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DinoRANK Appsumo Lifetime Deal – SEMrush Alternative

Trying to do your own SEO is hard. You don’t know where to start, and you don’t have the time to learn everything. 

If you get an amazing tool that makes it easy for you with keyword tracking, internal linking, competitor analysis, and more, so you can focus on your business and leave the SEO to them. 

What will happen then?

It’s DinoRANK.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss DinoRank – the best tool that helps you to optimize SEO strategy.

DinoRank Overview

With DinoRANK, you can easily optimize your SEO strategy with powerful tracking tools and helpful insights from our experts. 

Semantically related keywords will help you capture traffic for related searches, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

DinoRANK is an alternative to Ahref, SE Ranking, and SEMrush. You know, What are these? Definitely, you should know. 

It would be the best for marketers, content creators, and SaaS agencies who want to optimize their content for ranks.

In short, DinoRANK will reach you at the top of the ranking, and you will get qualified traffic that ultimately boosts your revenue.

There is no alternative to these tools if you want to improvise your SEO strategy

Ok! What type of features do you expect?

Huge! isn’t it? Obviously!

Let’s dive deep.

DinoRANK Features

DinoRANK provides massive types of features that help you to boost your SEO strategy and improve search ranking. 

Let me explore all of the amazing features of DinoRANK below;

DinoRank Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Position Tracking

Using DinoRANK, you will be able to monitor the evolution of keywords. It allows you to see the real-time position of your keywords in Google search results. 

It helps you control your keyword’s movement and position with its real-time ranking data. 

What will you get?

  • Track keywords by cluster
  • Keyword’s graph of behavior and fluctuation
  • Graph of all your competitors
  • Geolocated tracking
  • The real position of keywords
  • Track individual URLs
  • Hyperprecise

Now, tell me, what do you want more than these?

DinoRank Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

SEO Audit

DinoRANK provides a complete roadmap at your fingertips; you can detect SEO errors and ranking opportunities. 

It helps you to improve and optimize your website’s organic ranking. 

SEO audit reports can clean up your website’s SEO mistakes as quickly as possible. 

What will you get?

  • Status of redirections 200, 300, 400, and 500
  • H1, title and meta description duplicated or empty
  • Slow URLs, no index, no follow
  • Customized report download
DinoRank Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Semantic Promotion

DinoRANK will provide a complete guideline that helps you learn the use of keywords, keyword disposition, and the number of times keywords appear in your content. 

This feature can be the most effective for a writer or copywriter to get visibility in Google search results. 

This feature offers four amazing things;

  • All the terms are semantically related to the keyword you want to position
  • It has tutorials for you to watch whenever you want
  • How many times do you have to use each term in your content
  • The graphics will provides all of the information you need
DinoRank Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the essential parts of blogging; DinoRANK helps you discover all the keywords you search for in Google, which will attract quality traffic to your site. 

Internal Pagerank

DinoRANK will help you distribute your page’s SEO strategy, and you can learn how to optimize your website’s internal strength. 

It ensures that a position in Google is what you actually want. 

Even you can learn how to manage page authority or link juice. 


For quality keyword ranking, cannibalizations can be the best harm for them. But DinoRANK helps you to solve them simply. 

Its Cannibalizations function will detect all the cannibalizations of websites or online stores and provide you with a complete guidelines to fix them. 

This feature helps you to improve the ranking of your content permanently. 

What will cannibalizations do?

  • Mark the cannibalized keyword
  • URLs that rank for that keyword
  • Shows its average position
  • Offers advice on how to solve them

DinoRANK Pricing Plans

DinoRANK is a powerful, intuitive, affordable platform that saves your pocket. 

It comes with three amazing plans;

Starter, Pro, and Business.

Starter Plan 20.66€/mo:

  • Unlimited domains
  • 400 keywords to track
  • 25 Domain tracking
  • 300 TF*IDF analysis
  • 200 Keyword Research
  • 50 Results by keyword research
  • 20 Cannibalization and thin content tracking
  • External linking management
  • 50 Competitor graph analysis
  • 50 Results by visibility analysis

Pro Plan 34.71 €/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 800 Keywords to track
  • Geolocalized Tracking
  • Real Search
  • 50 Domain tracking
  • 600 WDF*DF analysis
  • 600 Keyword Research
  • 100 Results by keyword research
  • 40 Tracking by cannibalization and thin content
  • 150 Competitor visibility graph analysis
  • 100 Results by visibility analysis
  • White Label Reports

Or, Get DinoRANK Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan Only For $69.00.

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DinoRANK Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]

Do you need to boost your SERPs? Wanna improve your SEO strategy with an affordable and easy-to-use tool?

It would be best if you used DinoRANK for that. 


  • Lifetime access to DinoRANK Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 300 keywords to track per day
  • 20 domain tracking
  • 225 WDF*IDF analysis
  • 150 keyword research per month
  • 35 results by keyword research per month
  • 15 cannibalization & thin content tracking per month
  • 35 graphic analyses of competition visibility per month
  • 35 results by visibility analysis

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Using DinoRANK, you can boost your SEO, improve your content ranking position, and easily track your competitors. 

It’s a complete suite of SEO tools that fulfill your complete SEO solution.

I think you should use it for once; if you get satisfied with its amazing features, then continue. 

Its Appsumo Lifetime Deal ensures 60 days money-back guarantee; return it if you are unsatisfied without asking any questions.

Wanna try?

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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