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Storeplum Lifetime Deal & Review | Shopify Alternative

Which is the most annoying thing about eCommerce? 

You know the answer, that is eCommerce store management. Right?

First, you have to manage your domain and hosting plans, hire a developer to create your eCommerce, and then upload your products. 

My goodness! It’s literally a hassle to anyone who is a newbie in eCommerce store management. Isn’t it?

But What if you could manage your eCommerce website to zero to live level without coding or prior experience? (It’s definitely good better than a traditional store)

Introducing Storeplum.

Hello, my folks; I’m Akram Hossain from ThePromotes. Here, I’ll explain Storeplum – the best no-code online store management solution. 

Storeplum Overview

Storeplum is an eCommerce store management platform where you can build your online store and revenues faster.

Pulls your new customers to your engaging online store and improves your conversion rates like skyrockets. 

May you think about Shopify or Woocommerce?

Yes! You are thinking the right way; 

Source: Appsumo

Storeplum is an alternative to:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Its the best for: 

  • eCommerce
  • SMBs
  • Website Designers or Agencies

It allows you to manage your eCommerce product inventory with Storeplum and complete your task 41% faster than before. 

You don’t have to spend so much time traditionally creating an online store; you just go to the dashboard and select and customize with your brand. 

Everything you can complete is like a skyrocket. 

Wait, I’ll explain everything about Storeplum; it will surely surprise you with its unique feature-rich options. 

I’ll say “Good Bye” to the hassle of coding or different tabs in eCommerce management.

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Dashboard

Let’s have a look setup process of Storeplum; you can just set up your own store within 5 minutes. 

Storeplum Online Store Setup Process

Using Sotreplum, you can complete your first online store without coding, which is going to be more first and revenue booster. 

Let’s jump into the final process;

Theme Install

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Theme Installation

After signing up, you can see the whole process in your dashboard and get started with the first one. 

Select theme and initialize store” options allow you to install your business-suitable theme from the next window.

You will get several premium templates and choose the one you want to use in your next-level eCommerce store. 

Theme Customization

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Theme Customization

Theme customization is as same as WordPress theme customization, but it’s a bit easier than WordPress. 

You can easily customize your installed theme by just editing MS Word.

Storeplum allows you to edit every aspect of every page, from images to texts, with just drag and drop. 

Suppose there is a carousel in your hero section of the Home page; then you don’t need to do anything grammatically. 

Just select the image and change it as it is a photo change. 

Storeplum enables you to change your theme color scheme with your own brand, and you can change everything from header to footer. 

This is not the end yet! You can add a new page from scratch and can customization with its pre-set elements. 

After that, you can add an unlimited section on a single page, including Carousel, Texts, Images, Videos, and more. 

Hopefully, you have completed your customization section with your own branding. Let’s move on to the product add part.

Add Product

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Product Lists

Supper easy-to-add products to your website by filling in some filed that you can without prior experience. 

Let’s have a look below;

  • Enter your product name
  • Select the Product category; if the category isn’t available, then you can create a new one.
  • Enter Stock or SKU Count
  • You can select SEO friendly URL or use auto generated URL with a click
  • You can use tags that associated with your product
  • And add product pricing with Original and Discounted prices; you can include or exclude tax.
  • [Important] Add product descriptions so users can understand your product deeply. It helps to boost your sales ratio dramatically. 
  • Lastly, add a product rating that would be trustworthy for your customers. 

Now, Just click the “Save” button and easily save your product. 

Product Variations

Suppose you have the same product with different variants; shouldn’t variations organize it? 

100%. You have to provide product variations so customers can easily select the accurate products. 

You can add product dimensions and weight variations from the same dashboard. 

Custom Domain

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Domain Connection

Storeplum allows you to connect your own brandable domain, making your online store publicity more effective and customers trustworthy. 

Customers can remember your brand and boost customer retention with the same effort. 

Payment Collection

Storeplum Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Exclusive - Payment Setup

It’s the most important and much-needed feature of an online store; you must collect payment securely and effortlessly. 

Storeplum allows you to connect your Stripe account and collect payment smoothly with a click. 

Your store is ready to live! Let’s check out some additional features you should use for better execution of Storeplum. 

Storeplum Analytics

You can collect customer data into your Google account using Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and other Google services. 

Surely, easy to set up, and you can add your store with google and get insight right from your dashboard. 

Also, you can add your store to Facebook to collect audience data and take better action in the future. 


To make your workflow autopilot, you should use Zapier, Pabbly, or similar tools that make your workflow to autopilot. 

It saves you time and manages your table with ease. 

You can connect your favorite tools, such as Zapier, Pabbly, MailChimp, and more, with Storeplum, which makes your workflow accessible.

You are surely excited about using it for your next-level online store. But before that, let’s look at the pricing plans of Storeplum. 

Storeplum Pricing Plans

It’s suitable for every small to enterprise eCommerce store manager who wants to manage their business in online with fast revenue. 

Storeplum comes with three pricing plans;

Basic, Growth, and Enterprise.

Basic Plan $49/mo:

  • 2 Users
  • 2% transaction fee
  • Real-time analytics
  • Product Management Features
  • User and Order Management (Limited)
  • Store Builder
  • Analytics Integrations

Growth Plan $69/mo:

  • 10 Users
  • Everything Dashboard Management Features
  • Everything Product Management Features
  • Everything User and Order Management Features
  • Discount Management 
  • Store Builder
  • Analytics Integrations

You can see the complete features on their official website.

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Appsumo comes with an amazing Storeplum lifetime deal plan only for you with a huge discount.

Storeplum Lifetime Deal Plan From Appsumo [$69]

Using Storeplum’s powerful eCommerce management system, you can create stunning online stores without prior experience and easily get fast revenue. 


  • Lifetime Access to Storeplum Growth Plan
  • Everything Growth Plan Features
  • 1 eCommerce domain
  • 1 User
  • 500,000 annual revenue limit per store
  • Role-based access
  • Coupon management

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Final Line

You shouldn’t use any eCommerce platform where you have Storeplum with super-optimized features.

You might be thinking about customization or management hassles, but trust me, you gonna love it to use with easy-to-use features.

But I can tell you a simple trick for using it, go to Storeplum’s official website and sign up for FREE.

Just check out their free features; I hope you will love it to convert into a pro.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.
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