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Peppertype Lifetime Deal [$59] – Is It Alternative To Jarvis?

Content generation is an expensive, time-consuming, and often inaccurate process. And to keep up with the growing number of platforms, you need to constantly create content for each one.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could get a personal content writer that could generate content for you in seconds?


Hey copywriters, I’m Akram; Here, I’ll discuss – the best AI-powered writing assistant tool. Overview? is an AI-powered copywriting tool that lets you create high-converting content in just seconds.

It will help you to create engaging content for your variety of channels effortlessly.

Amazingly, Peppertype is an alternative to Jarvis. 

It would be the best for social media teams, marketers, copywriters, and agencies looking to produce innovative content quickly and at scale. 

Using Peppertype, you can generate high-converting content that helps you stay on top search engines, ads, and social media. 

Moreover, you will get here built-in grammar checker, plagiarism, and relevancy without extra cost. 

Let’s see what kind of content you can create using Peppertype.

Peppertype’s Content Types lets you generate blog post content, Ad copy, and everything with the power of AI. 

Let’s have a look at the content types of Peppertype below;

Peppertype Lifetime Deal - Features

Blog Post lets you create a blog-related content copy in just a few clicks. 


Blog Ideas & Topics: Just input your products or niche-related data and hit enter. Peppertype will automatically generate stunning blog ideas and topics. 

Blog Intro: Using, you can generate a blog post’s introduction paragraph that’s really converted.

Blog Outline: It will help you create bullet points of your paragraph relevant to your niche and easy to use.

Blog Conclusion: Generate the article’s conclusion content with an influential tone. 

Blog Content: Peppertype lets you effortlessly generate user-friendly and easy-to-read paragraph content for your article or blog.

SEO-Optimized Copy: In, you can generate a highly SEO-optimized meta title and meta description for your article.

SEO-friendly meta content helps you to stay on top of search ranking. 

Ads Copy

In, you can create professional and high-engaging ad copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and more. 

Instagram: You can easily create professional ad copy and Insta post captions ideas.

Twitter: Create engaging tweet ideas and one-liner quirky tweets with just a few clicks.

Facebook: Interestingly, you can create Facebook Ad Primary Text and Ad Copies without overthinking. By the way, everything is highly converting. 

YouTube: Generate YouTub video topic ideas, video descriptions, and more with just a click.

You can also create any type of content copy for any social media.

Amazon Products

Good News of amazon affiliate marketers looking to generate Amazon product content. 

Just put the product name and basic information, and you will get a copy of the;

  • Amazon Product Title
  • Amazon Product Features
  • Amazon Product Description


Peppertype comes with various types of copywriting AI tools, such as; 

AIDA Copywriting: You can generate (AIDA) Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action model type content copy.

BAP Copywriting: BAP (Before-After-Bridge) formula lets you generate a blog’s intro to grab user attention.

PAS Copywriting: PAS (Problem, Action, Solution) formula allows you to generate a problematic content solution for your users.

Additionally, you will get a massive number of copywriting tools like;

  • Feature to Benefit Copywriting
  • Content Expander
  • Content Rewriter
  • Product Review Generator
  • Customer Review Response
  • First to Third Person and more

Peppertype Pricing Plans lets you generate 35+ different content copy types that are entirely SEO optimized and user-friendly.

It comes with three pricing plans;

StarterGrowth, and Enterprise.

Starter Plan $25/mo:

  • 1 user seat
  • 50,000 words per seat
  • Add team members
  • Advanced parameters
  • All 20+ content types & early access to new ones
  • Request us a content type

Growth Plan $165/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • 5 user seats
  • 50,000 words per seat
  • Collaborate and share results
  • Access Control
  • Download results

Or, Get a Peppertype Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Peppertype Lifetime Deal – Appsumo lets you generate AI content that your visitors want to read effortlessly. 

You don’t have to think about content ideas or blog post ideas.


  • Lifetime access to Starter Plan
  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • 1 user
  • 7,500 total words/month
  • 7,500 long-form content words/month

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Final Thought

Is it really worth it for you? Maybe. lets you easily generate your content copy, and you don’t have to spend too much time researching. 

Just put some basic information and grab your high-converting content. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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