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Storydoc Appsumo Deal & Review | Best PowerPoint Alternative

You may use Microsoft PowerPoint and make lots of presentations with it, Right? 

But did you even use any drag-and-drop presentation builder and sharing platform?

Sorry! sorry!! I’m asking weird questions from the first, but I have something special for you that will change your presentation-making and presentation experience more than ever.

I’m talking about Storydoc.

Hi, my friend; I’m Akram Hossain – A Content Writer and Digital Marketer. Here I’ll explore Storydoc – the best platform to create presentations and many more without prior experience.

What is Storydoc?

Storydoc is an immersive presentation builder that allows you to create stunning presentations, decks, case studies, and more in minutes.

Your engaging presentation can generate high-converting leads and sales that ultimately boost your company’s revenue. 

You can use Storydoc instead of; 

  • Canva
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Proposify

It would be the best for;

  • Marketers
  • Sales Managers
  • And Agencies

Storydoc provides instant results with 70%+ increasing new customers, and you manage 30%+ faster closing time. 

Lastly, you will get 60%+ lead engagement uplift. Is it now worth it?


It’s not enough to understand a product, so let’s jump into deep;

What For StoryDoc?

It’s a board discussion about Storydoc, but you can impress your clients and customers with a stunning presentation in minutes. 

Let’s find out the use cases of Storydoc below, followed by tools;

Storydoc Appsumo Deal - Every aspect you can set with computer and mobile

Storydoc’s Use-Cases

Storydoc provides a very much effective way to create a professional and informative presentation, and you can boost sales instantly.


You can enable your sales at all levels with the outcome of Storydoc’s presentation. Make your value proposition memorable for your prospects and engage. 

You can personalize at your scale by customizing thousands of decks to speak directly to each prospect. 

Storydoc provides insightful analytics where you can track your user’s activities; I’ll share something broad about analytics. Please keep reading.

Lastly, you can connect your CRM platform with Storydoc, making your leads smoother in minutes. 

You can add CRM tracking, Calenders, and Live chat to better communicate with your customers. 


You can connect Storydoc to your marketing stack, making your marketing process more effective and accessible. 

You can integrate sign-up forms, CRM, live chat, and more you need.

Storydoc will automatically fit your brand with design, and every slide will automatically adjust with your brand book without doing anything. 

With interactive presentations, you can generate quality leads with more scores and engage your leads with decks.

Not only that, but also ARM sales helps your sales team to engage your customers on the highest level and close more leads faster than ever. 


With Storydoc, you can impress your investors effortlessly with identical-looking investment decks. 

Provide interactive slides to your investors with amazing features that your investors will love. 

And you can create different Storydoc for each investor, which will boost your start-up easily. 

Storydoc Appsumo Deal - Create project for sales one pager with drag and drop

Investor Relations

Storydoc provides highly actionable insightful analytics that helps you to track your users and take the next better step. 

You can send next-level reports with Reports, Updates, Investment Decks, and Press releases

You can integrate your tracking pixel, get deep data from CRM, and dig deeper with your analytics. 

Keep investors engaged with clear and eye-catching data so that your investors can dive deeper with ease. 

Outreach and ABM

Last but not least, you can automatically personalize your decks which helps you to increase lead engagement with the same effort. 

Storydoc’s interactive decks can grab the attention and bring in real-time engagement from your investors and clients, but a PDF can’t do that. 

Here, you can customize thousands of decks with a single click at scale. 

Also, you can maximize your CTR by placing a Call to Action in Storydec decks that easily grab the leads.

Now, let’s explore the tools of Storydoc;

Storydoc Tools

As I said before, Storydoc is an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, where you can create stunning presentations, pitch decks, sales decks, and more. 

Let’s dive deep;

Storydoc Appsumo Deal - Customize anything with your own content

Presentation Maker

In Storydoc, you just pick up a template that suits your business and customize it with your information. 

Everything you can create dynamically without prior experience. Or, you can start from scratch. 

You can create an animated, interactive presentation that impresses your audience with information. 

Importantly, your presentation will be 100% responsive for any device, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop. 

Pitch Deck Creator

Using Pitch Deck, you can create web-based storytelling business pitch decks that save your old traditional PPT slides. 

Just create in real-time deck and grow the business. 

Storydoc’s Pitch Deck increased by 103% reading time to traditional PowerPoint slides. 

Sales Deck Creator

StoryDoc is the best replacement for PowerPoint, where you can create different sales decks and provide better user data in your presentation. 

It will boost 146% more reading time than traditional PowerPoint and increase 2.3 times more internal shares and 2 times more demos booked. 

Storydoc Appsumo Deal - View real-time insightful analytics

Proposal Creator 

Lastly, you get the best online proposal maker, which is more important for any contract. 

You can pick up the demo and start editing with your information or start from scratch. 

You will get interactive proposal personalization where you can easily personalize aspects of your proposal. 

You can create a 100% mobile responsive proposal that helps you accept your proposal. 

How Does Storydoc Works?

Storydoc works in three simple ways that you can immediately share after these three steps. 

  1. Just pick up an interactive template for presentations, sales, or proposals. 
  2. Fill in the blanks of the template that you choose to create. 
  3. And finally, share it with your customers and clients that impress them effectively. 

I think you are interested in knowing about the Storydoc pricing. Let’s check out below;

Storydoc Pricing Plans

Storydoc comes with an amazing tagline “Present, Engage, Win”. I think it’s a bit worth comparing to its features. 

It comes with two amazing plans;

Starter and Pro.

Starter Plan $50/mo/user:

  • Unlimited interactive slides and versions
  • A library of professionally designed animated templates
  • Presentation analytics
  • Unlimited traffic to your links
  • Up to 3 live presentations
  • Free gallery of premium stock images, videos, and icons
  • 2 GB of free online hosting
  • Unlimited content integrations
  • Smart version control

You can see the Pro plan features from the Storydoc website. 

Wanna pay Onetime?

Get Storydoc Appsumo Deal Plan only for $69.00. 

Storydoc Appsumo Deal [$69]

You can create StoryDoc’s interactive presentations, white papers, and case studies with you can impress your clients and customers with ease.


  • Lifetime access to Storydoc Starter Plan
  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 1 User

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Final Touch

According to my usage, I got something special inside Storydoc. It provides something special to create presentations, sales decks, and case studies without prior experience.

With your interactive presentations, you can impress your clients and customers, which actually boosts sales and leads.

Also, your team can close leads 30x faster than ever.

So, are you ready for a test drive?

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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