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25+ Best Responsive Email Templates For MailChimp

Email marketing is always tremendous and effective if you can provide high-quality and attractive content on your email templates.

After opening your email, they will decide what about your email. They will click your email if you can provide quality and professional email. 

It helps you to improve your opening rate and conversion as well. 

In this blog, we are going to explore the best Best Responsive Email Templates for MailChimp that you can use for any domain such as; Google, Outlook, Mail, or others. 

If you don’t want to read this article deeply, you can check out our recommended Email Templates for MailChimp from here

Well, get jump into the main topic below, hope you will enjoy it.

Email Templates Overview

Email Templates is a template pre-built for email format; it helps send customized and informative emails to subscribers. 

Responsive Email Templates helps you to send marketing or business email in an organized and professional way. 

It helps you present your company or business while maintaining well-organized standards.

Email Templates reduce time, and you will get the potential of your working period with a pre-built template using. 

There is a short brief about Best Responsive Email Templates for MailChimp.

Now, let’s see the Email Templates for Mailchimp below;

Best Responsive Email Templates For MailChimp

MailChimp is the most popular and well-known email marketing service provider that helps you to manage your email marketing for FREE. 

To make more professional and engaging email marketing, you can use Pre-Build templates that make your marketing strategy more effective.

Here, I will share with you stunning and cheap MailChimp pre-built email templates that you actually convert leads into sales.

1. Email Template – CHARISMA

1. CHARISMATIC EMAILER Email Newsletter templates

These templates will add a new charisma (Unique Talent) to your email. The charismatic email newsletter template is extremely cool and best for email marketing campaigns. 

It looks very much clean and has a minimal design that ensures any device’s compatibility.

Compatible: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

Special Features-

  • Unique Email Template Design
  • 12 Prebuilt Layouts and 11 Color Schemes
  • Best for fashion, marketing, software hardware, and more. 

Basically, It comes with a limitless possibility that helps you to make your campaign easier.

2. Mobillium – Responsive Email Newsletter

2. Mobillium - Responsive Email Newsletter

It is a MailChimp-ready newsletter template that you can use for professional email marketing with its stunning features. 

Users can view it with mobile and desktop browsers without any broken structure. 

Compatible: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

Special Features-

  • Unique Email Template Design
  • 6 Prebuilt Layouts and 10 Color Schemes
  • MailChimp Special

3. EBusiness Newsletter – MailChimp Special

3. Business Email Marketing Templates - EBusiness Newsletter

If you want a unique, colorful premium email newsletter template for your business, you can check out the EBusiness newsletter template. 

Here you will get 11 color schemes and 10 ready-to-use professionally designed layouts for you.

Special Features-

  • Unique Professional Email Template Design
  • 10 Prebuilt Layouts
  • 11 Colors
  • 15 Modules

4. Eternal Newsletter

4. Email Template - ETERNAL Newsletter

The Eternal Newsletter template is basically HTML based template that allows you to use it for any platform such as MailChimp, SendGrid, and others. 

You will get special modules, prebuilt layouts, and color schemes that support browsers, desktops, and mobile also. 

It would be the best for business, promotions, marketing, product campaign, hardware, and software campaign, design agency, and more you need. 

Special Features- 

  • Vintage Look
  • Unique Email Template Design
  • 11 Prebuilt Layouts
  • 11 Color Schemes

5. Success Newsletter

5. SUCCESS Email Newsletter templates

Clean, minimalistic, and professional design combined with Success Newsletter. You can use it for your business, promotions, marketing, campaign, and more. 

Interestingly, these templates also work on all browsers, desktops, and mobile devices. 

Special Features-

  • Unique Email Template Design
  • Lightning Fast Support

6. Dynamic – Email Template

6. DYNAMIC EMAILER Email Newsletter templates

Dynamic email templates provide 100% optimized and valid HTML code that renders across all browsers, mobiles, and others. 

It provides an elegant design that introduces the uniqueness of the email template. 

Special Features-

  • 11 Prebuilt Layouts 
  • 11 Color Schemes
  • Unique Email Template Design

7. Retinactive Responsive Flat Email Template

7. Retinactive Responsive Flat Email Template

Bedros comes with Retina Ready and super responsive email Templates with its flat trend in mind. 

It’s specially designed for MailChimp, and you can use it without editing a single line of code.

Importantly, the Retinative Flat Email template is easy-to-customize that you don’t have to learn to code.

Special Features –

  • Retina Ready and Responsive
  • MailChimp Builder Ready
  • 10 Prebuilt Layouts
  • 100 Templates
  • 10 Color Schemes

8. Responsive Email Template

8. Responsive Email - RESPOSENSIVE

Its specialty is hidden in the name; you will get fully responsive and attractive email templates that you can use for your business purpose and others deals. 

Mailchimp builder-ready template that you will get to promote, market, and special campaigns without writing a single line of code. 

Special Features – 

  • Responsive Email Templates
  • Mailchimp Builder Ready
  • 6 Prebuilt Layouts
  • 60 Templates
  • 10 Color Schemes

9. Flatroway Email Template – Metro & Flat 

9. Responsive Email Template FlatroWay - Metro Flat

Bedros provides a responsive email template that mixes both Flat and Metro material design trends. You will get a complete email template package that is the most user-friendly online template. 

You can customize your own newsletter layouts within a second. 

Also, It provides MailChimp Ready Builder that you can edit in your own way. 

Special Features – 

  • 7 Layouts 
  • 140 Templates
  • 10 Color Schemes
  • MailChimp Ready
  • Light & Dark Version

10. Responsiveur Email Templates

10. Responsiveur Responsive Email Newsletter Templates

Responsiveur provides a cool, flat design that meets MailChimp Ready responsive and optimized email templates. 

Importantly, it will work perfectly across browsers, desktops, and mobile devices. You don’t have to be panic with your email responsiveness. 

Its MailChimp-ready design allows you to run a campaign effortlessly without editing code. 

Special Features –

  • MailChimp Ready Builder
  • 10 Layouts
  • 100 Templates
  • 10 Color Scheme

11. Slash – Responsive Email Template

11. Slash - Responsive E-mail Template

Slash is perfectly designed for businesses where you will get in detail options to create professional campaigns. 

It’s highly editable and customizable; you can integrate it with anything you need.

In short, Slash is a feature-rich template where you will get a massive number of options to run an effective campaign. 

Special Features – 

  • 35 HTML Files
  • 7 PSD
  • 7 Color Style
  • Module template
  • Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor
  • 15 Repeatable Module

12. Gabriel – Responsive Email Template

12. Gabriel - Responsive E-mail Template

Gabriel is a super simple, clean, and responsive email template for Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. 

Not only that, but also, you will get 22 different repeatable modules, including 5 color schemes for your use flexibility.

Special Features –

  • 55 HTML
  • 5 PSD
  • Super Responsive
  • 22 Repeatable Module
  • MailChimp Ready

13. Extra-Responsive Email Template

13. Extra - Responsive E-mail Template

If you need a super responsive email template, choose EXTRA for the best options. It provides unlimited variations with Template Builder.

You can integrate with MailChimp, not only but also iContact, Benchmark Email, and Campaign Monitor more comfortably.

Special Features – 

  • Unlimited Variations
  • Drag and Drop Builder Ready
  • Responsive Newsletter
  • 90 HTML Files
  • 7 Unique Layouts
  • 5 PSD File

14. Simple Clean Mail

14. Simple Clean Mail

Regarding my testing, it’s a super clean, minimalistic, and 100% optimized, responsive email template with professional looks and graphics. 

For your business promotion, newsletter, sales, and everything you need, you can use it for any purpose.

Special Features – 

  • MailChimp and Campaign Monitor Template Ready
  • 99 HTML Files
  • 3 Color Schemes
  • 16 Layouts
  • 3 PSD Templates

15. Minimalist – Responsive Email Template

15. Minimalist - Responsive Email Template

The Minimalist email template is clean, minimal, and responsive and supports all browsers, devices, mobile, and client email. 

It’s MailChimp, Benchmark Email, Campaign Monitor, and more supported. It helps you to make your Newsletter memorable with Good design and attractiveness. 

Interestingly, you can use Animated GIFs for animation in Email. How amazing is that!

Special Features – 

  • Unlimited Variations
  • Responsive Newsletter
  • 76 HTML Files
  • 12 Unique Layouts
  • Free Icon Sliced Ready
  • Drag and Drop Template Builder

16. Touch Me – Responsive Email Templates

16. Touch Me - Responsive Email Templates

You will get highly optimized and super responsive email templates you will get inside Touch Me templates. 

It is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo mail, and more you want to work with.

Mobile Responsive templates allow your users to view email effortlessly, the same as desktop mode.

Special Features –

  • Mobile Responsive
  • 48 Unique Templates
  • 4 Colors
  • 104 HTML Files
  • PSD Included

17. Slick – Responsive Email Template

17. Slick-Responsive E-mail Template

The drag and Drop system makes your work easier and you can use any Template Builder to customize the Slick Email Template. 

You can change the color in real-time, button, border, and anything via drag and drop.

After that, you can export these with MailChimp, Responsive HTML, or CampaignMonitor.

Special Features – 

  • 13 Unique Modules
  • 34  HTML Files
  • 13 DIfferent Elements
  • PSD Included

18. WonderfulMail – Responsive Email Template

18. WonderfulMail - Responsive Email Template

Its “Drag and Drop” system allows you to change your email newsletter template with your brand colors and schemes in real-time.

Also, you can export files as HTML, MailChimp, and CampaignMonitor effortlessly.

Here, you will get the same special characteristics is WonderFulMail email template is super clean, responsive, clean, and easy to customize.

Special Features –

  • 11 Unique Templates
  • 6 Colors
  • 144 HTML Files

19. Important – Email Template

19. IMPORTANT-Responsive Email Template

Important Responsive email template contains a special feature that helps you easily use animated GIFs.

To make your email template live, you should add animations to it to generate a better conversion rate.

It helps you draw your readers’ attention and CTR better than before. Wanna see its features?

Special Features –

  • Mobile Responsive
  • 5 Color Schemes
  • 8 Unique Layouts
  • 180 HTML Files
  • 3 Header Styles

20. Posta – E-mail Template

20. Posta - Responsive E-mail Template

Posta contains a simple and clean design with super responsive features. It suits professional business purposes with so many colors combination.

It provides the fastest loading time that will be beneficial for CTR and mail open rate.

Posta works on the major email services with CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, and others.

Special Features –

  • 78 HTML Files
  • 6 PSD
  • 6 Color Schemes
  • MailChimp Builder Ready

21. Natural – Responsive Email Template

21. Natural - Responsive Email Template

Natural means itself! How? A Natural responsive email template allows you to use unlimited variations and Template Builder.

You can change the template color and customize the button in real time. And export different formats such as HTML, MailChimp, and CampaignMonitor.

Special Features –

  • 32 HTML Files
  • PSD Files Included
  • 11 Unique Layouts

22. Swatches

22. Swatches

Swatches are the most colorful and clean HTML email templates designed for MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

The modular nature of the template allows you to make your own snap with ease. It just becomes as easy as copy and pasting.

Wanna create your own color scheme? You can create with Swatches effortlessly.

Special Features –

  • Clean and Colorful design
  • 5 Color Options
  • MailChimp Builder Ready
  • PSDs Included

23. Dexter

23. Dexter - Responsive E-mail Template

Wanna promote a magazine, product preview, or art gallery? You can choose a flat design of Email Template that is Dexter.

It provides 2:2 and 3:3 art gallery files that would be more effective email marketing for you.

Not only that but also, you will get a huge number of art gallery options inside of Dexter.

Special Features –

  • 6 PSD
  • 6 Color Schemes
  • 61 HTML Files
  • 13 Repeatable Modules
  • MailChimp Builder Ready

24. Vince 

24. Vince - Responsive Email Template

In Vince, you will get a flat design email template plus, a big heading area where you can place your own brand and logo.

It simplifies your business branding and promotes widely with its effective content structure.

Here are some features you will going to love;

Special Features –

  • Mailster Plugin Compatible
  • MailChimp Builder Ready
  • StampReady Builder Support

25. Lettre

25. Lettre - Responsive Email Template

Lettre responsive email template provides 2 layout styles such as Box and Full. It allows you to realign modules by easily copying, pasting, or deleting them.

You will get all the code comments by section so you can easily understand what the code is.

Special Features –

  • MailChimp Builder Ready
  • 6 Color Schemes
  • Flexible Table Structure
  • Responsive
  • 15 Repeatable Module

Is it necessary to purchase from the above templates?

Absolutely not.

Here only 25+ Best Responsive Email Templates are briefly discussed.
As a result, you will know what kind of templates you can get for use with MailChimp.

There are also more than 200 templates that you can use based on your work.
You can see all these templates here.

My Verdict

With all of the above mentioned, you can buy most of the email templates for under $10.
Many options for you will help you a lot in growing your business.

Each template supports MailChimp, so if you want to start your email campaign using MailChimp. Then you can choose any of your email templates.

It is good to say that you will find several premium templates among these templates, which will help you a lot in promoting your brand.

I have only shared my opinion above; please purchase with preconceived notions about each product. This will not cause any problems with your purchase.

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