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9+ Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free [Most Useful]

WorkSpace management is always difficult due to overloading and employee management. But after Covid-19, we can see a maximum company shift online to manage their business. 

We are almost based online, so we need software that makes our workflow and activity much easier than ever. 

As we are shifting to online, workspace management software companies are increasing daily, so you might be thinking, “Which WorkSpace Management Software would be the best for me?”

Here I’m going to show you the best coworking space software that improves your company productivity rest to the next. 

Why Do You Need WorkSpace Management?

Well, it’s a very unusual question; you have a limited company with 100+ employees. 

Should you not manage their workflow, activity, or salary in time? Obviously, you should. 

If you are not able to manage your employees, clients, or freelancers in time, then your company may be down compared to competitors. 

The world is growing first with technology, and you should not stop utilizing the technology that can reduce your workload and bring double potential at the same time. 

Nowadays, some software or tools make it much easier to easily manage employees’ activity and take work before the deadline.

You have to obey that, the world is growing fast with technology, and you have to think about technology and progress with it. 

Here are the best solutions to manage your workspace online with stunning software such as Trello, Notions, Google WorkSpace, and more. 

Let’s jump into the deep;

1. Slack 

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Slack

Slack is the most useful and client-favorite tool that manages your workspace with a centralized and organized team management platform. 

Here, you can add teammates and employees to collaborate with each other. 

Even you can send personal messages or notes to each that help you to increase your company revenue with a potential discussion. 

Overall, file sharing to video and audio sharing is everything you can control right from your dashboard. 

You can provide your workflow overview or task to your teammates so that they can understand and take action immediately. 

You can even add people to a specific channel and easily manage their role in this channel.

Best Part: 

  • Workflow sharing and management
  • Employee management
  • Collaboration

2. Trello

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Trello

Trello is a professional workspace management tool that helps to keep everything in a disciple place. 

You can consulate all of your tasks, projects, teammates, and employees in a single dashboard. 

It boosts your teammates to do better workflow together with its handy features and makes your working experience smoother. 

In short, it provides all-in-one solutions where you will get a massive number of templates that make your working visibility effortless.

You can use their premium templates to manage your workspace and edit with your own project information.

In Trello, you can invite members to work in your workspace and specify them with a specific role if you need.

You will get a huge number of categories, such as education, IT, technology, marketing, and more types of templates that you can use for free.

With its premium plan, you can create public and workspace visible boards and make your workspace’s working flow more confidential. 

Best Part: 

  • Premium Templates
  • Workflow sharing
  • Premium workspace experience
  • Easy to collaborate with teammates
  • Tasks and Projects management

3. ClickUp

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - ClickUP

Suppose you are using emails, chats, online meetings, and more with a different platform. Is it convenient to do them on a single platform?

It should be! 

ClickUp is such an amazing tool where you can manage your tasks and projects in the same dashboard. 

ClickUp’s project management tool allows you to simplify your workflow and project in a single tab and manages everything at your fingertips.

You might be used to SlackMS Teams, or Google Hangouts, but now Click is coming for with the combination of them. You can real-time chat with each other and manage everything. 

Also, you can tag individuals or groups and even assign comments for action items.

Here is the Lattice, Gtmhub, and 7geese alternative coming up, and you can set your goal with ClickUp and manage effortlessly with organized goal folders.

Lastly, you can easily see your work progress and complete everything before the deadline. 

Is this the end? Not yet! 

You will get three feature-rich things Docs, Whiteboards, and Dashboards which make your project seamless workflow.

Best Part:

  • Everything is consulate
  • Real-time working experience
  • Best for chats, collaborations, meetings, projects, and more 
  • Team management

4. Jira

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Jira Software

Jira software is the product of Atlassian. In short, Jira is a software development platform where every team can develop their software with Jira. 

In Jira, you will get four useful features that make your software development process easier;

Plan- On the Jira board, you can create plans with others and discuss to-dos, issues, and others in the same pitch.

Track- You can track your most important task with its priority and discuss it with your teams for better progress. 

Release-  Keep your software development process always up to date with the release section and ship faster with Jira.

Report- If you don’t know the result of any exam, then why did you exam hard? Same as in any working sector, reports are more important than success. Because you can improve your team’s performance better. 

Jira provides real-time reports with visual data that makes teamwork more effective. 

Automation- Lastly, you can save thousands of times per year by automating your workflows with Jira. 

You can automate your development and progress with no code.


Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free -

It’s another opportunity to manage your work and collaboration under the same roof. 

With, you can work with a new era; there has no limit to work and whatever you want. 

Monday provides almost 9+ management solutions where you can do everything, such as Creative & Design, Software Development, Marketing, Project management, Sales & CRM, Task management, HR, and more. 

One of the useful features is “Work Management,” which makes working management easier and more efficient. 

You can collaborate with each other in a synchronizing way and planning with together in the same pitch. 

You will provide workflow management solutions that help you customize the workflows you want. 

Work Management provides an insightful crystal-clear picture of analytics, and you can take action from it. 

Also, you can integrate your favorite tools such as Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Adobe, Github, and more. 

Even its project management feature helps you build up your upcoming project with your team, who can easily handle it in a certain way.

Best Part:

  • Project Management
  • Work Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and CRM
  • Workflow Management

6. Asana

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Asana

Asana is a project management platform where you can manage projects, teamwork, and employees with the importance of your work. 

It provides seamless collaboration solutions where you can keep your first priority with your work. 

You can coordinate your team with its workflow builder and automate every workflow process. 

Manage your workflow with your teams and save time by processing work together if you need a comprehensive platform where you can easily manage your projects, campaign, creatives, and workspace. 

You should go for Asana for free. 

Asana provides real-time analytics that helps you to make better decisions for future marketing plans and upgradation.

It’s a fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform where you can do everything that you need. 

Best Part: 

  • Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Productivity

7. Taskade

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Taskade

Taskade is a unified workspace management platform where you can easily organize your tasks, manage projects, and collaborate with your employees. 

You can plan, organize, and execute plans with Taskade, and it provides brainstorming ideas that save you thousands of time.

Taskade provides amazing solutions for project management, where you will get pre-made project management templates to make the details of your project more accurate. 

Complete tasks collaborate on work, and delegate assignments with ease.

You can pick up premium templates for free that suit your business and makes your project management more efficient. 

Another important thing for workspace management is Task Management, which helps to complete pending projects before the deadline and ship them on time. 

With Taskade, you can use their premium task management templates and automate your workflows in no time. 

Invite your teammates to join your community, work with the same pitch, and collaborate in real time. 

When I signed up for Taskade, I noticed they are giving me almost every premium template for FREE. 

It’s really amazing to manage workload with Taskade at no cost.

Also, the Mind Map feature is amazing to use, and it clarifies everything you need with a project that makes your first project faster than ever.

Best Part: 

  • WorkSpace Management
  • Chat, Collaborate, and hangouts
  • Roadmap of projects
  • Mind Mapping 

8. Basecamp

Best WorkSpace Management Tools for Free - Basecamp

Basecamp is a very much simple, clean, and effective project management platform where you can easily manage your workspace with a high-quality management process.

Basecamp makes your marketing process more effective and easy to handle, and you can manage everything in the same pitch. 

Its Message Board feature allows you to collaborate with your teammates easily and share your discussion.

Here, you can manage Docs and Files and share them with your colleagues or employees. 

To make your projects fast ship, you should use a to-do list to manage your upcoming tasks. 

Also, you can schedule any program with Basecamp; also invite people to join your team, which makes your collaboration much easier. 

If you like to make your marketing process and workflow management much easier, then you should use Basecamp. It’s free. 

Basecamp’s funny but effective tagline is “Organization begins at home.” In fact, it really helps you to manage your organization right from your home. 

Best Part: 

  • Marketing 
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Schedule, store, share, and discuss files


Best WorkSpace Management Tools - is a workspace management platform and an all-in-one solution for workspace management. 

It allows you to collect payment for your project, and you can complete your whole project inside of provides complete visibility of your work, and you can submit your projects confidently to your clients. 

Say goodbye to your hassle of payment collection and task management—everything you can complete in a centralized platform. provides premium templates that make your project’s details management easier; just pick one and get started. No need to use scratch. 

Its interactive dashboard provides everything in a row, and you can take action on everything, such as projects, templates, tasks, and more. 

When you add your client to your platform, your clients can view their dashboard as professional, and it ensures more professionalism. makes your working progress more effective and user-friendly, where anyone can manage their tasks with you. 

Whether it’s a client or your teammates, anyone can easily manage and complete their job in a calculated platform. 

Best Part:

  • Specialized in project management
  • Payment Collection
  • Client Management

Okay, now come to the finalization about the WorkSpace management tools that I discuss above. 

How can I choose the best workspace management tools for me?

There is no way to select a product or tool for anyone because it varies from person to person. 

Like, your company and management process is different from others. 

So, there is no specific recommendation for any particular person that you should choose it. 

Here I explained some platforms so you can check them out or reach them out for in-depth information. 

Even you use their FREE version so that you can understand if this product is suitable for you or not.

But I have some advice for you that is;

Select a product, and use the free version. If you see that this product fulfills all your needs, you will be comfortable with this product. 

Then, go for it. It would be more beneficial, and you can make your workspace management more unique. 

Final Line

WorkSpace management is always challenging; you should keep an eye on every aspect of your company. 

But a software-based tool can reduce your workspace load and automate everything without coding. 

It helps you and your employees work smartly and effortlessly; no walking distance is required. 

As a Digital Marketer, I used most of them and chose my favorite one that makes my workflow smooth. 


 SO? Here is the end up. See you next time. 

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