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Last Update On October 4, 2021

Hey, customer support team folks!

Unique and timely reply to the customer is a matter of many problems. Isn’t it?

You have to type the same type of text over and over again, which often annoys you.

Replying to customers through email, tickets, chat, social media, and everything else is a bit of a hassle.

Here is a canned responses app that will help you to manage canned responses effortlessly. 

Say hi to typedesk.

What is Typedesk?

Typedesk is a multi-platform canned response app that allows your team to quickly create, organize, and send unique messages. 

Typedesk allows you can ditch those repetitive tasks and work on what matters most for your team. 

Typedesk is an alternative to Text Expander and PhraseExpress, and It’s best for customer support teams, social media managers, and agencies to save their time communicating with several clients. 

Using typedesk, you will be accessible to customizable placeholders and variables so that you can create unique canned responses for your different deals and clients. 

You can save your time on typing using templates for messages you send every day. 

For example: Order updates, customer service follow-ups emails, or answers to FAQs. 

You can share and edit responses with your whole team across multiple platforms using typedesk. 

Well, let’s drive into the features of typedesk.

Typedesk Features

Using Typedesk, You can work with emails, ticketing systems, chats, social media, and more!

Here I’ve described few features of Typedesk

Typedesk lifetime Deal - features

Advanced Variables 

Typedesk allows you to personalize your messages with their influential variable. 

Using typedesk’s significant variables, you can easily create custom responses on the fly with select boxes, text input, and much to build unique replies every time you use them.

Quick Response Shortcuts

With Typedesk, you can easily create quick canned response replies.

For instance, you can insert your full email signature magically by typing a 3 or 4-letter shortcut. 

Quick response works everywhere like; Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc. 


Service-Agnostic: You can use typedesk in your apps or websites. 

Google-Like Search: You will find canned responses takes a few keystrokes. Like a google search. 

Blazing-Fast: Typedesk won’t take time to load. Canned is always available with a simple keystroke. 

Offline-Proof: Typedesk works even when you’re offline or on the go. 

Cloud-Synced: You can easily access your canned responses from any computer. 

Also, you will get Keyboard-First, Notifications, Folders, and Variants & Translations as productivity. 


Text Input: Enter your text to replace a placeholder when using your canned response.

Select Input: You can add several options to choose from for a given variable. 

Gender Conditional: In Typedesk, you can insert different sentences based on the gender of recipients.

AM/PM Conditional: Even you will be able to personalized greetings depending on the day’s time.

Also, you will get Dates, Clipboard, Privacy, and Rich Formatting


Team-Friendly: Typedesk always gives you a team-friendly environment. You can keep your messages aligned by sharing canned responses with your team members. 

Team Folder: Typedesk lets anyone in your team members update your set of responses and share new ones, thanks to Team Folders. 

Private Notes: You can share with your team members private notes. 

Notifications: You can keep your team members in sync when someone updates a shared canned response. 

Want to know more about Typedesk? 

Click here to learn more about the features of Typedesk. 

How Typedesk Works? 

Typedesk allows your team superpowers to work faster and send unique replies to customers, prospects, and others.

Typedesk works very simply; 

Unlike other platforms, Install typedesk into your computer (Available in Windows, Mac, Linux). 

You can also use it in websites or apps (Gmail, Zendesk, Front, Facebook, etc.)

After installing the Typedesk App, you have to sign up in Typedesk

Typedesk Pricing Plans

Use Typedesk to save your time sending emails, replying to comments, chatting with your customer effortlessly.

Typedesk comes with Two pricing plans; Forever Free and Premium.

Free Plan/Lifetime:

  • 1 user access
  • Blazing-fast apps (Desktop & Web)
  • Up to 10 canned responses
  • No image upload
  • Online backup of your responses

Click here to get started for FREE (Lifetime)

Premium Plan $4/mo*:

  • All Free plan features
  • Unlimited canned responses
  • Team Folders & Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Image upload

*per user

Are you looking for a Typedesk Lifetime deal at a low price?

Here is;

Typedesk Lifetime Deal From Appsumo (Only for $59). 

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Typedesk Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Let’s face it: if you could pick any superpower to help you defeat the demons of your workday, it’d be superspeed. (“Oh, it’s nothing. I always reply to emails two seconds after receiving them.”)

Typedesk gives your whole team the building blocks to design, organize, and send individual canned responses quickly.

Whether you’re in customer support, IT, education, or medicine, typedesk works for you, wherever you work.

Give your team the power to work faster and smarter.

Get lifetime access to typedesk today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $144.00

  • Lifetime access to Premium Plan
  • All Premium Plan features
  • 1 User access
  • Admin access
  • Unlimited canned responses
  • Up to 50 MB image upload per user
  • Dynamic snippets
  • Notifications
  • Integrations

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OK, you know how vital customer satisfaction is for an organization.

And it is much more critical for the customer service team to make the customer the right service head at the right time.

In that case, many people have failed to type or give correct information.

Typedesk is a superpower-rich solution.

Appsumo currently has Typedesk Lifetime Deal Running. Don’t miss out.

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