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Contentpace | Best AI Content Optimizer – Lifetime Deal


Use Contentpace and research, breif, optimize and publish your content with ease.

Does your website publish blog posts or articles without optimizing them? No! It’s couldn’t be.

You know, you need to optimize your content compared with your competitors and based on other ranking factors. 

You can’t ignore the human error that we cannot properly optimize the content that Google and other search engines love. 

Should I use AI to optimize our content and get back with a high ranking? It’s a really fantastic idea.

I’m talking about Contentpace.

Contentpace Overview

Contentpace is an AI-powered content optimizer and competitors analyzer that allows boosting your organic SEO in under 5 minutes. 

It will automatically optimize the NLP (Natural Language Processing) that every search engines want. It will optimize and suggest for the next next level. 

In Short, 

Contentpace provides all-in-one solutions such as; Research, Brief, Optimize, and Publishing your content from a single dashboard. 

Alternative to: 

  • Clearscope
  • MarketMuse
  • SurferSEO

Best for:

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Marketing Agencies

After using it, you can say goodbye to all of your other SEO research and content optimization tools with the power of Contentpace’s AI. 

With the power of AI, it will complete your content workflow with autopilot, and surely you will get the best result that you expect properly.

Why Should You Use Contentpace?

If you really admire that you need optimized and high-converting content, you can’t ignore the optimization, research, and another outline consultancy. 

But by making content 100% optimized for search engines and users, you are not able to write without helping of tools. 

Here are the three stunning features that will impress you to love Contentpace;

Competitors Analytics

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - Competitor analytics

After compiling your keywords in Contentpace, you will get a complete overview of your keyword base overview. 

You will get your to-do lists for this topic which you should cover in your topic. 

You always know that you can’t provide any random content in your topic; only quality and helpful content will rank. 

After analyzing your content, you can understand the whole topic and cover it as the best of the topic. 

Know about your competitors, their motives, and their content quality, and provide your best one to get the best result. 

NLP Analysis

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - NLP Analysis

Natural Language Processing is a Google-recommended language processing factor that you should follow to write content. 

And that thing you can analyze with Contentpace. It will process every sentence of your content and suggest you write in an NLP way. 

Then, What is the ultimate goal? The goal is you can easily optimize your content for better SEO and results in ranking. 

So, use NLP and never give any gap for ranking. Everything is your under control.

Topic Gap Analysis

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - Top Gap Analysis

Another important factor that you shouldn’t miss while you are writing high-quality content on any topic. 

Thus, you can understand the searcher’s intent and the behaviors that you follow to get better results. 

Topic Gap Analysis helps you to identify which topic should you cover and what you already covered. 

If you miss something that is related to your content, you should follow up and write helpful content on it. 

Not only these three features but also you will get a high-quality content editor that makes your content 100 of 100 scores for SEO. 

Let’s jump into the content editor that brings quality to your content;

3 Ways to Optimize Your Content

Contentpace will optimize your content and shows you the top 5 results based on your keyword, and you can see their process and visual data. 

It helps you to optimize your content based on your competitor’s content which ultimately provides higher ranks.

Content Brief Builder

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - Content Brief Builder

It provides a brief overview of your content that actually will rank, and you will get the other search result with the same keyword. 

Even you can optimize the outline of your content based on your competitor’s content and also change your content titles as you need. 

Integrated Writing Guidelines

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - Integrated Writing Guidelines

It will automatically provide writing guidelines for your content, and you will see the SEO score, readability, and other essential factors that are needed in your content. 

Add the important phrase and words to build up your content as much as your competitors used, and you can be optimized for users.

Also, it will provide some SEO suggestions that you can fix before finalizing. 

Sharing & Collaboration

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - Lifetime Deal - Sharing & Collaboration

After completing optimization, you can share your content with your clients and writers for their review. 

They can view your content and suggest changes if anything is needed. 

Well, I got another thing that I should share with you;

AI-Powered Content Optimized by Contentpace

I said before everything you can do with the power of AI provides a 100% NLP system that ensures the authenticity of your content. 

After optimization, you can see your ranking result after a certain time. By the way, they are claiming that you will get an instant rank. 

Contentpace Lifetime Deal - AI Powered Content Optimizer

Practically, no one can say that you will get ranked for an instant, it’s not possible for any keyword, Google will analyze your content with various factors and then decide to rank. 

For marketing purchases, they are claiming things, yet you should use an AI tool to analyze your content to get better results.

Here are three things that help you get better results from your high-converting content. 

Modern Content Editor

Modern content editor feature provides high-quality optimization insights, if you can fix them, the content will be highly optimized for Google and other search engines.

The Modern Content Editor provides three useful feature that makes your content highly optimized;

Guided Optimization: It will analyze your content based on 250+ parameters that you will get keyword-based and searcher intent-based suggestions.

You will get the SEO score of your current content, words, readability of your content, keyword density, and other important things. 

Modern Writing Experience: Contentpace provides an ultra-smooth and user-friendly Content Editor where you can edit your content by Phrases, words, and others.

Feature Rich & Easy-to-Adapt: You can easily adapt to Contentpace and its Editor panel provides a smooth experience to interact flawlessly. 

Guided NLP Optimization

Google recommended NLP should be your first priority and you should follow Natual Language Processing for your content.

It improves human readability and Google always loves to rank for authentic sources; 

Fix topic gaps & clusters: Contentpace analyzes your content and suggests topic gaps, even if it will optimize the keyword density of your content for sure.

Rank for Multiple Keywords: Only for focus keyword rank? No way! It will automatically optimize for relevant keywords that matter. 

Even you will get traffic from sub-niche and boost your authority.

Improve on-page Optimization: By following Contentpace’s optimization guidelines, you can 100% optimize your content for Google ranking. And you will get 100% On-Page SEO-optimized content with ease.

Now comes the last part of AI content optimization by Contentpace;

Built-in Media Management

If you are already using WordPress Gutenberg editor or any other editor to edit your content for media management. 

From now, you can manage your media right from your Contentpace Content Editor. 

Media Gallary: You can organize your necessary and relevant screenshots and images for your content and manage it effortlessly. 

Image Editor: You will get an inbuilt image editor that allows you to edit and optimize your images according to your content needs and perfection. 

Stock Photos: Lastly, you will get millions of royalty-free images that you can directly use on your content without any copyright issues. 

Even you can optimize them before using them.

Using this AI tool, I’m sure that you can optimize your content to get a higher ranking than before. 

But what if you have already published unoptimized content on your site?

Can Contentpace Optimize Published Content?

Yes! Using Contentpace, you can optimize your already published content on your site and optimize effortlessly. 

Using its audit tool, you can audit and improve content as like as new content on your site. 

Contentpace _ Best AI Content Optimizer - You can audit and optimized your already published content on your site

They claim that you can optimize your content while it has been published and live. 

Just enter the URL of your content and hold on till they scrap your content from the webpage. 

Contentpace will collect all images and texts with complete optimization. 

It provides three factors for published content such as;

In-depth metrics: You will get insightful content metrics that help you to understand which part you should fix or add. 

Even you can see the word counts, headings, readability, and others essentials things and make your content highly optimized.

It shows you the title length, paragraph words, and more things that you should fix to get a higher ranking. 

As same as the regular AI content optimization process, you will get the same way to optimize. 

All set for now, let’s explore some quality features that you should know and can use after signing up. 

Content Calendar

Sometimes you may forget about your content plan, what if you can manage your content by planning a calendar?

You can set your content in the calendar so that you will get notified that which content you should edit or publish. 

Content Workspace

Contentpace provides a unified workspace for content management, you can see all of your content statuses. 

You can view projects by status, or delete them with a single click. 

Also, it allows you to bring your teams and writers to work in under the roof. It boosts your communications and you can publish content effortlessly. 

Now let’s come to the pricing plans;

Contentpace Pricing Plans

Surely it provides a free trial plan where you can test your first content without any credit cards, but now let’s move on to the pricing;

There are three plans; Essential, Team, and Agency;

Essential Plan $27/mo:

  • 20 topics/month
  • 20 content briefs/month
  • 20 content projects/month
  • Limited content Audits
  • Unlimited content planning
  • Unlimited user seats
  • 200MB media hosting

Team Plan $57/mo:

  • Everything Essential Plan Features
  • 50 topics, briefs, projects/month

Wait; I have a lifetime deal plan for Contentpace from Appsumo. It’s simple but effective for your next content optimization. 

You can use it for a lifetime without paying monthly or yearly. Let’s have a look Lifetime Deal plan of Contentpace below;

Contentpace Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo

It provides drag and drop builder where you can optimize your content’s outline and other SEO gaps. 

It supports 14 different languages to audit your content and optimize it effectively. 

You can get lifetime access for $79.00 if you get the lifetime deal.

Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime access to Contentpace Team Plan
  • 30 topics reports/month
  • 30 content optimization projects
  • 30 content briefs
  • 500MB hosting

Final Words

With the power of AI, you will get the way to optimize your content without scrapping much more data from different sources. 

You will get everything is your under control such as content research, briefing, optimizing and publishing high-converting content within a few minutes.

Even you will get easy-to-use an editor that allows you to edit your content to the next level and you will get the higher result soon. 

Lastly, I want to ensure that, if you want to use an AI tool to optimize your content, then you should use it for the free version to test. 

Then got the Premium or Lifetime Deal Plan.

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