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SocialNowa Lifetime Deal – Hyperboost Your Lead Generation & Sales

Social networking site marketing has become a necessity these days. But getting leads and sales can be complex if you don’t know how to market your business.

What if you can now all be done through one app? Connect your Facebook Page, Messenger, and chat to potential customers automatically.

Meet SocialNowa.

Hey business folks. I’m Akram; Here, I’ll disclose SocialNowa Chatbot – the automated marketing platform.

What is SocialNowa?

SocialNowa is an automation chatbot tool that helps generate leads and sales with automated workflows.

As a result, you can boost your engagement with potential clients and turn them into leads to buying.

Need organic leads?

Just use SocialNowa and sit back while seeing sales and leads flooding into your system automatically.

Using the SocialNowa chatbot, you can automate lead generation to collect phone numbers, emails, and more.

It helps you with digital eCommerce and messenger eCommerce with automated sales.

Wanna see more features? 

Let’s have a look at the features of the SocialNowa chatbot.

SocialNowa Features

Use SocialNowa and automate the marketing process that helps you with sales and leads flooding automatically into your system.

Here are some features I discussed below;

SocialNowa Lifetime Deal - Features


Need everything on automated workflow? 

SocialNowa helps you to automate your lead generation and sales with phone number collection, emails, and more. 

Even you can generate sales on digital eCommerce and messenger eCommerce. 

Interestingly, you can set auto-answer presale queries and lead the prospect to buy products through a messenger chatbot.

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbots
  • Social Media Automatization
  • Messenger E-Commerce Automation

Finally, you can quickly create your eCommerce store to sell physical or digital products from your Facebook page. 

Instagram Posting: You can automate Instagram image and video posting by using their scheduled posting feature and more. 

Analytical Marketing: 

Instagram Reply: SocialNowa helps you effortlessly automate replies to your followers’ comments.

Facebook Auto Comment: Using SocialNowa, you can set keyword-based comment replies or standard replies in your Facebook page post.

Facebook Messenger Bot: You can automate Facebook Messenger replies to your customer’s most frequently asked questions, qualify leads, set up appointments, sell products, and much more with ease. 

Contactless Menu: SocialNowa chatbot helps you with contactless QR code menus. You can create a virtual menu for your restaurant or sale.

WordPress Integration: You can share content across WordPress or add your own WordPress website.

Import Previous Subscribers: SocialNowa lets you import all your previous messenger subscribers to your SocialNowa chatbot. 

Analytical Marketing: SocialNowa’s Analytics features help you with your Facebook page and Messenger Analytics on a dedicated Graphical Report Dashboard. It helps you to make better decisions for the future. 


SocialNowa lets you easily reach existing and potential customers on your mobile phones.

Messenger Marketing: 2.9 Billion users use Facebook Messenger on their mobile. You can automate your messenger marketing with ease.

Social Media Marketing: SocialNowa chatbot will boost your organic reach without difficulty. 

Facebook Hidden Interest Explorer: In SocialNowa, you will get access to an untapped goldmine of Facebook Hidden interests that helps you make your next Ad successful. (Bonus)

Website Comparison: SocialNowa lets you spy on your competitor’s website with their fantastic comparison tool. (Another Bonus)

SocialNowa Pricing Plans

Use SocialNowa and save time, effort, and money. Plus, boost your business effortlessly.

SocialNowa comes with three pricing plans;

Nowa Gold, Nowa Platinum, and Nowa Diamond.

Nowa Gold Plan $5/mo:

  • 10 Month Auto Feed – WordPress Feed Post
  • Unlimited Comment Automation: Auto Comment Campaign
  • Auto Reply Posts 1000/month
  • Bulk Comment Reply Campaign 100/Month
  • Comment & Bulk Tag Campaign 100/Month
  • Comment Hide/Delete and Reply with multimedia content 100/Month
  • Full Page Auto Like/Share 100/Month
  • Full Page Auto Reply 100/Month
  • And more.

Or, Get SocialNowa Lifetime Deal From Appsumo only for $55.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

SocialNowa allows you to automate lead generation, sales, FAQs, post, and post scheduling with ease. 


  • Lifetime access to SocialNowa Chatbot Plan
  • Everything SocialNowa Plan Features +
  • 3 Facebook Accounts, 10 Facebook Pages
  • 10 Instagram DMs and Automation (Business Accounts), 1 Messenger E-commerce
  • Unlimited Social Media Posting

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SocialNowa chatbot specially built for sales and marketing. Using it, you can automate your sales and marketing business effortlessly. 

It helps you to grow your business online such as social media marketing, eCommerce business, and more. 

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