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Pictory Lifetime Deal & Review | Best Text-to-Video AI Editor

According to some research, 84% of marketers can generate quality leads with video marketing. A single person reads two blogs in a week, and the same person’s video average 4 videos. 

 So, a video can reach better engagement than a blog. But a blog with video is like a burger with hot sauce. 

A short explanation video makes your blog more attractive and grabs users to understand your blog with ease. 

But if you want to convert your blogs into short videos, it takes work to create. Right? Is there any platform where you can create a short video for the long blog?


Here is

Hi everyone, I’m Akram Hossain from ThePromotes. Here I will explain, which is the more useful and user-friendly AI short video maker. Overview is a cost-effective AI-powered short video creator that allows the creation of professional marketing videos in a fraction of a minute. 

With the power of AI, you can convert long text into short and highlighted video that makes your visitors more attractive to read or convert into customers. 

A video boosts 19% open email rates and 61% CTR simultaneously and boosts 81% conversion rate.

Let me clarify something interesting for you;

Source: Appsumo is an alternative to: 

  • Descript
  • Zubtitle
  • Vidnami

Best for: 

  • Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Instructors
  • YouTubers
  • Bloggers

Using, you can convert your long-form content into attractive and highlighted videos. You can add stock media, text-to-speech, and music to those videos. 

I will explain how it works, but before that, let’s know more about some key features of

Suppose you have 2000 words of content, but you wanna highlight it in 30 seconds; how is it possible? 

Yes! You can convert long-form content with highlighted parts with 

Everything you can complete with the power of AI, you don’t need to do anything manually, or you can easily add or delete any part. 

Before that, let’s jump into the features that provides to use. Key Features made their simple-to-use video editing solutions where anyone can edit their videos without learning complex software algorithms.

Here, I’ll explain their seven key features that definitely impress you to use for your next short video. 

Let’s jump in deep;

Video Editing Using Text

Pictory Lifetime Deal and Review - Video Editing Feature

You can create educational videos by using text without managing any custom design, or you don’t have to be professional. 

Suppose you have long-form content (2500 words) and you wanna convert it into a highlighted short video that makes your blog effective. 

In, you just enter your content in the “Script to Video” section and click the “Procced” button. 

After processing, you can select premium templates from the library that suits your blogs, but if you want, you can use your own templates. 

Pictory Lifetime Deal and Review - Select Templates from Library

You can select aspect ratios such as [16:9], [9:16], and [1:1] for video-sharing sites or social media. 

Pictory will take several minutes to search for the best media for your short video, providing the best possible matching images relevant to your content.

You will be amazed that you don’t have to pick up manually any screen or media; everything will arrange by the power of AI. 

Pictory Lifetime Deal and Review - Script to video

When I used, it surprised me with these features; even though I didn’t select any single media, everything was relevant, and I used those media for my next level of video making. 

You can change your text and makes your own custom text to make your short video more informative. 

In Pictory’s Storyboard, you can preview every media with text and trim video as you want.  Even you can add new templates from scratch or with text and media. 

Here, you can change the animations and background color of your text and font family right from your editing panel. 

Pictory Lifetime Deal and Review - Video editing

Now, if you are satisfied with your short video, then you can export by clicking the “Generate” button, which makes your video within a minute. 

You can download the video files or only text into your computer and share it anywhere you need. 

Another amazing feature is coming up next. Let’s explore.

Visuals to Video

Its tremendous feature allows you to create short videos using your existing images and video clips. 

Just upload your videos or images from the computer, and will automatically extract everything inside of those files. 

After uploading, you can arrange or tag each file and click on the “Proceed” button. 

Everything is the same as “Script to Video” or “Text to Video” features; you can select templates from the library or use your own. 

You can find their intro and outro scene that is customization with your own texts, and you can use them from your custom intro or outro. 

Now, you can export your videos with a single click and share your video with your marketing asset. 

Definitely, it will boost your conversion rate better than before, and you gonna love to see your campaign results.

Besides, you can convert the whole article to a short video with a single URL; you don’t have to copy this article, just copy the link and paste it into the dashboard. 

Everything will be automatic. 

Should You Use

According to my usage, I can share something new with you; provides wide solutions for short marketing video making.

Anyone can convert content without prior knowledge into a short video at your fingertips. 

Boost your conversion rates with video marketing and improve your click-through rate simultaneously. 

If you are a blogger or marketer and wanna boost your content across your readers, you should use to create a high-engaging video. 

Not only that but also, you create a short video with your existing media that makes your video more unique. 

Overall, if you are focusing on customer engagement, you should choose for the next-level automated short video creation. 

Everything will but automatically with the power of AI. You just select the path you want. 

Let’s move forward into the pricing; Pricing Plans

Using, you can convert any text into videos with AI, and it also provides automatic captioning and subtitles. 

It comes with three pricing plans;

Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Standard Plan 23/mo:

  • 30 videos/mo
  • 10 min video length (text-to-video projects)
  • 10 hours for transcriptions
  • Edit videos for up to 1 hour
  • 16:9 ratio on text-to-video
  • 720 output
  • 5,000 music tracks
  • 25 text-to-speech AI voices

Premium Plan $47/mo:

  • Everything Standard Plan Features
  • 60 videos per month
  • 10 min length text-to-video projects
  • 20 hours of transcription video
  • All aspect ratio
  • 1080 video export
  • 15000 music tracks
  • 42 text-to-speech AI voices
  • Automatic voice-over
  • Branded intro and outro
  • Hootsuite integration
  • Bulk download of video CSV

You can check other plans’ prices from their official website. Before that, let me show you something special. 

What is it?

It’s Appsumo Deal of Wanna see?

Appsumo comes with amazing pricing plans with Lifetime Deal only for $59.00.

Let’s explore; Lifetime Deal From Appsumo [$59]

With the power of AI, allows you to create high-quality video content from your long-form text content. 


  • Lifetime Access to Premium Plan
  • Everything Premium Plan Features
  • 30 Projects per month
  • 60 minutes of video per upload
  • 1GB video file size
  • Remove Pictory Branding

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Final Touch

We all know video content is more engaging than written text, and it can boost your revenue by up to 81% than before.

But video making isn’t easier than content writing, but AI tools make it easy to create and provide the best possible options for marketers. allows you to create high-quality text-to-video content that easily makes more potential traffic.

You can now use for FREE.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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