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Appsumo Lifetime Deals October 2021 – Never Miss Any Killer Deals

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All Appsumo Lifetime Deals October 2021

The most extensive SaaS product deals for entrepreneurs. Let’s brief October 2021 lifetime deals;


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Typedesk is a multi-platform canned response app that allows your team to create, organize, and send unique messages quickly. 

Typedesk allows you can ditch those repetitive tasks and work on what matters most for your team. 

2. SendFox

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SendFox is an email marketing tool that allows you to compose and send unlimited customized emails to your subscribers, fans, and followers.

Using SendFox, you can send unlimited scheduled emails also automated emails to your email contacts lists. 

3. WordHero

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WordHero is an AI-Powered content-writing tool that allows you to create blog posts, article content, emails, and more with just one click.

With WordHero’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, you can generate  Blog IntroBlog TitlesBlog outlines, Product Descriptions, Emails, songs, and many more in 1 click

4. TopicMojo

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TopicMojo is an in-depth trend topic research tool that allows you to discover what your customers are engaging with.

Using TopicMojo, you can research a single keyword’s trends deeply.

5. Jumppl

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Jumppl is an all-in-one project management platform that allows you to combine all your favourite tools for managing your tasks, clients, and teams. 

Using Jumppl, you will enjoy a comprehensive, simple project management tool that allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team quickly.

6. Pagemaker

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Pagemaker is a mobile-first (allows all devices) landing page builder that helps you build a professional landing page within minutes. 

Pagemaker is market-tested and focused on conversion rate optimization. 

Since most traffic comes from mobile devices, Pagemaker will ensure you design a responsive landing page for all devices, with mobile devices first as the priority.

7. PublishDrive

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PublishDrive is an all-in-one platform that allows you to publish and promote ebooks, audiobooks, and print formats in thousands of bookstores. 

Self-publish has never been easier, But with PublishDrive, you can publish your book and start selling in just four steps. 

8. Cuttles

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Cuttles is an interactive business planning platform that allows you to plan, manage, strategy for your business startup. 

Here you will get eye-catching personalized templates for your business plan. 

9. Simplified

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Simplified is the all-in-one digital design platform that allows you to create imagesvideos, and AI copy quickly. 

Simply- Simplified is an AI-powered, no-code design editor, copy creator, and marketing manager. 

10. SlyText

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SlyText is a web-based online text messaging tool that allows two-way communications from the web to any GTM number. (the U.S. and Canada).

It allows you to communicate with your customer in real time via SMS or MMS. 


ThePromotes Image is a remote access solution platform that offers you one of the freshest and simplest ways to remote access. 

Using, you can easily and instantly remote access another computer.

12. Trafft

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Trafft is an all-in-one powerful scheduling system that simplifies your operations and makes your life easier than ever. 

It will help you automate online and on-site bookings, even you can also set reminders, payments, and employee timesheets. 

13. Phonesites

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Phonesites is an AI-powered app that allows you to build fast-loading, mobile-optimized landing pages directly from your phone in just a minute. 

Without any coding skills, you can build your landing pages and manage the sales funnel from your phone.

14. DoneDone

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DoneDone is an all-in-one platform that allows issue tracking, project management, shared inbox for the product, and support teams’ collaboration and communication.

Using DoneDone, you can identify the bugs, issues, and any tracking data in a dashboard. 

15. GoCopy

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GoCopy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that delivers high-converting content within seconds.

It will help you to generate marketing content using proven marketing copy templates. 

GoCopy is an alternative to and it’s best for SMB owners, marketing agencies, and copywriters looking to create effective content on their terms.

16. UpContent

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UpContent is a content curator platform that helps you deliver fresh, relevant articles by discussing the topics.

You can find, distribute, and collaborate on relevant third-party content to your audience.

17. Hide My WP Ghost

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Hide My WP Ghost is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that provides high security to your website.

Using it, you can easily upgrade your site’s security in minutes and can make better defend. 

18. Anywhere

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AnyWhere is a project management platform that allows you to keep your teams on task and manage all your projects in one platform.

With Anywhere, you can create management boards on your own from scratch or use one of the 60+ predefined templates provided for you. 

19. Linkjoy

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Linkjoy is a social media tool that helps you create mobile-first pages to track, analyze, and retarget your visitors.

With Linkjoy, you will be able to get 10x out of your digital presence.

20. Switchy

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Switchy is the smartest link engagement platform that allows you to link short, customize, and track for better conversation.

You will be able to boost conversions with customizable and retargeting links.

21. EmailWritr

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EmailWritr is a marketing tool that allows you to create a high-converting email with a few clicks. 

It will improve your email opens, clicks, and sales.

22. WP 301 Redirects

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WP 301 Redirects is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage URL redirects for your site while detecting bad and broken links. 

It will help you to manage affiliate links and control your whole site from a centralized dashboard. 

23. FlexClip

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FlexClip is an all-in-one, simple, and powerful video maker that helps you make professional marketing videos in minutes.

You will be able to create professional-looking videos, movies, and slideshows using ready-to-use video templates.

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