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Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime Deal [$59]- Protect Site From Hacker

You’ve worked hard on your website. You’re doing everything you can to protect it, but you still don’t feel safe enough.

Good security can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to configure, which is why most people only have the basics in place.

Trying to figure out where to start with your site’s security is overwhelming! 

Imagine having a plugin that takes care of all the complicated tasks for you! One that makes it easy for you to upgrade your site’s security in minutes and better defend it against common attacks such as Script and SQL injection, brute-force, etc. 

Introducing Hide My WP Ghost.

Hide My WP Ghost Overview

Hide My WP Ghost is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that provides high security to your website.

Using it, you can easily upgrade your site’s security in minutes and can make better defend. 

Hide My WP Ghost is an alternative to WP Hide and Security Enhancer. 

It’s best for Business website owners, Bloggers, Freelancers, and agencies looking to level up their WordPress site security.

Hide My WP Ghost allows you to add extra protection and enhanced security to your website against as-usual attacks like; script and SQL injection, brute-force, and others. 

It ensures your site security vulnerabilities and gives you guides to be proactive against them. 

Now, Let’s dive into the features of HMWP Ghost.

Hide My WP Ghost Features

You will get 360º security for your website using Hide My WP Ghost. 

Here I’ve described the essential features of HMWP Ghost;

Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime Deal - Features

Brute Force Protection

Protect your website from brute force attacks, which are very common for every hacker. 

Save your WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, etc. CMS website. 

Hide My WP Ghost allows you to hide login URLs, wp-admin, wp-content, and other sensitive things. 

HMWP Ghost will block all suspicious IPs, Bots, or automated tools they use to hack your site. 

Overall, Hide My WP Ghost ensures your 100% and 360º security from brute force attacks.

Limit Login Attempts

Using Hide My WP Ghost, you can limit your wrong login attempts from the hacker’s side. 

Never think that your website is new or small so that hackers won’t attack your site. WRONG!

Almost  90,978 security attacks take place every minute of every day.

Limit your wrong login attempts using HMWP Ghost. 

Website Security Check

Hide My WP Ghost will help you detect your website’s potential security. 

Also, It will help you proactively identify security or issues on your website and take preventive measures against attacks.

Look at some security checks features; 

XML-RPC access in on, MySQL Permission, WP Debug, Backend under SSL, Script Debug, Author URL by ID, wp-login, wp-config, and many more. 

Security Tweaks

In Hide My WP Ghost, you will find essential plugin information that helps you with your website security tweaks. 

Redirection: You can redirect hidden paths into a specific URL or front page. 

Feed & Sitemap: You can hide site feed, sitemap links tags, change paths in RSS feed, Change paths in sitemaps XML and hide paths in Robots.txt. 

Change Options: You can change paths for logged users, cached files, and Relative URLs to Absolute URLs.

Hide Options: In this option, you can hide Admin Toolbar, Hide versions from Images, CSS, and JS, Hide DNS, Generator Meta Tags, HTML Comments, and others.

Learn in-depth about Hide My WP Ghost.

Is Hide My WP Ghost Worth It?

Considering the features of HMWP Ghost, It will provide you 100% security from hackers or site compromise.

It will take preventive measures against common attacks before it’s too late. 

It also helps you to prevent crashing or slowing your site down for the attack.

Hide My WP Ghost also protects your sensitive information (credit card info) and customer data access.

Now, can we say Hide My WP Ghost is worth it?

Hide My WP Ghost Pricing Plans

Use HMWP Ghost and Protect your site with 360º security.

Hide My WP Ghost comes with Four Pricing plans: 

Ghost 1, Ghost 5, Ghost 10, and Ghost All.

Ghost 1 Plan $29.99/yr:

  • 1 Website
  • Brute Force Attacks Protection
  • XML-RPC Protection
  • Customize Paths
  • Script & SQL Injection Firewall
  • URL Mapping & Text Mapping
  • CDN Mapping
  • and more …

Ghost 5 Plan $149/yr:

  • All Ghost 1 Plan Features +
  • 5 Websites

Ghost 10 Plan $299/yr:

  • All Ghost 1 Plan Features +
  • 10 Websites

Ghost All Plan $640/yr:

  • All Ghost 1 Plan Features +
  • Unlimited Websites

Need a more reasonable price?

Get Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime Deal From Appsumo. Only 59.00

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Hide My WP Ghost Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

With HMWP Ghost, you’ll get all the enhanced security features you need to go completely undetected by hacker bots.

Using it, you can make sure that your WordPress website stays yours. 

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $299.00

  • Lifetime access to Ghost 10 Plan
  • All Features of Ghost 10 Plan
  • 10 websites
  • Brute force protection
  • XML-RPC protection
  • Customize paths
  • Protect WP common paths and files
  • And more …

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Start using HMWP Ghost now before your website gets into the hands of hackers!

It will keep your website safe in all respects.

Brute force, Script, and SQL injection will protect your site from such attacks.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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