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Fliki Lifetime Deal & Guidelines | Best Text-to-Video Tool

Before getting started, let’s have a look a statistics; 

A person watches 30-40 videos on average in a single week instead of 4 blog reads per week. 

Why I’m giving this information? It has a definite reason. 

I think you can understand the value of videos more than a blog, But is it easy to create professional videos?

Not at all; here, you will need to focus on the camera, but if you are a camera-shy person, that it’s gonna wrong. 

I have a solution for you;

Meet Fliki.

Hi everyone! My name is Akram Hossain – In this blog, I’ll explore Fliki – the best AI-based text-to-video-making platform

What is Fliki?

Fliki is an AI-based text-to-video creation platform where you can generate high-quality AI videos in a fraction of a minute. 

You can transform your blog post into a stunning video that helps you to increase 88% user-acquisitions than before.

Fliki provides 850+ natural human-like voices, 75+ languages, and 80+ dialects. Consolating is you can create high-quality, supernatural AI videos with your text. 

As a marketer, social media manager, or content creator, you can use Fliki to generate high-converting AI videos for your business.

If you are already using Descript,, or than you can switch to Fliki for once. I hope you won’t go back to them again. 

Filiki makes your video creation more simplified with the power of AI, and you gonna love it to generate video with a single click.

Fliki Video Creation Process

Fliki is as simple as Almost the same process, but you may don’t know about it right. No worries. 

Here, you gonna learn how you can create AI-based text-to-video with Fliki. 

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Create AI Video from text with a single click

Step-1: Sign up with your Gmail, Apple ID, Facebook, or your email ID. 

Step-2: You can see two tabs top of your dashboard; “Studio” and “Account.” Go to the “Studio” tab and Click on the Files.

Here you will get some placeholder files or folders. You can delete the theme or create your own. 

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Create Unlimited Voice Slot at the same time

Step-3: Click the “New file” Enter the File name and select the output you want; (Video or Audio Only)

Click on the “Create” button to create your video file.

Step-4: Now input your paragraph and select Language, Dialect, Gender, and Voice Style from the left side for the paragraph.

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Select Voice to make your video more humanistic and natural

You don’t have to do anything now, just hit the play icon, and you can hear your voice. If you don’t like the voiceover, you can change it to as same as before. 

Step-5: If you select “Video output, ” you can change or select the video background image from the same dashboard.

You can generate unlimited minutes (Plan is required) at the same time. 

Step-6: You can select file sizes such as (Square, Landscape, and Portrait). Also, select the Subtitle font size, Placement, Font, and Font color

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - You can choose your files for Social Media size such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others

If you want to use Subtitle Background, then you can change it as you want. 

After completing your video, it comes to export. 

Fliki Video Export – Click the “Export” button and wait for the final rendering. 

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Export your AI video with a single click

Now, your AI-based Text-to-Video creation is completed. 

Now, Let’s have a look at the Podcasts creation process below;

Fliki Podcasts Creation Process

Podcast creation in Fliki is easier than Video creation. You can easily create any text into a video with ease. 

Here is the process step by step;

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Generate stunning podcasts with ease

Step-1: Click the “Podcasts” section from your dashboard, and click “New show” from the right corner of your dashboard. 

Step-2: Fill up the “Title”, enter the “Description,” and select the “Category”. Before publishing, you can pick your podcast “Cover Image” from your local computer. 

Save” the Podcast; you will get a unique link for sharing, such as “Public Page” and “RSS Feed” links. 

After publishing, you can share your Podcast’s descriptions, title, image, or category-sub category.

Now, done with Podcasts creation. Let’s move into the Book Creation part. 

Fliki Book Creation Process

I can tell you that, Fliki brings the best solutions for eBook creation, where you can create a whole book with a single click.

Fliki Lifetime Deal Appsumo Plan

Step-1: Go to the “Books” section from your dashboard and click on “New Book,” where you can see some filed to fill. 

Step-2: Enter your book name, such as “The Art of Creativity”. 

Step-3: Enter your or the author’s name, such as “John Doe”. 

Step-4: Enter your book’s descriptions and pick up the cover image

Step-5: If you wanna publish your book immediately, then “tick” on Published. And hit enter “Save” button. 

BOOM! You got the book that you want. 

You will get a unique link and share it across your community and the world. 

Ok, all that being said, now why don’t you know about its price?

Fliki Pricing Plans

First, Let me start with Good News: Fliki is completely free to use with limitations. But yet we should know the pricing plans. 

It comes with four pricing plans;

Free, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Create 10 minutes of video/audio per month
  • Realistic voiceover using AI
  • Podcast and Audiobooks creation
  • Create Text-to-Video with the power of AI
  • Get access to 850+ natural voices
  • 75+ languages
  • 100+ dialects
  • Get access to millions of images, video clips, and music assets
  • And more. 

Basic Plan $8/mo:

  • Everything FREE plan features
  • Create Up to 60 minutes of audio/video per month
  • Commercial rights of assets

Standard Plan $28/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • Create up to 180 minutes of audio/video per month

You can check out the premium plan features of

But if you wanna get started with Lifetime Deal for Fliki, Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Appsumo brings a stunning Lifetime Deal Plan of Fliki only for $189.00.

Fliki Lifetime Deal Appsumo Plan [$189]

With the power of AI, you will be able to create Text-to-Video, Text-to-Podcasts, and Text-to-Books with a single click.


  • Lifetime access to Fliki Standard Plan
  • Everything Standard Plan Features
  • Create audio/video up to 180 mins per month

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Final Touch

Finally, I got a super AI tool where I can create AI text-to-video, podcasts, and audiobooks in just a few minutes.

Using Fliki, you don’t have to make anything extra effort to generate high-quality AI video. Everything is under control, and you can boost your productivity instead of blogging.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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