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Social media management has never been easier. Creating, uploading, managing, and analyzing isn’t easy for all time. Sure, Social media is a great way to grow business.  

What if you have a platform that saves your time managing social media posting and ensures your social content’s quick and efficient. 

Meet with Social Web Suite.

What is Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite is a social media marketing and management dashboard that allows you to create, manage, schedule, post, and analyze social messages for you and your clients.

It helps you to streamline social media management by managing all social content from an all-in-one platform.

Social Web Suite is an alternative to Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and MeetEdgar. 

It’s best for social media marketers and teams who want an easy way to manage their social media content across channels and clients. 

You can set up a Social Web Suite in less than five minutes and start immediately posting at the best times for each channel. 

Social Web Suite allows you to integrate WordPress and share content, posts, products as soon as you publish. 

Social Web Suite comes with some awesome features for social media content management.

Let’s drive into the features of the Social Web Suite. 

Social Web Suite Features

Use Social Web Suite and save time, engage the audience and increase revenue with an all-in-one platform. 

Here I’ve described a few features of the Social Web Suite below;

social web suite lifetime deal - features

Social Media Content Calendar

Social Web Suite allows you to view your entire social media strategy. 

It has a drag-and-drop social media marketing calendar to see previous posted social messages and anything. 

Also, you can schedule, edit, delete, reshare and organize all your social messages.

Social Media Content Calendar allows you to get organized content from websites and RSS feeds in one place. 

Marketing Campaigns With UTM

Social Web Suite helps you to find out your traffics source. It’s will automatically add UTM parameters in your links before posting. 

Google Analytics will track your links, and you can run marketing campaigns conveniently.

Click here to see how do you set up UTM parameters?

Social Media Publishing Tools

Social Web Suite offers you to integrate all your social accounts in one! 

You can share content seamlessly from one place. Like, automate posting and engage with your audience with a content-relevant hashtag. 

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Why only publishing tools? Haa? No way, folks! Social Web Suite has scheduling tools that help you share content on social media at a specific time.

Build more frequency in your content with scheduling. Also, you can edit, reshare, preview, and reorder scheduled social messages.

Here is wrap up the short brief of the Social Web Suite features. 

Click here to learn more about the features of the Social Web Suite.

Social Web Suite Integrations

Social Web Suite offers you to integrate your post with the various platform. 

So you can build your marketing experience with your favorite tools that you love. 

Such as WordPress, RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Bitly

Build more trust and increase the most revenue.

Social Web Suite Pricing Plans

Using Social Web Suite, grow your business with robust social scheduling and custom messages for unique content. 

Social Web Suite comes with Four pricing plans; 


MICRO Plan $9/mo:

  • One User Access
  • 5 Social Accounts
  • Unlimited RSS Feeds Integration
  • Inteligent Automatic Reshare
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Unlimited UTM Parameters
  • URL Shortener
  • Gif And Multiple Images Sharing
  • WordPress Integration

SMALL Plan $14/mo:

  • One User Access
  • 10 Social Accounts
  • All MICRO Plan Features +
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Social Analytics Basic

STARTER Plan $29/mo:

  • One User Access
  • 20 Social Accounts
  • All SMALL Plan Features +
  • Social Inbox
  • Social Analytics Advanced

GROWTH Plan $39/mo:

  • 3 User Access
  • 40 Social Accounts
  • All STARTER Plan Features +
  • Social Analytics Customized
  • Analytics Reports Customized

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Social Web Suite Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

In Social Web Suite, you will get a robust platform that helps you create, schedule, post, manage, repurpose, and analyze all your social media content across channels.

Ready to jumpstart your social media strategy?

Get lifetime access today!

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  • Lifetime access to Social Web Suite Growth Plan
  • All Growth Plan Features +
  • 2 User Access
  • 40 Social Accounts

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Just think about it that you have a tool that you can create, schedule, manage, analyze and post on your social media in one place. 

How interesting it is! Well, Social Web Suite can be your black horse! 

Get Social Web Suite Lifetime Deal For $49.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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