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Wisernotify Lifetime Deal | Features, Use Case, Review

Converting visitors into customers is like making whole boat middle of the ocean. It’s not an easy task.

But if you can make it just like putting the last pin of the boat. How fascinating is that!

You can boost your conversions and real-time customer engagement with this fantastic tool.

How is it?

It’s only WiserNotify.


WiserNotify is a real-time social proof notifications and widget delivery tool that builds solid trust and boosts revenue from the same audience. 

Providing social media proof and sales alerts to your visitors can be convinced them to purchase your products. 

You already know converting visitors into customers isn’t easy, but WiserNotify’s social proof and FOMO notification make it easy. 

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WiserNotify is an alternative to 

  • UserProof

It would be the best for:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Online Coaches
  • eCommerce (Recommended tool)

With WiserNotify’s dynamic social proof, you can show your recent purchase notification, review notification, visit count, and more in your own way. 

You can add a direct CTA button from those widgets so that they can easily convert into your customer. 

I’ll explore WiserNotify, which greatly increases your leads and sales. 

Features WiserNotify

Using WiserNotify, you can target, influence, and convert your visitors into customers in real-time. 

Let’s jump into the deep;

Wisernotify Lifetime Deal - Purchase notification

Purchase Notification

This is really incredible notification widget where you can give an alert or push notifications about your product purchase. 

Your current visitor can be converted into your customer by seeing this notification. Ola! You can try it for once. 

This is the best way to boost the sales of your eCommerce website; you can notify of every purchase of your online store. 

Even you can count the purchaser number and items they purchased. 

Purchase notifications can incredibly change your conversion rate than before; you just use it for once. 

Review Notification 

Displaying a real-time product review on your website can help you build your customers’ trust and inform them of positive product reviews.

Conversion Count Notification

Send your visitors a real-time conversion count notification widget of your campaign, such as if you are launching a webinar, you can notify your website visitors. 

With an engaging widget, you can easily notify them with a CTA button. 

Conversion Notification

It’s almost similar to the Conversion Count Notification feature, but here you can notify your visitors with a single conversion such as;

Lead, sales, subscribe, or form fills up. 

Wisernotify Lifetime Deal - Countdown timer

Countdown Timer

Assume you are running a short campaign of your products or services, and then you can add your countdown timer to your website visitors. 

A real-time countdown timer lets your visitors know the left time of your campaign, and they can decide to use or purchase your products. 

Announcement Notification

Suppose you have a service or business website; if you wanna announce something for all, you just that WiserNotify’s amazing feature called “Announcement Notification”. 

You can notify your real-time website visitors with your announcement so that they can know your updates. 

You can use it for a real-time update of your services or website or even others. 

Wisernotify Lifetime Deal - Social media notification

Social Media Notification & Channel Subscribe

You can boost your social media pages or profiles with stunning widgets. Just select your social media profiles and send the notification to them. 

They can even view your followers in the widget and can easily like, follow or subscribe. 

As same as you can notify your YouTube channels, which allows your visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

View Count

It’s another amazing feature that lets you share your real-time page view with your visitors so they can view your website’s current views. 

It’s really engaging thing that enables your visitors for more engagement. 

These were supreme features of Wisernotify; let’s move on to the other features;

Display Rules

Display Rules are always important to target specific and exact audiences where you will get potential customers. 

Here are some rules you can find out;

  • Specific or all pages to display – you can choose any singular page or all pages to display your notification. 
  • If you have multiple websites, you can display the same notification to multiple websites simultaneously;
  • You can target new visitors or return visitors for specific notification
  • UTM, cookies, and campaign-based audience targeting are available in display rules. 
  • Also, you can set the animation and position of your notification widgets

Data and Timing Control

From your dashboard, you can control everything in your notification that lets you send specific and relevant notifications to your visitors. 

You can control different things, such as;

  • Notification Level
  • Notification delay
  • Notification display time
  • Scroll and existing intent targeting
  • Notification limit to show
  • And more

Data Source

Data sources much more information to input real-time dynamic data in your notification widgets. 

Here you will get some awesome tool that automatically captures conversions and filter data to hide and show. 

Even you can connect 200+ business tools that help you to collect your data from several platforms.

Eye-Catchy Design

WiserNotify provides 50+ premium templates that you can use for your next-level real-time social proof and FOMO notification. 

  • Premium templates
  • You can show icons, product images, maps, and gravatar
  • You can add a Call to Action in the widgets
  • Inbuild data-collector form that helps to collect user data with ease
  • Right-to-left support for notification widgets


WiserNotify provides insightful analytics that helps you to make a better decision for your next notification setup. 

You can view some important things, such as;

  • Notification level stats (Impression, clicks, and hovers)
  • Even you can set your own goal to track notification performance
  • And obviously, you will get weekly reports in your email inbox effortlessly. 

What is the use case for WiserNotify?

With Wisernotify, you can build trust and gain customer retention to drive conversions and increase your sales and revenue.

Let’s have a look at the possible use case below;

Wisernotify Lifetime Deal - eCommerce and retail

eCommerce and Retail:

Using instant notification of your current visitors, you can easily boost your leads and convert them into sales. 

Even it helps to reduce cart abandonment with social proof and FOMO notification. 

SaaS (Software as a Service):

Providing purchase or announcement notification widgets can boost your product’s sign-ups and leads. 

Travel and Hospitality:

By seeing others ‘ positive reviews, FOMO notifications increase your conversion rate of lights, hotel booking, travel destinations, and other services. 

Online Coaching and eLearning: 

Get real-time purchase notifications to your site visitors and increase your course enrollment.

It lets you increase enrollment, eBook download, and webinar attendees effortlessly. 

Marketing Agency:

Using social proof and 5-star reviews to your traffic, you can engage them to your services; it would be more beneficial for a marketing company. 

Lead Generation:

Last but not least, you can generate more potential leads that you can convert into sales by providing recent conversion notifications, visitor counts, and sales pop-ups.

Hope you understand the use case and other features; let’s see the pricing plans;


Wisernotify Lifetime Deal - Integrations

With Wisernotify, you can connect your favourite software that helps you to collect data from a different platform.

You can add marketing, communication, and CRM platform that makes your working flow easier. To collect your product reviews, you can collect real-time product reviews in real-time.

Even you can collect your form data from your visitors, which helps to collect successful leads.

As I said before, Wisernotify allows 200+ integrations where you can find everything you need without any interruption.

Wisernotify Pricing Plans

You shouldn’t lose the traffic you can convert into customers with a FOMO notification. Here are the Wisernotify pricing plans;

Free, Starter, Standard, and Premium.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Up to 1,000 visitors per month
  • Unlimited website
  • Social proof notification (All)
  • Urgency and CTA widgets
  • Setting (All)
  • Analytics (All)
  • A/B testing 
  • 200+ integrations

Starter Plan $16/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 10,000 visitors per month
  • Branding control
  • Premium templates

Standard Plan $26/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features 
  • 30,000 visitors per month

Premium Plan $40/mo:

  • Everything Standard Plan Features
  • 50,000 visitors per month

Wanna use it for FREE? Okay, here is the free plan for you. But I have a special offer for you. Wanna see?

Here is WiserNotify Lifetime Deal plan from Appsumo only for $89.00.

Let’s explore in details about this deal. 

Wisernotify Lifetime Deal from Appsumo [$89]

Use Wisernotify, and let your visitors know about your updates, product purchase, and user engagement with FOMO notification. 


  • Lifetime access to the Wisernotify Premium plan
  • Everything is premium plan features
  • 100,000 monthly visitors
  • 5 users
  • 5 sub-accounts
  • Unlimited websites

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Bottom Line

The use case shows you can boost your sales, leads, and customer retention naturally. You don’t have to pay extra to increase revenue.

With WiserNotify, you can create high-quality FOMO notifications and social proof that build trust with your customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the free plan.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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