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XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal [$59] – Boost Email Deliverability

What if your sent email goes to the spam box instead of going to the inbox?

Oh shit! Totally lost! Can you tell me what to do to get rid of it?

What if you could prevent invalid and unused email addresses before sending them? (WOW! It makes your email marketing more healthy)

Meet XEmailVerify.

Hey email marketers! I’m Akram. Here I’ll discuss XEmailVerify – Enhance your email reach.

What is XEmailVerify?

XEmailVerify is an all-in-one email verification tool that allows you to scan email lists to utilize various checks to confirm emails and improve email marketing efforts.

You can increase email analytics like click-through rate and ROI (Return on Invest).

XEmailVerify is an alternative to NeverBounce and ZeroBounce.

It’s best for email marketing campaigns that help scan and validate email addresses and IDs easily.

Using XEmailVerify, you can scan email lists, verify the addresses, and separate invalid addresses with real-time email validation.

XEmailVerify lets you access API integration with existing workflow tools and ensures high deliverability rates.

Now, Let’s look at the features followed by benefits and analytics of XEmailVerify.

XEmailVerify Features

Using XEmailVerify, you can easily clean your email lists from unused and invalid email addresses.

Let’s have a look at the features of XEmailVerify;

XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal - Features

Single Email Verification

With XEmailVerify, you can Verify a single email directly from the dashboard or via their API.

Bulk Email Verification

Need a massive number for email verification? Well, Just upload your email list in the supported format (doc, .xls, or .csv) and get the clean list in a minute.

It ensures 95% or higher good email delivery rates.

Real-time Email Validation API

XEmailVerify’s real-time validation API helps to prevent the entry of fake emails into your list. Also, it will provide you with a helpful list that boosts productivity and efficiency.

Blacklist Monitor

XEmailVerify’s built-in blacklist monitor lets you view blacklisted email addresses in real-time. Yeah! It saves you time and energy.

Syntax Errors Validator

XEmailVerify’s syntax errors validator checks for unknown email formats, and it will easily increase your email deliverability.

Duplicates Email Remover

XEmailVerify’s “Email Duplicates Remover” tools help you filter out any duplicate emails in your lists. It ensures you access a stress-free and uncomplicated list in minutes.

Hard Bounce Checker

Using XEmailVerify, you can increase your email deliverability rates by removing email that exists on the mail server.

Click Here to learn more features.

XEmailVerify Benefits

XEmail Verify is an email verification tool that will also help boost your audience reach with ease.

Here are some benefits of XEmailVerify below;

XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal - benefits

Reduce Bounce Rate

XEmail Verify ensures a 95% or higher good delivery rate on behalf of an email service provider.

Even it will reduce the bounce rate by not gather than 3%. 

Most importantly, Only a 0.08% chance for SPAM email delivery.

Boost Deliverability

You will get a speedy and efficient email marketing service in X-Email Verify. In addition, verifying emails with their services ensures a boost in your email deliverability by providing you to send emails with verified email addresses.

Fake Email Protection

XEmail Verify’s tools provide you with email lists that are totally free from harm, fraudulent, or invalid email addresses.

It helps you increase the deliverability rate and effectively lowers the bounce rate.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

X-Email Verify lets you provide accurate results in filtering out unwanted email addresses using various tools such as a catch-all detector, hard bounce checker, spam trap checker, email duplicate cleaner, and syntax-error validator.

Never lose your potential.

Expand Marketing

You can enlarge your horizons and quicken your reach with XEmailVerify’s email verification tool. Their tools ensure you save both your time and energy and place your focus purely on fulfilling your marketing goals.

Convenient Pricing

Last but not least, XEmail Verify ensures you get the best value-for-money services. Payless and use much with XEmail Verify.

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In XEmailVerify, you can track progress in real-time and get a complete insightful report after verification.

You can see that verified email addresses result in higher open rates and higher engagement. 

Also, you will get the best result, such as syntax validation, domain validation, MX record checker, and many more.

XEmailVerify Pricing Plans

Boost your productivity and better ROI with efficiency – less stress. 

XEmail Verify comes with Pay as you go plans;

Pay as you go Plan:

  • Up to 2,000 email $0.007200/email
  • Up to 5,000 email $0.006300/email
  • Up to 250,000 email $0.002376/email
  • Up to 2,000,000 email $0.000900/email
  • Single email verification
  • Bulk email verification
  • Real-time email validation API
  • Blacklist monitor
  • Syntax errors validator
  • Email duplicate remover
  • Hard bounce checker

Or, Get XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

XEmailVerify Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Using X-EmailVerify, you can handle one of the essential parts of your email marketing and any business. 

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  • Lifetime access to XEmailVerify Pay as you go Plan
  • 1 million emails per year
  • Everything XEmail Verify Features Included

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Use X-EmailVerify, which ensures a 99% email deliverability rate with superpower email verification.

You can accelerate your email validation with the features of X-Email Verify in just a minute. Even you can connect it with MailChimp, Google Sheets, Zapier, and SendGrid.

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