explain more about MonSpark, and you can make the best decision to use it for your next-level website management. 

MonSpark Features Explanations

I think you won’t be bored seeing MonSpark features. To manage your website for SSL, downtime, and more, you can do your next-level SEO monitoring. 

Now, I will show you how you can use those features and how it works for your next-level website monitoring issues. 

In the MonSpart dashboard, you can view the Global Uptime of your web applications, and here, you can view some essential data.

In short, you can view all of the monitor’s sections, such as All Monitors, Up Monitors, Down Monitors, and SSL status.

Let’s dive deep;

You can start with monitor creation;

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - Uptime monitoring

Uptime Monitor

Using the Uptime feature, you can monitor your website’s uptime and get alerts when your site is down.

Just click on the “Uptime Monitor” and enter your site URL. Also, you can define the check interval minimum of 5 minutes. 

After that, you just click “Create uptime monitor” and wait for the rest.

From now, you don’t have to do anything with this URL; just see the uptime on your dashboard without manually checking. 

You can ask me, “Why should I get aware of site uptime?”

Well, It’s a very much personalized and important question also that you should keep your website LIVE. 

Without your site is live, you couldn’t manage your business profile. You must have to maintain the website’s uptime 24/7.

Obviously, MonSpart can be your best solution for website technical management. 

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - Text Monitoring

Text Monitor

Text Monitor is another helpful feature where you can track the website’s visual upgradation and notify on your dashboard. 

Same as before, just submit the site URLs and monitor websites with text changes such as Price Tracking and Keyword tracking for the individual page.

MonSpart will clearly provide excretion before and after detecting changes in any URL.

Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot Monitoring is similar to Text Monitor features that help you analyze a specific portion of the web page. 

You can take a snapshot of any section of the page and get an update only for this section automatically. 

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - ScreenShot Review

Ping Monitor

Another important thing for a website is Ping; It measures network latency, bandwidth, and others hosting things with your website. 

If it loses for a particular reason, then you should fix it soon. Otherwise, you may lose your potential traffic from this region. 

But here is the solutions for your website’s Ping monitor that alert you immediately after detecting any problem.

DNS Monitor

You may know about DNS, the “Domain Name System” that manages the connection between host and human with unique IP. 

But humans can’t read IP effortlessly, so the domain name system works as a middleman. 

DNS management is much more important than website design to make the website visible worldwide. 

MonSpart is such an amazing platform that provides real-time DNS issue-detecting management solutions that you can fix in no time. 

Just use it and keep your site live 24/7.

SSL and Domain Monitoring

If you know bit domain, then you might know about SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that keeps your website’s credentials confidential, password, and credit card information encrypted.

Now, an SSL certificate is required for every site (decided by Google). But the good news is you can claim a FREE SSL certificate from hosting providers or Cloudflare.

If your SSL certificate is expired, then your website rank might be down for a specific time; before that, you can monitor it actively with MonSpark. 

As your domain has expired, you can easily monitor the domain and SSL expiry date from MonSpark. 

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - Dashboard

Lighthouse Audits

With the power of Google, you can audit your website speed, page quality, performance, accessibility, SEO, and PWA in a single dashboard with a click. 

Everything you can analyze and fix with its provided solutions makes your website more efficient for all. 

To make your website SEO-friendly and need a higher ranking, there is no alternative to a good Lighthouse score from Google. 

Everything you can see and fix with MonSpark.

Port Monitoring

Port management is like managing your website’s infrastructure and ensuring a better network with your hosting. 

But sometimes, it can be conflicted with TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), which should always be active for network delivery. 

Another important protocol is UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ensures the network in the user endpoint. 

Everything has to be managed simultaneously, and MonSpark will monitor point-to-point by a nano-second.

In short, If I say, MonSpark is an all-in-one solution for a website’s technical issues detector where you can feel relief with your website performance. 

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - Insights

Here are some effective monitoring tools that you will get;

  • Technology Monitoring
  • Whois Monitoring
  • Cookie Monitoring

MonSpart Integrations

Get bug report alerts more easily and fix them with your team; if you have a workspace management platform, then you can use them to get instant notifications.

MonSpark Lifetime Deal and Review - Integrations

Microsoft Teams

You can integrate MS Teams with MonSpark, get notification right to your team channels and your developer, and fix it as soon as they get it.

Also, you can view the key notification from MonSpark that is important to you to know.


You already know Slack is a workspace management tool where you can manage your client and project with teams. 

Here you can get notified of your website from MonSpark directly to your channel inbox. 


Another community social community management server where the team can manage their work in a single place and discuss their projects. 

You can integrate it with MonSpark and get notified to your team server. 

More integration is coming soon.

Now, let’s come to the pricing plans.

MonSpark Pricing Plans 

First, MonSpark is free to use, but additional features require to pay. Okay, Let’s have a look below;

It comes with four pricing plans;

Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 5 Monitoring Features
  • 1 User
  • 1 Status Page
  • 1 Integration
  • 3 months long retention
  • Uptime, Ping, TCP, DNS, and Text Monitoring

Starter Plan $10/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 10 Monitor
  • 3 Status pages
  • 3 Integrations 
  • 1-year log retention
  • Screenshot, SSL, URL, Lighthouse, Domain, And Custom DNS Monitoring

You can see others’ pricing plans and pricing here

But I have Good News for you. 

Wanna pay for one time?

Appsumo comes with MonSpark Lifetime Deal Plan only for $69.00.

Let’s have a look below;

MonSpark Lifetime Deal Plan

From Appsumo, you will get a lifetime deal access that you can use on the MonSpark website and get access to specific features for Lifetime. 

You don’t need to pay monthly or yearly; it comes at a very low price. 

Here are the deal conditions below;


  • Lifetime access to MonSpark Starter Plan
  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 1 User
  • 75 monitors
  • 10 status pages

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Final Touch

As a blogger, I know how important to fix the technical issues of a website. First thing first, I have to detect issues and then going to fix them.

But beloved MonSpark always helps me to detect my website issues and fix them immediately after the problem occurs.

I think it will be a massive transformation for your website management that makes your website always free from harm.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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