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Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Free Email Timer In 2023

You need to create a timer for your next email campaign or landing page, but you don’t know how. And you definitely don’t have time to learn how to code!

Imagine you have an amazing tool that helps you to create stunning countdown timers without code. 

Ola! It’s absolutely fabulous for you. Naa?

Meet Mailtimer.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss Mailtimer – the best way to create an online mail timer.

Mailtimer Overview

With Mailtimer, you can easily create beautiful countdown timers that will boost your sales, conversions, and click-through rates. 

Mailtimer is simple to use with an easy-to-use interface, so you can create timers without any coding knowledge required.

Countdown timers effectively encourage users to act now or risk missing out on your offer. 

With Mailtimer, you can easily create beautiful timers that will help boost your email campaigns and landing pages.

Why should you use the timer on mail?

Suppose you are running a campaign for which you will be sending email newsletters.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you could set a timer?

Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal = Select Mailtimer pre-templates

So what would be the benefit?

The benefit is that all your subscribers can see when your campaign will end.

As a result, they will be prepared for the campaign deadline. Isn’t that great?

But is it easy to set a timer on email? not at all

Here you have to keep in mind – the most important thing is the timezone.

Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal = edit timer according to your timezone

If you use Mailtimer, you don’t have to worry about time zones.

You just select your location time, and Mailtimer will do the rest.

You don’t need to write any code; just paste the Mailtimer-generated codes into your mail.

Your work is done.

Specialty of Mailtimer

No-Code: Without writing a single line of code, you can create stunning timers in just a minute.

Highly Customizable: You can customize your timer colors, fonts, and styles to perfectly match your brand.

Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal = Mailtimer interface

4 Timer Types: Mailtimer allows you to create four types of timers such as 1. Start countdown once the email is opened, 2. Send. 3. Set it dynamic for each customer, 4. Evergreen timers.

Real-time Updates: In case of deadline changes, you can edit the timer on-the-fly, even if you already send the email.

Fast Loading: Mailtimer provides lightning-fast loading time for your timer.

Responsive: Mailtimer always looks great and is simultaneously responsive for mobile and desktop.

Multilingual: You can create your online email timer in any language for better engagement.

Real-time Analytics: You will get insightful analytics that you can track your email campaign in real-time.

Free: Last but not least, Mailtimer is absolutely FREE of charge.

How easily can you use the timer in email, then should you not use Mailtimer?

Using the Benefits of Mailtimer

Mailtimer allows you to create a free countdown timer for your email campaign. 

Engage your audience and boost sales with ease. Let’s have a look below;

Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal - publish your mail timer with code

Revenue Boost: Using Mailtimer, you can engage your potential customers with a sense of urgency. 

You can create a stunning countdown that encourages your subscribers to act now or risk missing out.

Customer Engagement: Wanna boost your CTR? You can add life to your email body with an eye-catching interactive countdown timer. It will boost your CTR and increase website visits.

No Design Skills: You don’t have to be skillful to create an email timer with Mailtimer. 

Just choose their pre-made templates and tweak them to your needs with customization.

Copy and Paste: You can use email timers as easily as you want, copy the code and paste it into your email body. 

Before code generation, just pick your template, configure the expiration date, copy the code, and paste.

Integrations: You can integrate Mailtimer with Mailchimp, Salesforce, SendinBlue, Klaviyo, Gmail, Hubspot,, SendGrid, Mailerlite, and Drip.

Mailtimer Pricing Plans

You can create a professional eye-catchy countdown timer without writing a single line of code.

It comes with five pricing plans;

FreeMicroSmall, Medium, and Premium.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Unlimited timer views
  • 4 timer types
  • Create unlimited timers
  • Transparent background
  • Timers with rounded corners
  • 60+ customization
  • Public API

Micro Plan $7/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 100 000 timer views
  • Branding removed

Small Plan $19/mo:

  • Everything Micro Plan
  • 500 000 timer views
  • Custom fonts
  • Background image

Or, Get Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan Only For $49.00.

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Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$49]

With Mailtimer, you can boost your customer urgency and gain better revenue with the same effort.


  • Lifetime access to Mailtimer Plan
  • 100,000 timer views
  • Branding removed
  • 4 Timer types for any use case
  • 3 Timer expiration behaviors
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multiple timer templates
  • Unlimited timer clicks

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Wanna add life to your email for an interactive email campaign? You can add to your email with Mailtimer professional countdown timer without writing a single line of code. 

I explained why you should use it for your business; it’s basically increasing your revenue with the same effort. 

If you don’t want to pay first, you can use it for FREE and test it with Appsumo’s LTD. 

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