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RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Make 10x Faster Website

You have a website; traffic is coming in but going back!

But why? Did you find any reason?

I’d say your website’s speed is a problem!

Speed is most important for a website; if you can’t super optimize the speed, there are more chances of losing traffic.

So what is the solution?

There is RabbitLoader.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss RabbitLoader – the best plugin to make your website super fast.

What is RabbitLoader?

Rabbitloader is a comprehensive WP plugin that optimizes your website speed and makes your website faster. 

It enables you to reduce your page loading time from any region and website page without coding. 

Source: Appsumo

It makes your website stand at number one and grow with satisfying traffic. 

Using Rabbitloader, your website will be smoother than others and provide a flawless experience for your traffics. 

Promise they won’t want to bounce for once.

It provides an all-in-one WordPress dashboard that allows you to see the website loading metrics and analytics in the same dashboard. 

You can prioritize essential above-the-fold content and store assets in a CDN cache that improves your website’s UX. 

Not only that, but also it will help you in SERP ranking.

Features of RabbitLoader

RabbitLoader has four amazing features that make your website faster and improve user experience. 

Let’s have a look at the unique features below that I explored.

RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Boost PageSpeed Score

PageSpeed Score is always important for a website; a low page speed score can harm user retention and smooth user experience. 

Using RabbitLoader, you will permanently get a 100 out of 100 PageSpeed Score. 

Wanna see how to increase your PageSpeed?

Core Web Vitals: It ensures the quality signal essential for your web page’s user experience. Rabbitloader will improve FCP, FID, and CLS timings, boosting your website’s quality for better ranking. 

First Contentful Paint: For critical rendering, you must first point out when any part of a web page’s content is rendered on the screen. 

RabbitLoader will improve FCP by removing render-blocking CSS and JS. 

Also, it will reduce server response times and reduce request counts in many ways. 

First Input Delay: Using RabbitLoader, you can reduce the FID time by reducing the main thread work, and it allows the browser to respond to user actions typically within 50 milliseconds. 

Largest Contentful Paint: It will ensure the LCP element and styles needed are loaded as fast as possible and also render-blocking JS/CSS are deferred so that Largest Contentful Paint can be rendered typically within 2.5 seconds. 

Cumulative Layout Shift: Lastly, CLS makes your website slower with its visible elements issues. 

RabbitLoader will reserve the required space for elements that will be loaded in later stages of a page’s timeline. 

Sub Second Loading Time

Form the word; you know what the feature is! It ensures to load your website in less time typically. 

Your website will load in less than milliseconds, which ensures your #1 ranking. 

RabbitLoader will improve your Google Core Web Vitals and reach you in a higher ranking without coding. 

RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

How can it help you with site loading?

Prioritize Critical Resources: The resource loading feature helps you by lazy loading the images and CSS needed to properly render the website’s above-the-fold content first, which boosts the loading speed.

Efficient Compression & Caching: RabbitLoader will cache your website’s assets and deliver assets like images, JS, CSS, and Fonts to traffic from the nearest server among 300+ different locations. 

It ensures faster loading experiences for your visitors. 

Image Optimization: RabbitLoader compresses your images to WebP from any format that takes a smaller size. 

Its automatic image resizer makes your image smaller in size and faster in loading assets.

Handshake and TTFB Latency: Security is always important for every web page; RabbitLoader will implement HTTPS for all pages now. And it reduces TTFB latency.

Premium CDN Integration

With RabbitLoader’s Premium CDN integration, you will get the lowest latency guaranteed in any part of the world.

It provides 300+ edge locations worldwide with 47 countries, 10x latency, and a 99% cache hit ratio. 

RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

CDN Cache: As I said before, with Rabbitloader, you will get the world of no one CDN that helps your website to load faster. 

It will improve your UX and ensure a lower bounce rate. 

Latency: RabbitLoader provides 10x lower latency with its 300+ points of presence (PoPs). It will reduce the time it takes for content such as heavy images, JS files, and Font that travel between locations and reach client browsers.

Savings: RabbitLoader will save hosting resources on visitors’ browsers that are later used for loading the website from the same version. 

Automatic Purge: You don’t need to manually change the detection of RabbitLoader When you update your websites by changing the theme or editing something new. 

Its CDN will automatically detect and quickly propagates as soon as possible. 

Efficiency: It will use brotli compression, developed by google, and it will compress the image using the WebP algorithm.

Origin Fallback

Are you worried about the origin down? Don’t worry about your server down issues. 

You might be gone for technical glitches offline, but RabbitLoader is here that keeps your back in such instances. 

It will keep multiple copies in the CDN nodes, so your traffic won’t notice the origin down except for dynamic content. 

RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

How will RabbitLoader serve you?

Cache: RabbitLoader will cache the recourse file of your websites, such as HTML, Images, CSS, JS, and others, to visitors in CDN nodes with the expiry time. 

If your origin stops responding, CDN will show a cached version instead of errors. 

Automatic Switchover: Its advanced CDN will automatically switch over the server while the origin fails to respond. It will serve the cached version of the page from the cloud in real time. So there is no chance of losing traffic any more. 

RabbitLoader Pricing Plans

With its amazing features, you will get a faster and smoother website experience that helps you to reduce loading time and provides better UX.

RabbitLoader comes with five extending plans;

Free, Skippy, Hopper, Hopper 5x, and Hopper 10x.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Unlimited Pageviews Count
  • 500 Max canonical URLs
  • 2GB Standard CDN bandwidth
  • PageSpeed score booster
  • Above-the-fold CSS for every page
  • JavaScript/CSS optimizations
  • Lazy loading of below-the-fold images/videos
  • Image auto-conversion to WebP
  • 1 Page rules

Skippy Plan $9.99/mo:

  • Everything FREE plan features
  • 2.5K Max canonical URLs
  • 20GB Standard CDN bandwidth
  • LQIP/Blurred image placeholder
  • 15 Page rules

Hopper Plan $19.99/mo:

  • Everything Skippy Plan Features
  • 15K Max canonical URLs
  • 100GB Standard CDN bandwidth
  • 25 Page Rules
  • Multi Origin

Or, Get RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan For $59.00.

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RabbitLoader Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan [$59]

RabbitLoader is an amazing plugin that enhances your website speed and will load a fraction of a second.


  • Lifetime access to RabbitLoader Hopper Plan
  • Everything Hopper Plan Features
  • 100 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 5 websites
  • 25-page rules
  • Unlimited page views

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Final Verdict

According to my research, RabbitLoader is a compact WordPress plugin that helps you to reduce website loading time. 

It will optimize FCB, FID, CLS, and other resources to make your website faster. 

The amazing thing is that you don’t need to write a single line of code to optimize your website speed.

Also, It provides premium CDN service that ensures the same speed for any region.

I recommend you use it for FREE once; it has a free version for testing. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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