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Hexomatic Lifetime Deal – Best No-Code Data Extract & Automation

Manually data extraction has never been easier. It’s time-consuming and hassles for data extract and workflows.

What if you have a relief platform that saves your time on manual tasks like data entry, finding prospects, researching contact details, and auditing websites.

How interesting it is! It’s none other than!

Introducing Hexomatic!

What is Hexomatic?

Hexomatic is a no-code data extraction and workflow automation platform that allows you to gather tons of data in no time. 

It helps you extract data from websites via scraping recipes & leverage readymade automation that quickly scales tasks.

Hexomatic is an alternative to and Apify.

It’s best for sales and marketing teams who want a comprehensive platform to automate time-consuming tasks related to internet research.

In Hexomatic, you can use point-to-click functionality on a no-code and cloud-based work automation platform. 

You can create your own bots to extract data from any website within a minute and leverage 60+ readymade automation to scale time-consuming tasks on autopilot.

Hexomatic allows you to make the most effortless workflows on autopilot. 

Let’s have a look few workflows.

Hexomatic Multiple Workflows (Use Cases)

Use Hexomatic and harness the internet as your own data source. 

Let’s have a look at some popular use cases of Hexomatic.

Hexomatic lifetime Deal - Workflows use cases

Scrape and analyze

Using Hexomatic, you can scrape data from any website capturing product names, descriptions, prices, images, and more. 

Also, you will be able to extract SEO meta titles and meta descriptions for each page. Even you can calculate the word count for each page. 

Prospects Finding

In Hexomatic, you can find 100’s prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps, Email scraper, and Social links scraper, and analyze the tech stack data of each website. 

Seller Monitoring

Using Hexomatic, you can monitor Amazon sellers for specific products.

Just provide the ASIN for a product on Amazon and get data for each setter of an amazon product, including price, condition, and rating.

SEO Backlink

You can supercharge your SEO backlinks outreach with Google search.

With Google search, Email scraper, Social links scraper, and Traffic insights, you can easily boost your SEO backlinks.


You can create bulk screenshots for any device by extracting links from a page.

Even you can take a screenshot for each URL with seven device sizes, including mobile and 4K desktops.

SEO Analysis

Hexomatic allows you to sitemap extract any website. Even you can extract any page’s SEO meta tags such as title, description, open graph, and others.

Convert Images

With Hexomatic, you will be able to find files and documents of any URL.

And you can convert any images into JPG, PNG, or PDF formats.

Translate Ads

In Hexomatic, just input a CSV data file containing a list of text to translate. 

Even you can row translate to any language using DeepL translation.

Hexomatic Automations

Hexomatic provides you with almost 60+ readymade automation for your workflows autopilot.

Here I will describe a few categories of automation. Let’s have a look;

Hexomatic lifetime Deal - Automations

AI Services

With Hexomatic, you will get bulk AI services such as;

  • AI Audio transcription
  • AI Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • AI Text to speech
  • AI Image labelling
  • AI Image safety
  • AI Logo detection


In Hexomatic, you can do massive actionable tasks effortlessly;

  • Data input
  • Email address validation
  • Files compressor
  • Find & replace
  • Google Sheets (Export/Sync/Import)
  • Image Converter
  • Mathematical operations
  • RSS feed extractor and Regex
  • Remove duplicates from a spreadsheet
  • Screenshot capture
  • Sitemap extractor
  • URL status checker
  • XML sitemap generator


Scraping is a business secret strategy, and Hexomatic made it easy;

  • Amazon product search
  • Baidu search
  • Bing search
  • Crawler
  • Discover profile
  • Emails scraper
  • Extract links from a page
  • Files & Documents finder
  • Page Content
  • Word count 
  • Google Maps, News, Seach
  • Keyword finder
  • Phone number scraper
  • Pull contacts
  • Schema scraper
  • Social links scraper
  • Video links extractor
  • Yahoo search

Oh, it’s huge!!

Even you can get started for FREE!

Hexomatic Pricing Plans

With Hexomatic, you can scale your business with no-code data extraction and work automation.

Hexomatic comes with Four pricing plans;

Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 75 Automation credits
  • 1 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Export to CSV and Google sheet
  • Notifications to Telegram, Slack, email
  • Get access to community automation recipes

Bronze Plan $20/mo:

  • 2000 Automation credits
  • 5 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Everything Free plan features +
  • Scheduling
  • Access premium automation
  • Access residential proxies

Silver Plan $40.83/mo:

  • 4500 Automation credits
  • 10 Simultaneous running workflows
  • Everything Bronze Plan Features +
  • Advanced integrations
  • Create your own automation recipes
  • Datacentre IP rotation

Gold Plan $82.5/mo:

  • 10000 Automation credits
  • Unlimited Simultaneous running workflows
  • Everything Silver Plan features +
  • API

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Save time and start automating your daily tasks.

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  • 4,500 automation credits per month
  • 10 simultaneous running workflows

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Final Verdict

Create your own scraping recipes in less than a minute with Hexomatic for any website. 

It makes it easy to scrape products, directories, prospects, and listings at scale.

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