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Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal & Review – Best Financial Planning Tool

Businesses today are increasingly interconnected. So to run a business, it’s essential to know how much you have coming in and what you have coming out.

Fortunately, a tool makes it easy to keep track of your finances by automating your cash flow forecasting.

Introducing Cash Flow Frog.

Cash Flow Frog Overview?

Cash Flow Frog is a company finance planning platform that creates cash flow forecasts for your business that integrates with your favorite accounting software. 

It lets you generate cash flow forecasts designed only for your business model.

You can use it instead of Float, CashFlowTool, and Futrli. 

Cash Flow Frog would be the best for freelancers, small business owners, and managers looking to stay on track financially and also meet cash flow goals quickly.

CFF lets you generate cash flow forecasts from your favorite accounting data, and it will share up-to-date reports in just a few clicks.

You can plan with visualized projections and real-time track your cash flow performance.

Cash Flow Frog Features

Use Cash Flow Frog and get cash flow forecasts more than more accessible.

Now, I’ll explore the vast features of CFF below; let’s have a look;

Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal - Features


You can create new forecasts within seconds for your business using Cash Flow Frog. 

You can connect your favorite accounting software such as; QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, etc.

It regularly syncs your data with QuickBooks & Xero, helping your cash flow forecasts stay up-to-date.

CFF lets you view various aspects of your forecasts effortlessly. In addition, you can easily edit and customize your data flow to meet your needs.

Lastly, you can visually see your cash flow with ease. 

Planned VS Actual

Cash Flow Frog lets you track your cash flow performance to see how your actual cash flow performed. 

Compare: CFF offers to find an intelligent way to compare real-life results with your plans. Also, you can analyze your cash flow and reach conclusions in the process of improving your plans and results.

Drill Down: You will get a clear and detailed analysis a to z, and you can track gaps between your forecast and actual real-life results.

Integration: In CFF, you can integrate your favorite accounting software, and it will automatically sync your accounting data. It saves valuable time.


Cash Flow Frog will amazingly improve your ash forecast accuracy with its projections features. 

Predict: CFF lets you determine which transactions are likely to occur in the future in advance. 

Also, it will add your bills and invoices to your forecasts automatically. 

Control: Interestingly, CFF will always ask you before adding or editing a projection to ensure you understand how your forecasts are affected.

Organize: You can add one or more forecasts in your Scenarios. 

Agenda: CFF lets you add transactions manually and can even add projections manually.

Customer Insights

Cash Flow Frog provides you with total customer insights scores of your customers based on an analysis of the transactions you’ve had with them and their payment behavior.

Analysis: Using Cash Flow Frog, you can analyze your customer’s behavior, and your relationship with your business is crucial. 

CFF will analyze the following;

  • Frequency and total sales
  • Credit terms
  • Average payment and collection time
  • Frequency of late payments

Behavior Patterns: CFF’s large data algorithms recognize patterns with too much data for people to analyze.

Good Customers: Amazingly, CFF lets you effortlessly single out your most valuable customers. 

You can see which customers bring in the most profitable business, who always pays on time, and more. 

Bad Customers: Additionally, you can identify bad customers who are likely to cause problems, even new customers who have just started to work. 

Behavior Improvement: Finally, you can effortlessly turn your bad customers into good ones. 

Well, there are huge features available in Cash Flow Frog. 

Cash Flow Frog Pricing Plans

It lets you create and edit projections, either manually or automatically, based on your accounting data.

Cash Flow Frog comes with two pricing plans;

Standard and Pro

Standard Plan $31/mo:

  • Up to $200K annual revenue
  • 2 Users
  • 1-year history 
  • 1 Year forecast
  • 3 data syncs (per 24 hours)
  • 3 Scenarios
  • Daily/weekly/monthly cash flow breakdown
  • Customer insights
  • Planned Vs Actual
  • Reports editor

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Cash Flow Frog Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

CFF allows you to generate forecasts and projections automatically that help you always top of the cash coming in and out of your business.


  • Lifetime access to Cash Flow Frog Standard Plan
  • Everything Standard Plan Features +
  • Forecast up to 1 year
  • Less than $1M annual revenue
  • 2 users
  • 3 data syncs (per 24 hours)
  • 3 scenarios

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Use CFF and improve your financial planning by knowing your good or bad customers with its customer insights. Even you will get a customer ranking system.

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