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Katteb Lifetime Deal & Review | Best AI Content Writer

According to google ranking updates, you have to write unique and quality content to rank top of the google search results. 

You can also learn about google ranking updates from here

You may think that’s why I’m talking about google ranking factors; here is why you have to write quality content to rank. 

But is it easy to write? Not at all. Here is need so much dedication and professionalism to write unique content. 

But here is an AI solution for you. 

Meet Katteb

Hi, my friends; I’m Akram Hossain from ThePromotes. Here, I’ll explain Katteb – the best human-like AI content generator. 

What is Katteb?

Katteb is an AI-Powered content generator that generates high-converting human-like content in minutes. 

With Katteb, you can create blogs, articles, online store content, and anything you can cover with it.

Katteb is an alternative to: 

  • Jasper
  • WriterZen

Best for:

  • Copywriters
  • Bloggers
  • Content Creators

Using Katteb, you can generate a Blog Outline with a single click and paraphrasing that provides different types of content with the same meaning. 

Also, you can generate product descriptions, problems, agitate, solutions, and ad copy from the same dashboard. 

Now, Let me explore the services of Katteb below;

Services of Katteb

Using Katteb, you can generate content based-on audience interests and locations that help to create more user-friendly content with the same effort.

Let’s start with the first services below;

Katteb Plus AI

Katteb Lifetime Deal from Appsumo - Katteb Plus AI

Katteb comes with plus AI content writer technology that allows writing high-converting, factually accurate content for blogs, ads, and products. 

Here are the additional AI that Katteb uses;

Fact-Checked: It checks before writing content and can write like human beings with any recent or future events. 

After all, it provides fully fresh and organized SEO-Friendly content. 

Audience-targeted: You can localize your content according to your targeted audience’s location, and it helps you to generate highly optimized content. Ultimately it brings leads.

Image-filled: This is really an incense feature that you don’t have to search for thousands of images to add to your content. Katteb will automatically add relevant images to your content and save you time dramatically. 

Ola! It’s really amazing. 

You can use Katteb Plus AI for;

  • Blog Posts
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Product Descriptions
  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • And Sales Copy

Katted AI Article Writer

Katteb Lifetime Deal from Appsumo - Blog Outline

Here is another AI writing tool that allows you to generate 100% unique, super-optimized content for your next-level article. 

With the power of AI, you can write your;

  • Books
  • Blog Posts and Articles
  • Summarize Articles
  • Professional Emails
  • Generate Marketing Copy
  • Rewrite Content
  • Fix Grammatical Errors
  • Product Descriptions 

Every content you can generate in less than 60 seconds, and they are using GPT-3 technology that helps to create 100% frictional content. 

Even Katteb AI will suggest you use Stock Free Images that make your content more appealing. 

And you don’t have to use Grammarly to check the grammatical errors in your content. 

Katteb provides their built-in grammar checker that will fix your sentence eros, misspelled, and other mistakes.

Katteb AI Article Rewriter

Katteb Lifetime Deal from Appsumo - Blog Outro

Suppose you have backdated content that does not fit your topic or audience. What should you do?

No worries about removing this content from your database, still you can use it. 


Here is the solution, you can easily rewrite your previous outdated content to 100% unique and fresh content in just a few minutes.

Fetch Any Article Online: Katteb provides amazing automatic article rewriter tools that help you to generate rewrite content with just a URL. 

You don’t have to think about uniqueness; they will provide 100% unique content by fetching millions of live content.

Unlimited Words Count: Katteb allows you to generate unlimited content with a single click, providing a very convenient way to generate and rewrite content. 

Formatting: You don’t have to think about article formatting; Katteb will take care of it and provides plagiarism-free content without losing original formats. 

You don’t have to specify the images, H tags, and external links. 

60+ Languages: Katteb provides 60+ language support while generating AI and human-readable content in just a few seconds. 

It would benefit bloggers, marketers, and copywriters who must write high-converting content. 

You can use AI Content Rewriter for;

  • News
  • Blog Posts
  • Essays

Katteb AI Song Lyrics

Katteb Lifetime Deal from Appsumo - Articles Ideas

It is good news for Song lyrics writers that you don’t have to brainstorm to generate a single line of lyrics. 

From the 100,000 songs dataset, you can generate your favorite one with a single click. Katteb makes song lyric generating easier and effortless.

Also, you can create lyrics based on the music genre of your preference. 

You can use Katteb AI Song Lyrics for;

  • Hip Hop
  • Blues 
  • Alternative Rock
  • Jazz
  • Folk
  • EDM
  • Country Music
  • Pop Music

Okay, now let’s come to the point;

Should You Use AI to Generate Content?

If you ask me this question, I will answer in a single word: “NO.” 

Why shouldn’t use AI to generate content?

There are many reasons behind it why AI couldn’t be a human-like content writer. It’s quite impossible. 

Human always try to write like a human, and he/she knows how to convince readers, but AI doesn’t know how to convince human readers. 

Even you can test it with your own experience that a human being can be more creative, but AI writer isn’t smarter than us. 

If you need quality instead of content word count, then you should hire someone who is an expert on copywriting. 

Hope you can understand whether you should use an AI content generator or not. 

Katteb Lifetime Deal from Appsumo - Content Generation tools

But hey! Wait a second. 

I have a super solution for you; Will you read it? 

You definitely use AI tools to generate content for your next-level blog. With few conditions.

  • After generating AI content, you have to read manually to correct given information and grammatical errors. 
  • You should maintain the coherence of the sentence with your own brainstorming.
  • You shouldn’t use the raw output that you got from AI tools. 
  • Always try to write in a natural format and a human-readable way.

If you follow these conditions, you can definitely use AI tools to generate next-level blog content.

You can also use Katteb as your partner for AI content writing. Wanna see its prices?

Katteb Pricing Plans

Very much user-friendly, and GPT-3 technology AI allows you generate human-like content with 100% plagiarism-free content. 

Katteb comes with three pricing plans;

Beginners, Experts, and Professionals.

Beginners Plan $15/mo:

  • 30K words/mo
  • 15+ use cases access
  • 60+ languages support
  • AI Image suggestions
  • 500+ words articles
  • Rewrite articles and more

Also, you can check out others features from their official site. But I have a surprise for you;

Appsumo has an amazing deal plan for Katteb, Only $29 for a lifetime. WOW!

Let me explore deep;

Katteb Lifetime Deal Only For $29

From bloggers to copywriters, you can use Katteb to generate high-quality AI content with a single click;


  • Lifetime access to Katteb Plan
  • Everything Katteb Plan Features
  • 15K works per month

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With the above discussion, you should understand the usage of AI writing tools. But if you like to use AI tools to generate content.

Then you can go for Katteb, which helps you to create extremely well-optimized content.

Yet, I recommend you go for the human writer to get long-term results. But if you can follow the conditions mentioned above. Then go for AI tools.

Wanna test drive?

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