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MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal – Features, Pricing & Review

Are you a coach or tutor? Are you looking for a stunning LMS where you can manage everything you need?

I have a solution for you; if you are familiar with WordPress, then it’s going to be more interesting to manage your courses. 

I’m talking about MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create professional courses and sell online right from your website. 

Key Takeaways 

  • With MasterStudy, you can create any type of e-learning platform without writing a single line of code. 
  • You can create course creation, lessons, quizzes, and assignments with MasterStudy LMS course builder.
  • MasterStudy LSM provides two different panels for Students and Teachers
  • Provides multi-payment methods for collecting course fees

MasterStudy LMS Overview

MasterStudy provides a professional and user-friendly Learning Management System where you can host your course and manage everything. 

Using its powerful front-end course builder, you can maintain your online education system with automatic workflow. 

Everything is your own and controlled, and you have no restrictions to do anything. 

What you will get in this content; let’s check everything in at-a-glance:

MasterStudy is the best for: 

  • Course Creators
  • Online Tutors
  • Educators

You can integrate with MasterStudy: 

  • Elementor 
  • PayPal
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Zoom

Alternative to:

  • LearnDash

With the MasterStudy LMS WordPress plugin, you can separately create student panels and teacher panels where they can utilize their own functions. 

Here are the course builder’s options that help to create some effective things on your website. 

Course Creation

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy LMS Course Creation

Without a single line of code, you can create and develop your own courses with just drag and drop course builder. 

Just edit like a changing volume of your TV, everything you can manage in your own way. 

You don’t need to hire any developer to create your course interface anyone. 


MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy Lessons Builder

As same as “Course Creation,” you can create lessons if you are an educator. Here you can add something special that may attract your students. 

To make your lessons more informational, you can add slides, texts, and streams with your own computer. 

It allows you to integrate Zoom meetings and webinars seamlessly. 

Quizzes Builder

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy Quizzes

The quiz builder feature allows you to make your quiz-taking experience accessible, and you can diversify your question types. 

You can add different types like;

  • Single choice
  • Item matching
  • Specific keywords
  • True or False
  • Multiple choice
  • Fill-in-the gap
  • Image matching


Measure your student’s skills with tests; you can evaluate them by taking assignments. It helps to check their progress, and you will simply get in-depth performance. 

Course Creation Features

With MasterStudy, you can create an enjoyable e-learning experience that makes your student’s learning flow easier. 

Student Encouragement

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - Students Encouragement and Competition Certificate

You can provide your students with a “Competition Certificate” so they can learn with full satisfaction. 

It’s a phycological learning experience; everyone wants a reward after completing anything. 

Providing custom certificates is the best way to inspire and encourage your students. 

Drip Content

It’s an essential feature of lesions that organizes students’ learning progress. It helps to prevent them from skipping lessons without watching. 

They can watch step-by-step instructions of your course, and you can verify the progress they are watch full of their lesson. 


Students can direct message you can send them announcements to them; it creates a healthy atmosphere between you and students. 

Overall, it communicates well with students so they can be more engaged with you for their progress. 

Course Monetization

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy Allows to monetize your courses and collect payment

You can offer free lessons or courses so that they can signup for your platform, and also you can monetize by offering paid courses. 

MasterStudy allows you to receive payment via Stripe, PayPal, and Wire transfers right from your dashboard. 

Even you can add unlimited payment gateways with WooCommerce seamlessly. 

Also, you can offer multiple pricing models so your students can purchase courses effortlessly. 

Such as;

  • One-time purchase
  • Pricing plans
  • Memberships
  • And Course bundles

Zoom and Live Streaming

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy LMS allows to live streaming and zoom meetings with ease

MasterStudy allows you to interact with your students via Zoom meetings and live webinars that improve your student’s interactivity. 

Make yourself very social and interact with your students from your LMS dashboard so they can connect easily. 

Live stream allows your students to ask questions, and you can answer them in real-time effortlessly. 

Also, you will get a huge number of premium add-ons that makes your LMS journey smooth. 

Here are the add-ons below;

Statistics and Payouts: 

You will get insightful analytics from MasterStudy, that provides clear data on your students and payouts. 

Udemy Importer: 

If you already have a live course in Udemy, you can easily import those courses and sell them on your website. 


It lets your students unlock courses gradually after completing other courses. 

Online Testing: 

Using Shortcode, you can place your courses anywhere on your webpage without coding or managing whole courses. Everything is now under control with a shortcode. 

Trail Courses: 

You can provide demos of your courses so that they can understand the depth of your course and the high chance of getting admitted into your course. 


Award points engage your student emotionally, and they will get motivated with their activity. 


You can provide a custom certificate after the course completion so that they will get interested in finishing their course by the end. 

There are lots of Pro Addons available in MasterStudy LMS that make your learning management easier. 

Live Demos

Before using MasterStudy, you should see the demos of the students and teachers panel and see how it works. 

I’m sure you will love the interface book, every panel, and the management system of your course. 

Let’s have a look at the demos below;

Student Demo

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - Student panel where they can view their purchased courses

After login in, your students can see their “Enrolled Courses” from their main dashboard, and they can get started to watch each course. 

Even they can filter courses by Enrolled date (Last & New) and Progressing. 

From the “Message” section, they can direct messages to the course teacher and you; it helps to communicate easily with your students. 

From the “Memberships” section, they can see their membership building and invoices to be alerted before upcoming billing. 

Also, your students can see your course Assignments, Quizzes, Groups, and other necessary sections that are needed for their growth. 

Lastly, they can see their progress from the “My Points” section, and they will eagerly complete their course with the flow.

Teacher Demo

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy Instructors dashboard

They can view their published courses and upcoming course list from the teacher’s end. 

Teachers can set their profile picture and bio so that all of their students can recognize them. 

Teachers can easily send any announcement to the students right from their dashboard and boost their sales. 

Masterstudy provides an analytic dashboard where they can view their examination enrollment, progress, passed, and other essential analytics. 

And they can take assignments from their student by choosing any specific course or lesson. 

Also, they can easily invite any student to join their course via email to specific courses. 

Overall, it’s a feature-rich dashboard for any instructor who wants to sell their courses and digital lessons easily. 

Back-end Dashboard

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Only for 69 - MasterStudy LMS back end dashboard where admin can easily manage website

Here is your back-end dashboard where you can control everything without switching tabs; you won’t need to write a single line of code. 

You can manage your students, teachers, and payment payouts from your dashboard. 

MasterStudy allows you to add WooCommerce and other popular payment methods to collect course payments seamlessly. 

LMS setting provides bulk service of editing where you can edit anything you need from Certificate to the course editing panel. 

Almost everything you can control in your own way and make your course selling process easier. 

In short, it’s a white-label plugin where you can manage your online teaching journey effortlessly. 

Now, let’s move on to the pricing plans; 

MasterStudy Pricing Plans

It’s a cost-effective and feature-rich LMS that enables anyone to create courses and sell online with 100% user satisfaction. 

MasterStudy LMS comes with four pricing plans;

Starter, Single Site, 5 Sites, and Unlimited. (I have a surprise for you below)

Starter Plan $0/year:

Single Site Plan $59/year:

  • 1 Site License
  • Everything MasterStudy Pro Addons
  • All themes

5 Sites Plan $145/year:

  • Everything Pro Addons
  • 5 Sites License
  • All themes

It’s enough for now; you have to check out their unlimited plans from the official site. 

A surprise for you is that you can purchase a lifetime deal plan of MasterStudy from Appsumo. 

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal from Appsumo [$69]

Makes your online course selling easier and adds the instructors for a more knowledgeable course. 


  • Lifetime access to MasterStudy LMS Plan
  • Everything Plan Features
  • 5 Sites Licenses
  • All premium add-ons 

Bottom Line

Last, After experiencing their demos and back-end panel, I was impressed with their customizability and features. 

You will be stuck after using LMS plugin for your project; I’m not just telling you, you can use their free version plugin for testing. 

I hope you won’t to be miss MasterStudy for your next-level course-building website. It’s really incredible for teachers who want to sell courses seamlessly. 

Just use the free plan and let me know if you are liked it. I’ll be happy to hear it.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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