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Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Web Stories Builder

It’s hard to test your product, market your site and collect leads online.

What if we told you an incredible tool that allows you to create interactive stories and webpages in minutes to share or embed anywhere on the web?

Here is Snackeet.

Hi there, TP Staff is here; we review Snackeet – a web story builder that allows you to create interactive content experiences.

What is Snackeet?

Snackeet is an all-in-one next-level forms, quizzes, and landing page builder that allows you to increase up to 86% conversion rate. 

You can design interactive web pages with ready-to-use templates with ease. 

You can use Snackeet instead of VideoAsk, Typeform, and Apester. 

It would be the best for schools, recruiters, and digital marketing teams who want to generate qualified leads, users engagement, and get feedback with ease. 

Using Snackeet, you can create engaging content to share or embed anywhere on the web page. 

Besides, you can track your story performance and connect your favorite tools like CRM.

Before checking out the feature of Snackeet, let’s have a look at the use-cases for quality information.

Snackeet Use Cases

Snackeet provides you fully customizable interactive and animated content experience effortlessly. 

Let’s have a look at the use cases of Snackeet below;

Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Quiz and Survey

In Snackeet, you can build quizzes and surveys that will be more engaging and customizable.

Even its web story format allows you to create quizzes and surveys that you can simply embed on your web page. 

You can entertain your audience just by playing and comparing to others. 


In Snackeet, you will get web stories that will increase your sales by up to 30% by taking advantage of immersion.

You can put more information on sales pages that helps you make better decisions for your customers without thinking more. 

It will help you to simplify your purchasing experience better than before. 

Importantly, you can show the right product to the right person; that is the most significant advantage of selling products.

Use conditional logic and showcase the most relevant products to your customers. 

Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Use Cases 2

Lead Generation

Snackket’s web stories will generate 2.6 times more potential leads. 

Web stories will smoothly collect the data that you need to generate leads. 

Using those data, you can make unique content and use the immersion.

Interestingly, its visual content will remember 6 times more lead generation memory than textual content. 


Provide seamless feedback collection options and allow your customers to give their feedback by using web stories effortlessly. 

Using Snackeet, you can go on a personal level by adding a fragment of your personality. 

Use web stories and collect the data you need from your valuable customers by giving them a seamless feedback-giving experience.

Engage Audience

You don’t need to fight for user attention if you can provide quality content.

You can connect your audience with pure engagement. Just become scarcer and attract the attention of your audience. 

You can add visual content to your website and attract potential customers’ attention.

Snackeet Features

Snackeet allows you to build a strong relationship between you and your audience. 

Let’s have a look at its features below;

Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Use Cases 1

Customer Decisions: Using Scankeet, you can provide your clients attractive discover your products. 

They can understand faster and make better decisions about buying your products. 

It helps to make a more effortless shopping experience for your customers.

Meeting: Your customers/clients can easily book meeting schedules directly from the Calendly link effortlessly. 

Redirection: You can convert your visitors into buyers by redirecting your users to any particular page. 

Offer: Snackeet allows you to offer a personalized experience to your customers by using conditional logic.

Collaboration: Use their workspaces to sort your work; you can also share your projects with your co-workers. 

Data Collection: You can use forms to collect valuable data from your customer’s end.

Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Customer’s Demands: Use the service rating form and discover your service’s lack. Try to improve the lacking of your products or services. 

Thus, you can discover customers’ demands with feedback. 

Embed: Snackeet allows you to embed your web story directly on your website with just a code pasting. 

Analytics: You can visualize the performances of your web stories and identify whether your customers are engaged. 

Snackeet Pricing Plans

Use Snackeet and create unique content for your audience’s segments. 

It comes with four pricing plans;

Starter, Eclair, Croissant, and Donut.

Starter Plan $0/mo:

  • 1 Member
  • 50 responses per month
  • 5 number of pages per story
  • 0.5 GB storage
  • Unlimited stories
  • Automatic subtitle generation for videos
  • Conditional logic
  • Website integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Google Sheet integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Data export

Croissant Plan $49/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features 
  • 5 Team Members
  • 2500 Responses Per Month
  • Unlimited Pages Per Stories
  • Unlimited Stories
  • 2GB Storage File Upload
  • URL variables
  • Premium integration
  • Multiple ending pages
  • No branding
  • Customize URL

Or, Get Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal only for $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deals -

Snackeet Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59]

Snackeet allows you to create interactive presentations, quizzes, forms, and surveys that actually convert high. 


  • Lifetime access to Snackeet Croissant Plan
  • Everything Croissant Plan
  • 5,000 responses per month
  • 2 GB file upload
  • 2 members
  • 1 workspace(s)
  • White label

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With Snackeet, you can build and strengthen relationships between you and your clients. It helps you to sell smarter and increase your conversion. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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