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Ideta Lifetime Deal & Detailed Review – Best AI Chatbot Solution In 2023

You have to manually do everything – from creating your chatbot, differentiating your chatbot from the rest, keeping an eye on your chatbot, and managing your chatbot’s behavior.

What if we told you that you could build your chatbot a lot faster and easier than you can build a code-based chatbot?

Meet Ideta.

What is Ideta?

Ideta is an AI tool that lets you build dynamic chat and call bots. Also, it will automate your work and gain leads without code.

It allows you to build and train your chat and call bots.

You can use Ideta instead of Intercom and Crisp.

It would be best for support teams and marketers looking to get more leads while also reducing their workload by relaxing.

Ideta lets you build and train smart chatbots that interact with your audience and automate tasks.

Even you can integrate your bot with your favorite workplace tools to automate tasks and push data better than easier.

Let’s take a look at what solutions Ideta has come up with.

Ideta Solution

Using Ideta, you can automate your conversation without a single line of code.

Let’s look at the four unique solutions of Ideta that are helpful for you.

Ideta Lifetime Deal - Features

AI Chatbot

Ideta allows you to create an AI chatbot that helps you easily expand your business possibilities. 

How will it help you?

No Code: Ideta will do everything for you without any coding to manage your conversation with AI. 

API Connection: You can connect it with API and your website, which helps you understand your customer needs effortlessly. 

Analytics Dashboard: Ideta will provide you with an insightful analytics dashboard. It lets you build your analytics dashboard and refine the data gathered.

Even you can connect your favorite NLP provider, such as;

Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Luis, IBM Watson, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and Open Source Rasa. 

Live Chatbot

Ideta lets you build a live chatbot to real-time chat with your customers. 

So why should you use a Live chatbot?

Customer Satisfaction: Ideta lets you boost your customer satisfaction and engagement with a real-time chatbot experience.

Also, you can build trust and increase customer retention with ease. 

Faster Answering: You can answer your customer’s quire’s using a live chatbot faster than email and phone calls. 

Automation: Using Ideta’s AI, you can automate parts of the conversation and save time. 

Who is it for?

eCommerce Website: You can integrate it into your eCommerce website, and your customer can reach you directly from your website without time delay.

SaaS Company: If you are a SaaS Company owner, you must have a Livachatbot of your clients to explain your product effortlessly. 

Internal Use Cases: Idete’s Live-Chat lets you integrate the chat with all your internal tools. It would be more convenient for IT support.

Landing Pages: You can connect Chatbots and LiveChat to your landing pages for multipurpose usage.

Call Bot

Most of the time, it is more convenient to explain something orally than to explain it orally.

And in that case, there is no alternative to call. With Ideta, you can create super-quality call bots without any coding.

Improve Customer Experience: Ideta’s Callbots will instantaneously help your customers. Also, you can create your call bot multi-lingual.

Reduce Workload: You can automate parts of your call center and give your call agents more time to attend to complicated queries.

Workflow Automation: Ideta lets you automate your workflow, and you can speed up the call process with ease. 

What can you do with it?

Schedule Appointment: You can connect the call bot to your calendar and let your customers schedule appointments.

Even you can Transfer Calls, Collect Information, Answer Clients, and more.

Facebook Auto Reply

Using Ideta, you can automate your Facebook private message reply with Ideta’s automation features. As a result, it saves your time and workload. 

Not only are private messages automated, but also you can respond to comments on your Facebook posts automatically. 

It works on both messages, such as public replies and private messages. 

Ideta Pricing 

Use Ideta and grow your business with customer satisfaction. 

Ideta comes with Four pricing plans;

Free, Karate kid, Samurai, and Shogun

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 100 sessions per month
  • Basis Design Personalization
  • 1 Bot
  • Unlimited Builder Seats
  • 1 Support Seat
  • Unlimited Integration
  • NLP
  • Human Handover

Karate Kid Plan 29€/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features +
  • 500 sessions per month
  • Advanced Design Personalization
  • Unlimited Bots

Samurai Plan 79€/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features +
  • 2000 sessions per month
  • Advanced Design Personalization
  • 2 Support Seats
  • Unlimited Bots

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Ideta Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Using Ideta, you will be able to build an intelligent chatbot, call bot, live chatbot, and Facebook Auto reply without any coding knowledge.


  • Lifetime access to Ideta Samurai Plan
  • Everything Samurai Plan Features +
  • 25,000 sessions per month
  • 3 human takeover seats
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited bots

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Final Verdict

Wanna grow your business with full customer satisfaction?

First, you must provide top-notch customer services such as product explanations or technical support. 

Using Ideta, you can build your own custom live chatbot that provides 100% customer satisfaction reducing workload. 

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