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HireWriters Review 2023 – Hire Pro Writers At Cheap Rate

Content writing has never been easier! First, you have to find out the proper keyword’s competitors and search volume. But is it easy? Not so much! 

Here you can use the keyword researching tool and select your best keywords. 

If it comes to content writing, you can say AI copywriter tool! But are they alternate to humans? No Way!

Instead of low-value content, you can hire someone to write good quality content for you. 

Where can you hire? Is it will be worth it? How much cost do I have to pay? 

Hi marketers! It’s me, Akram! Here I will discuss HireWriters

What is HireWriters?

HireWriters lets you hire quality freelance writers who provide high-quality content writing services at affordable rates.

Here, you will get high-quality content at meagre prices and a fast and “on-topic” article.

In HireWriters, You only pay for an article if you are delighted with it

Here you can write articles measuring from 150 words to 1000+ words.

You can even write content based on the type of content and the content writer’s qualifications.

Also, you can choose the tone and platform of the content, such as social media, websites, ebooks, poetry, etc.

Now let’s see what kind of content you can write in HireWriters.

HireWriters Services

HireWriters provides ten types of content writing services that you will get at a cheap rate, from basic to professional expert writers.

HireWriters Review - Services

Article Writing Services

In HireWriters, you will get professional article writing services according to your focus keywords.

You will get SEO-optimized content from talented writers who can write high-qualified SEO-optimized content. 

HireWriters ensures you skilled freelancers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Don’t panic about your topic to write; they have 30,000 hand-vetted writers to write your content according to your topics.

Get quality writing services and scale your business faster by saving time and money. 


  • Blog Writing Services
  • Article Writing Services

Article Rewriting

Perhaps you wrote or have written an article. But are you wanting to add something more unique?

In HireWriters, you will find some skilled content expert rewriters who will be able to add more new content to your topic.

The paragraphs of each content will be SEO-optimized, which will be one step ahead in terms of ranking in search engines.

Their talented writers will take your old, stale, boring content and rewrite something that really shines.

  • Liven up stale content
  • Fix poorly written articles

Transcription Services 

HireWriters provides you with high-quality transcription from audio, images, or videos. 

Their writers will accurately transcribe anything you want into text. 

The transcript will be fast, accurate, and inexpensive with skilled expertise.

  • Video, audio, or images directly into the text
  • Transcribe your competitor’s video sales letters to get their script
  • The time-stamping feature helps you keep track of where in the video the text is located

eBook Writing Services

Hire HireWriters’ writers to create well-written and researched eBook copy on any topic you want. 

Their writers can handle projects of any size and any topic you wish to write about. 

You just specify a bit of your vision of the eBook with relevant information to their writers. Then, they will complete your eBook like magic. 

  • No project is too small or too large
  • Get the completed eBook in PDF, Docx, and HTML format
  • Unlimited revisions

Data Entry

Hire one professional writer and free up your time by allowing writers to handle tedious data entry tasks for you.

You don’t have to do any extra hassle in HireWriters. Just supply writers with your instructions for the data entry tasks with relevant files. Sit tight and relax!

  • Perfect for Excel and other data formats
  • Product or SKU descriptions entry
  • Any other types of manual data entry tasks

Facebook Post Writers

Have you a Facebook Fan Page? Need to create a stunning, engaging post for your fans?

Hire someone to create a high-converting post for your fans and convert them into customers.

Spend less time and manage your Facebook Fan Page by hiring professional post creators for you. 

  • Get posts quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Thousands of vetted writers ready to help

Poetry Writers

Express your hidden thinking with poetry and hire writers to create beautiful, mind-blowing, and original poetry or lyrics for you.

Creativeness has never been easier, so let writers create amazingly awesome poetry and song lyrics for your next-level project.

You have to specify a bit about the type of poem or song lyrics; finishing tough will do your writers smoothly. 

  • Handle any poem, from haikus to limericks
  • Create beautiful poetry to give to your loved ones or someone as a gift
  • Get help with writing song lyrics

Managed Services

Do you need someone to manage your social media content? But who will?

HireWriters is always ready to handle your social media needs with professionals.

Let them manage your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

You just free your time up and scale your business with ease. 

  • Dedicated account reps
  • Fully automate your content and social media needs
  • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more

How Does HireWriters Works?

HireWriters works in two simple ways; Provide Us, and We Provide.

HireWriter Review - Works

Provide Us (You will provide):

  • Brief project description
  • Website URL, social media profile URLs, etc.
  • Completed questionnaire form about project details
  • Access social media profiles and blogs (if required)
  • Initial payment

We Provide (HireWriters Will Provide):

  • Dedicated access to the project manager
  • Project updates
  • High-quality, engaging social media posts/content
  • Professionally run social media profiles & blog content
  • Friendly customer support

How simple is that! Naa? 

HireWriters Pricing Plans

HireWriter Review Pricing Plans 1

HireWriters offers you a minimum of 150 words to over 3000 words of content writing services at a meagre price.

Have a look at the content writing chart below;

  • 150-300 word article written for: $1.50
  • 700-1000+ word article written for: 5.00
  • 150-300 word article rewritten for: $1.25
  • 700-1000+ word article rewritten for: $4.25

Final Verdict

First of all, we all need content for different purposes, but sometimes we don’t find professional writers to write our content correctly. 

If you want to top rank in search results, you must provide high-quality content.

Remember, AI can’t replace a human writer. However, HireWriters can be the best solution for you. 

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