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Increase Your Customer Satisfaction with real-time resolution
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Customers have any problems with your services, and it can be challenging to troubleshoot and resolve those issues on their own.

Wouldn’t it be great if you got a tool that could solve your customer’s problems even with screen sharing?

Here is the Median.

Hey there, TP Staff is here; we disclose Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal – the one-click screen share tool that makes it easy to resolve customer issues.

What is Median?

Median is a customer management tool that helps you resolve customer issues with screen sharing. 

You can provide high-quality customer support to your non-tech-savvy customers with ease.

You can use Median instead of Upscope. 

It would be best for sales and support teams who want a fast and efficient way to resolve their customer’s problems. 

Median allows you to integrate screen share to your website, apps, portal, and favorite chat tools. 

It helps you to reduce ticket time and provide as fast as customer support with one click.

Features of Median

Use Median and reduce support time up to 82% in minutes which helps you to increase customer satisfaction. 

Let’s have a look at the features of the Median below;

Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Ultimate Support Tool

In Median, you can watch real-time user screens and understand their problem. 

You can solve customer issues such as that to prevent further problem asking. 

Right from your mouse button, you can access customers’ screens and resolve their issues. It will save tons of time for support tickets, and you don’t have to worry about further asking. 

Importantly, Median allows you to integrate 12 chat tools you already worked with. 

Wanna test? Here is Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal for you.


Median allows you to take control with three Cobrowsing screen sharing. Let’s have a look;

Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Silent Screen Share: With Median’s Silent Screen Share feature, you can provide CoBrowsing, marketing, sales, and support people that they can join a customer’s session. 

Educational Screen Share: Sales and support agents can join a user’s browsing session using its educational tools. 

You can put your mouse on customers’ screen highlight, or draw on their page to help ideally.

Full Control Screen Share: Median allows you to use their full control feature, and your sales and support agents can take complete control of your customer’s screen. 

Don’t worry, Permission is required.

Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Fastest Support

An image is 60,000 times faster than a text to explain something.

If you want to understand your customers much faster and better, then you need such a support system, which will give you and your customer a seamless support experience.

Median allows you to save time and provide an incredible customer support experience in real-time. 

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Median Pricing Plans

Use Median and provide professional support to your customers and increase customer satisfaction with ease. 

Median comes with three pricing plans;

Basic, Business, and Pro. 

Basic Plan $50/mo:

  • 2 Concurrent Agents
  • 1-Click Start
  • Remote Control
  • Phone Mode
  • Privacy Controls
  • Granular Permission
  • Online Visitor List
  • Google Single Sign-On

Business Plan $75/mo:

  • 5 Concurrent Agents
  • Everything Basic Plan Features 
  • Reporting API (White Label Customers)

Pro Plan $150/mo:

  • 10 Concurrent Agents
  • Everything Business Plan Features 

Click here to see other pricing plans;

Or, Get Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal only for $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deals -

Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59]

With Median, you can provide professional customer support with screen share. 

You can take complete control of your customer’s screen or standard sharing. 


  • Lifetime access to Median Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features 
  • Five concurrent agents
  • Unlimited websites

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We hope you enjoyed our blog about Median. It allows you to serve your customer up to the mark support with high-quality screen sharing. 

Use Median and convert your customers into loyal fans.

Get Median Appsumo Lifetime Deal Now.

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