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Dokey Lifetime Deal | SEO-Friendly Content Optimization Tool


Drive more traffic with high-converting SEO Optimized Content.

Creating a successful SEO-friendly content strategy is not just about producing high-quality content. 

It’s also about ensuring your content is optimized for search engines Such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others. 

It will help you get a higher rank with less effort and get excepted potential. 

I’m talking about something special that makes your content 100% SEO-optimized, not over-optimized. 

I’m talking about Dokey.

What is Dokey?

Dokey is an AI-powered SEO-focused content optimization tool that allows you to optimize outdated content for higher ranking.

Using Dokey, you can save time and write high-converting content for users that impact your ranking. 

It helps you optimize the Meta title, description, Text length, Text structure, and other parameters. 

Alternatively, you can use the following;

Millions of content marketers widely use these tools, but it can be tough for beginners. 

Who should use Dokey?

In short, if you are a following person, then you should use Dokey to optimize your content;

  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketing Agencies

With the help of powerful SEO optimization tools like, you can take content marketing to the next level by incorporating data-driven insights into your content creation process.

Using Dokey’s AI-powered content optimization platform, you can identify the most relevant keywords, phrases, and questions your audience is searching for and create content that addresses those queries. 

Before getting started, we should see the features of Dokey that make our content super-optimized for Google ranking. 

Dokey Features That Make Your Content Powerful

Dokey allows us to optimize content based on relevancy and focus keywords with similar content. 

Even you can manage your Meta Data with Dokey.

You can manage your content Structure, Writing, Publishing, and Monitoring with a single dashboard and make it easy to rank for Google. 

Let’s have a look at the features of Dokey below;

Content Structure

Dokey Feature with Content Structure with title, meta, description, heading and more

The first and most important feature is where you can see some essential results and an overview of your content. 

Using the content structure feature, you can see the search engine result page (SERP) that helps you to compare your content with SERP. 

You can see up to the top 50 results of your targeted keywords and makes comparisons you can analyze to optimize your content better than them.

Competitor’s Headers

After seeing the SERP, you can see how many headers they used in their content with a single click.
You don’t have to go to check your competitor’s website manually. 

Just click on the URL of your competitors and see their headers of them. It’s really simple. 

Comparing the header they used, you can make your header placement more unique and attractive to get a higher ranking in Google or another search engine. 

Relevant Questions

Again, you can see the FAQs of your competitors. You don’t have to go to check the content footer to see FAQs. 

Select the specific competitor, and you will easily get all of the questions they used in their content. 

I think it’s the most helpful feature that saves time and helps you optimize your content with authentic information. 

Content Themes

Another wonderful thing is that it makes your content optimization process easier and smoother with the theme covered in your content. 

You can see any word count and how many times it is used in your content. It prevents over-optimization penalties. 

Content Writing

Dokey Content Writing with keywords and text structure

Dokey provides high-converting recommendations about your content based on your targeted keywords. 

With the power of AI recommendation, you can improve your SEO score and makes your content user-friendly. 

Dokey recommends writing your content with the right keywords and proper internal linking of your content. 

The writing section shows the keyword relevancy and text structure that makes your optimization process smoother. 

You can add, remove or move the text based on the heading. 

Insert images, text, videos and anything you need to make your content informative; you can use Dokey for the next level of your content writing and optimization. 

You can see the overall optimization SEO score top right corner of the Writing window. 

Content Publication

Dokey Publications allows to publish your content directly from Dokey

Interestingly, you don’t have to copy or paste your content from Dokey to your website; you can integrate your website with Dokey. 

Instantly, you can publish your content as same as you publish content from your website backend. 

It’s a really useful feature where you can publish content without accessing your website’s backend. 

Simply click the Publish button and wait for a few seconds. With original data, your content will be published effortlessly. 

You can add your Google account to synchronize your Google Search Console data and website URL to see the metrics of your website. 

Also, you can add multiple websites to publish different content to different websites. 

Content Monitoring

As you already connect your Google account with Dokey, you can automatically see the metrics and insights of your content without accessing Search Console or Analytics. 

You can see the difference in your traffic sources. 

Without the performance of your content, your effort is valueless, so you should make Dokey as your content optimization partner. 

Editorial Calendar

Dokey Editorial Calendar

Smart and unique features help you to schedule your content with a specific time and date, and you just sit tight. 

You can schedule any post before publishing, making website management more convenient. 

Is Dokey Provides 100% Accurate Recomendation?

According to my research and use case, I can say that no tool can provide 100% accurate data recommendations. 

After all, they are third-party tools that always provide approximate data based on search queries. 

If you think that Dokey is 100% accurate, you don’t need a human to cross-check. Then you will make a big mistake with your content. 

Always remember, human reading proof helps improve your content’s coherence and make it more natural and reading-friendly. 

After seeing the recommendation of Dokey, you should think as a human being whether is really changeable or not. 

It’s called proofreading, and you have to manage it to make your content effective and get a higher ranking. 

Besides, you can use Dokey as your content SEO optimization partner. 

Dokey Pricing Plans

Dokey has some awesome subscription plans that make your content optimization experience superb. 

Let’s have a look;

It comes with four different subscription plans;

Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Starter Plan 59€/mo:

  • Ten analysis included
  • One user
  • 100 pages import
  • One month rollover
  • Search Console Integration

Pro Plan 179€/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features Included
  • 50 analysis 
  • Three users
  • 400 pages
  • Access editorial calendar
  • Access to monitoring

Business Plan 299€/mo:

  • Everything Pro Plan Features Included
  • 100 analysis
  • Five users
  • 1000 pages

Prices may vary day by day; you should check Dokey’s official website to see the real-time pricing plans. 

But what if you grab the Lifetime Deal Plan of Dokey with a small charge? It really saves you money for a lifetime.

If you already use or MarketMuse, you know their output of them. But they are always costly. 

Dokey Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo [$49]

Appsumo comes with up to 92% off for a lifetime deal plan, and you can use Dokey with a small amount for a lifetime. 

Dokey Lifetime Deal Plan Features

  • Lifetime access to Dokey Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro plan Features included
  • 10 analyses per month
  • One user
  • 100 pages per website

Final Words

If you think you don’t have enough time and you wanna make sure your content is right for your targeted niche. 

Then you should use this similar tool that optimizes your content for higher ranking. 

With the power of Dokey, you can make your content SEO-friendly, and the main thing is Dokey is really handy to use and optimize. 

It helps improve your content’s visibility and ranking on search engines and ensures it is tailored to your audience’s needs and interests. 

Similarly, you can use or SerfurSEO at a higher charge to get started with content marketing. 

Dokey can be the effective cheapest solution. 

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Remember: You don't have to pay extra for this commission. That small amount helps me to improve my service and site maintenance. 

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