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Aryel Lifetime Deal [$69] – Best AR Tool For Every Need

Marketing is related to the engagement of customers! But customers engagement has never been more effortless.

What do you need, marketers? 

What if you have a web-based platform where you can create augmented reality (AR) campaigns, and you could reach a wider, more engaged audience?

Here is Aryel!

What is Aryel?

Aryel is a web-based AR platform that allows creatives and marketings teams to build, publish, and analyze engaging augmented reality experiences in just three clicks.

It will help you to boost sales and elevate the user journey with immersive AR content.

Aryel is an alternative to ZapWorks Studio, Blippar Studio, and XR+.

It’s best for agencies, creators, and marketers who want to provide elevated customer experience with ease.

With Aryel’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create a stunning design interactive WebAR experience and share creations via a custom link.

Also, you will get powerful tracking analytics tools and measure conversion on white-label advertisements for audience-specific insight.

Well, Let’s see why Aryel is useful for you and Aryel’s use cases and Campaign Builder.

Aryel Campaign Builder

Aryel offers you a drag and drops campaigns builder that you don’t need any coding skills.

With it, you can add unique features such as surface recognition, product visualization, interactive print, and face filters.

Aryel lets you access third-party libraries and choose from ready-to-use AR assets. You will get photos, videos, 3D models, and music. No worries; you can upload your custom one if you don’t find relevant assets.

Every design you can do without a single line of code! It’s a drag `n drop visual editor.

Why Should You Aryel Need? 

Aryel is like Canva, but it’s for AR (Augmented Reality). Let’s check why is essential for your marketing.

Aryel Lifetime Deal - Features

No Coding Skills

Aryel offers you a super simple drag & drop AR marketing platform and creates your experiences in 3 clicks.

No App Needed

Using Aryel, you don’t need any native apps to download. Share your content with over 3.5 billion users via custom links.

It Only Takes a Cloud

You don’t need any local machine or software downloads. You can do everything in the cloud securely with more accessibility.

Enjoy Full Customization

Aryel allows you a fully customizable experience. You can white-label custom brand assets and unleash your creativity.

Connect With Tools

With Aryel, you can integrate with your favorite tools that you love to work with.

Made For Teams

Using Aryel, you can work with colleagues & clients from remotes and manage your teamwork, setting roles and rules in one place.

Up & Running. Always.

Aryel lets you access +300K ready-to-use 3D assets & blog articles, and resources to create the perfect AR strategy in minutes.

Close-Off- & Online Gap

In Aryel, you can effortlessly check the dashboard and track analytics and insights to improve your marketing strategy.

All-in-one AR Platform

You can use Face & Surface for Geolocation. Aryel has all the features you need to create extraordinary AR experiences.

Well, now let’s have a look few functional use cases of

Aryel Use-Cases

Use Aryel and boost your customer’s engagement with ease via product visualization.

Here are some use cases of below;

Aryel Lifetime Deal - Use cases

Product Visualization:

Aryel’s superpower visualization features help you to bring products to life. Boost your sales, giving customers a more tangible experience in online shopping or virtual demos.

Print Media:

Give your print media a digital layer with Augmented Reality (AR). You can reduce the off- and online gap with Aryel’s technology and enhance ROI.


You can add interactive games, educational videos, or essential highlights about the product with AR. And your customers can know the packing by scanning.

Boost content marketing like a pro!


Using Aryel, you can enhance your marketing strategy by giving customers a fun gamification experience.

Also, enhance customer retention and engagement with more fun, and they always love the fun.

Business Cards:

In Aryel, you can share all your information with future customers and potential business partners in a new way with AR.

Use Aryel, and there is no need to reprint your business card again. Update your information with ease.

Instructions & Guides:

Last but not least- From now, guides and instructions handbooks can become not only easy to understand but safer and more engaging!

In introductions, you can improve customers’ experience by adding video, audio, 3D models, and face filters, making your instructions easier to follow, and reducing the risks of accidents.

Learn the in-depth use case of Aryel.

Wanna purchase? Get Aryel Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.

Aryel Pricing Plans

Use and boost engagement and sales with powerful AR campaigns.

Aryel comes with two pricing plans;  

Starter and Pro.

Starter Plan $0/mo:

  • 3 Active campaigns
  • 100 monthly view
  • 1 Seat
  • Templates
  • Up to 500MB Media Library
  • Free Aryel Domain

Pro Plan 29€/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features+
  • 30 Active campaigns
  • 1000 monthly view
  • (€0.05/view) Additional Cost per Views
  • 2 Seats
  • Templates
  • Custom domain
  • and more…

Or Get the Aryel Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $69.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Aryel Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Use Aryel and create stunning AR campaigns that elevate your brand effortlessly. By the way, All without any coding skills.

Get lifetime access today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $69.00 $2988.00

  • Lifetime access to Aryel Pro Plan Features +
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • 10,000 total views per month
  • 10 team member seats
  • 1 custom domain(s)
  • 500 MB media library

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Aryel is a complete all-in-one, no-code apps platform that helps you engage in augmented reality marketing campaigns with fun.

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