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Cyber Attack! A horror term for the online world! We’ve all been victims of cyber attacks for once. 

But what is the way to survive these attacks?

What if you could have a fully loaded cybersecurity platform that allows you to protect against cybercrime and ransomware attacks?

It’s only Havoc Shield!

What is Havoc Shield?

Havoc Shield is an all-in-one cyber security platform that helps you protect yourself against cybercrime and ransomware attacks using easy-to-use tools and training.

It’s a cybercrime protector tool and offers your cybersecurity training so that you and your whole team know how to stay safe.

Havoc Shield is an alternative to Tugboat Logic and Vanta.

It’s best for small and mid-level companies who want a low-cost and straightforward cybersecurity solution for their business.

Using Havoc Shield, you can identify and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities right away with simple-to-use security tools in a single dashboard.

Also, you can learn about cybercrime and cybersecurity that you can teach your teams about to stay safe from cyber attacks and ransomware.

Havoc Shield offers 12 types of security. The following discussion is about that.

Havoc Shield Protection Tools

Using Havoc Shield, you can be safe like GLBA, FTC Safeguards, IRS Tax Preparer, and NY DFS with cybersecurity tools in one platform.

Let’s have a look at the 12 protection tools of Havoc Shield;

Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal - Features

Vendor Risk Register

With Havoc Shield, Like the Asset Inventory, the Vendor Risk Register tracks what outside vendors you use to run your business.

Asset Inventory

The Asset Inventory is a simple tool built to make it easy to inventory the hardware and software that make up your infrastructure.

Policy Manager

Havoc Shield’s cybersecurity policy management tool includes eight of the most-requested security. Its also compliance policies of customers, regulators, and your team will need.

Vulnerability Management & Scanner

Havoc Shield’s vulnerability management tool is a petty light-weight database of their packaged Vulnerability Scanner findings.

With a vulnerability scanner, you can avoid exploitable network, infrastructure, and application vulnerability with regular scanning.

Endpoint Threat Protection

In Havoc Shield, you will get webroot endpoint protection installed and rolled out to your team with ease.

Any obviously, It’s the best-practice policy managed by Havoc Shield.

Cyber Awareness Training

Havoc Shield offers cybercrime awareness training to you and your teams. Roll out quickly and engage in cybersecurity and compliance training that will never bore your team.

Computer Policy Management

In Havoc Shield, you can connect JumpCloud endpoint management that helps you centrally control your company computers’ security settings.

Mail Armor Email Security

Mail Armor superpower service scans suspicious emails, including the sender’s identity, links, and attachments, just by forwarding the message. 

Havoc Shield will reply with a decision on if it’s safe or not.

Password Manager

Havoc Shield made it easy to remember, share, and protect your passwords via password manager. 

It ensures high-level password protection.

OS & Software Patching

Havoc Shield manages operating system (OS) and critical software updates. It will identify vulnerabilities and install patches as soon as they’re released.

There are no more security holes from endless postponed updates.

Click here to explore more tools.

Havoc Shield Pricing Plans

One tool that protects you from cyber attacks is ransomware attacks and training about cyber awareness.

Havoc Shield comes with Three pricing plans;

Fundamentals, Foundations, and Managed.

Fundamentals Plan $79/mo:

  • Access to foundational cybersecurity program modules
  • Mail Armor email security
  • Cyber awareness training
  • OS & Software patching
  • Asset Inventory
  • Security Policy Manager
  • Basic Guidance Assistant catalog for making security configuration changes
  • Whole company data breach monitoring and tailored Threat Watch alerts
  • In-product chat support and recorded trainings
  • Havoc Shield cybersecurity program verification badge

Click here to see Foundations Plan;

Click here to see Managed Plan;

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Havoc Shield allows you all the tools and resources that you need to protect your business against cybercrime and ransomware attacks. 

Get lifetime access today!

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  • Lifetime access to Havoc Shield Fundamentals Plan
  • Everything Fundamentals Plan Features +
  • Vulnerability scans per month:
  • 1 scan for up to 5 URLs
  • 10 users

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Final Thought

Use Havoc Shield that helps you to protect your business from destroyed cyber attacks. 

Stay safe with you and your team from ransomware without any compromise.

Get Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal Now. 

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