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I Love PDF Review & User Guide | Complete PDF Solution Free

Sometimes you may work with PDF and try to customize or edit your PDF files without cutting or losing resolution. 

But I know most of the time; you are not able to organize PDF files due to a shortage of PDF editing tools.

No worries, after using over 3 years, I’m coming to tell you a super amazing tool that you need to work with PDF. 

Hi there, I’m Akram Hossain; I’m talking about I Love PDF review and complete guidelines that allow you to edit, organize, customize, and secure your PDFs without paying a single buck.

What is I love PDF?

I love PDF is a comprehensive PDF editing, customizing, and management solution where you can edit, customize, sign, lock/unlock, convert, and more in a single platform without prior experience. 

I love PDF is completely free of cost to use, and you can use almost every feature without a subscription. 

I will show you what’s the features of the I Love PDF below, and I think you will enjoy using it.

I Love PDF’s Features

I love PDF comes with six categories of features where you can do anything with your PDF files with a single click. 

Here are six features below, followed by explanations.

  • Organize PDF
  • Optimize PDF
  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • PDF Security

Now, Let’s move to the explanations that help you to understand with knowledge. 

Organize PDF

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Organize PDF Tools

To manage and makes your uncategorized PDF files, the “Organize PDF” features help with the rest. 

Merge PDF

Suppose you have twice or more PDF files, and you have to upload a single PDF file. But how can you do that?

Here is an amazing solution from I Love PDF you just upload the Merge PDF section and click “Merge PDF”.

Every PDF will automatically merge with a single PDF. How cool is that!

Split PDF

This is the opposite of Merge PDF if you have a double or more page PDF and you won’t share all of the pages.

If you just want to send a specific page, just Upload your file into the “Split PDF” section and pick up your desired page. 

Remove PDF

Suppose you have a five-page PDF and want to share only the first four pages of this file. You don’t need to overthink. 

Just upload your file into the “Remove PDF” section and select the page that you want to remove. 

Everything is the same as before. 

Extract PDF

Extract pages are almost similar to Split PDF, where you can extract or split multiple PDF files with a single click. 

You can go for this feature if you need to separate one page from multiple PDF pages. 

Also, you can use the Split PDF feature to do the same work. 

Organize PDF

For example, you have a lot of PDFs with different variations, such as their sizes not being the same and their pages no are same. But you have to centralize them. What can you do it?

Here is a special feature from I Love PDF for you; you can sort, add and delete unwanted pages with a single click by uploading all the PDF files.

Scan PDF

Ola! This is the finest feature I have ever seen in I Love PDF. Using your phone, you can scan any document with your mobile camera. 

It will automatically scan, and you can see the PDF on your computer. 

After scanning with your phone, the document will automatically transfer to your computer, and you can export it as a PDF.

How cool is that! Naa?

Okay, now let’s move on to the next one;

Optimize PDF

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Optimize PDF Tools

Focus on quality with I Love PDF, where you can optimize your PDF files like a finished signature on white paper. 

Only two important features you will get here;

Compress PDF

Suppose you have a PDF file with a 10MB size, but you have to upload this file with the 2 MB size required.

Now, what is the way? 

I Love PDF has a super solution that allows you to compress your PDF without losing quality. 

But if you want to compress more, you must sacrifice some quality.

Using the Compress feature, you can reduce PDF file size by up to 80%, depending on quality. 

Repair PDF

If you have corrupted PDF files, which is very important, What will you do now? Is your data lost permanently?

No no! 

Just upload your broken PDF files into the “Repair PDF” section, and you will get a partially or completely fixed PDF without cost. 

Isn’t it nice?

Convert to PDF

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Convert to PDF tools

It’s another amazing and useful category of I Love PDF, where you can convert from any format to PDF with its handy tool.

Let’s explore the features below;


You can easily convert a JPG image file into a PDF by adjusting orientations and margins effortlessly. 

It will be helpful if you need to upload PDF files only, but if you have only JPG files. No worries, just use the I Love PDFs this tool.

Word to PDF

Another useful feature where you can convert Microsoft Word files to PDFs by just uploading a file, and BOOM. 

Doc or DOCX files are supported to convert into PDF with the “Word to PDF” feature.

PowerPoint to PDF

Suppose you have stunning PP slides, but your recipients don’t have MS Office to view it. What should you do now?

You should convert PowerPoint to PDF so they can view your slides without hassle. 

Just upload your PTT or PPTX files, and I Love PDF will automatically convert into PDF and share it with ease.

Excel to PDF

Sometimes it can be a hassle to read excel files that don’t to how to manage an Exel file. But have any solutions for them?

Yes! I Love PDF is always ready to solve these problems for anyone. 

You can convert your boring Exel file into PDF to make it better readable to your users.


A most interesting and amazing feature is HTML to PDF, where you can convert any website into PDF, just a URL. 

Just go to the HTML to PDF section, enter your desired URL, click “ADD” and wait. 

Everything will be automatically converted into a PDF file and downloaded to your computer. 

You can change screen size, page size, orientation, and page margin to make your PDF more professional.

Now, here is other converting solutions from I Love PDF.

Convert from PDF

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Convert From PDF Tools

With the power of SolidFrameWork, you can easily convert Microsoft Office files into PDFs. You don’t need to switch to another tab to convert your existing file to PDF. I Love PDF is always ready to love you.


If you have a bulk PDF file that fulfills with images, you need to collect those images. Will you take a screenshot?

Not at all, screenshot couldn’t be a good solution for taking images. 

But what is the solution?

I Love PDF will extract PDF images in JPG format without cutting the original PDF files. 

PDF to Word

Like, If you don’t know how to manage or write Microsoft Word, you need to provide files in Doc format. 

Here are the best solutions where you can convert your PDF files into Doc/Docs files with a single click with the power of SolidFrameWord.

PDF to PowerPoint

Don’t you know how to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation? Are you like me?!

No worries, you can create stunning presentations with Canva and download them in PDF format. 

Then upload it into this section. 

Ola! It’s created!

PDF to Excel

I know excel file management is harder than PowerPoint presentation creation. But If you know how to create PDF files, then it’s gonna amazing for you. 

You can convert PDF to Excel files effortlessly by just uploading PDF files into the I Love PDF.


PDF/A means Portable Document Format Specialized for Achieving that manage to keep your files for the long term. 

You can convert your normal PDF file into PDF/A format for long-term preservation.

Note: It’s a premium feature.

Edit PDF

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Editor Tools

I Love PDF brings this feature complete editing solutions for your PDF files, and you can rotate, add watermarks, and more in a minute.

Rotate PDF

Rotate PDF feature allows you to rotate your unorganized PDF files with your desired style. Not for a single file; you can rotate multiple PDFs simultaneously. 

Add Page Numbers

If you have bulk PDF pages, but you should labeling with numbers, will you do it manually one by one? 

It will take too much time. But here is an amazing solution from I Love PDF where you can easily add pages of your PDF files. 

You can choose the number of positions, dimensions, and typography before adding. 

Add Watermark

In just a second, you can add your brand to your PDF files using the Watermark feature. 

You can add logos or text and select the typography or transparency to make your PDF files more unique. 

It prevents unauthorized or copyright issues for your PDF files. 

PDF Editor

I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Security Tools

If you got a form that you should fill up, but its PDF format! What will you do? Don’t panic. 

In a secure platform, you can add texts, shapes, comments, and highlights to your PDF. 

With this simple tool, you can complete your PDF form without handwriting. 

Okay! Now let’s move on to the next thing. 

PDF Security

Last but not least, PDF security features make your PDF files more secure and productive to work with others.

Protect PDF

You can lock your PDF files to unauthorized product usage, which makes your environment more secure. 

It helps you to keep your information inside of your clients or employees, and also you can protect your own personal data. 

Unlock PDF

You can unlock a protected PDF with a password and can read without interruption; you don’t need to submit a password every time. 

Permanently you can off the protection of any PDF. 

Unlock PDF doesn’t mean you can unlock any PDF which a password you don’t know. 

PDF Signature

Lastly, I’m talking about the most important and most useful feature, which is the PDF sign. Suppose you have a document and you need to sign it by an authorized person. 

You can send those PDF files to them with SMS verification or Password protection that ensures the highest security of your PDF. 

You can track the progress of document view, signed or delivered. 

How to Use I Love PDF?

You can simply use I Love PDF’s features by dragging and dropping your PDF files and going with the flow. 

You don’t need to customize anything. Do you have any technical knowledge? Everything you do in your own way and easily. 

Here is an example of a PDF merge;

  • Click the “Merge PDF” feature and upload twice or more PDF files from your computer drag and drop them here. Even you can import from Google Drive or Dropbox easily. 
I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Upload PDF
  • Once uploaded, you can rearrange it to keep your PDF organized. Click the “Merge PDF” button and wait. 
I Love PDF Review & User Guide - Merge PDF

Everything will complete automatically and download to your computer. 

Every feature is almost the same, something you will get different. But you can use any features effortlessly.

Final Touch

According to my usage, I can tell you that I Love PDF makes your PDF workflow 90x faster than ever. 

Actually, there is a reason that you gonna hate it for any reason.

As most of the features are free, so there are such subscription issues. Almost everything is under your control.

If you are a newbie with I Love PDF, then you should not think about using the guide; everything I discuss above and you just check it out for FREE. 

Why did I recommend it?

I Love PDF is an all-in-one PDF solution where you can do anything with the files you need as it’s FREE of cost. So I recommend it to you. 

If you love my recommendation, please share it with your friends. 

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