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Amberscript Lifetime Deal [$69]

You have a video or audio file, and you want to convert it into text. But the only way to do this is by manually typing out every word, which takes too much time and effort!

Imagine converting your audio or video files into text in just one click. With Amberscript’s transcription service, It will transcribe your media for you quickly and accurately. 

Transcribing an hour-long video can take hours if done manually, but its automated transcription software does it instantly! Ambersrcipt offers fast turnaround times at affordable prices so that you get the best value for your money.

Meet with Amberscript.

What is Amberscript?

AmberScript is a fast, accurate way to convert your audio or video into text. The best part is that the first 10 minutes are free! 

Amberscript alternative to Trint and AegiSub and best for marketers, producers, journalists, and creators who need quality transcriptions and subtitles for audio and video.

Do you have a busy schedule? Amberscript is there for you no matter which event you are at! With subtitles in 39 different languages, everyone can stay up-to-date on what’s happening. That’s not all. Just edit the text or change speakers to keep it fresh and new every time!

Publish your words in advance with Amberscript, the site that reads aloud while you listen. Audio is accessible to everyone!

Okay, let’s see some features of Amberscript;

Amberscript Features

Transform your audio and video to text and subtitles within a minute effortlessly. 

Here are some features described below;

Amberscript Lifetime Deal & Review 2021 features

Automatic Transcription

You can upload your audio or video file to our website with ease. Once uploaded, you will be able to search through it quickly and easily edit any mistakes made during transcription before exporting it as a text document or PDF file when ready!

Uploading multiple files at once is also possible if needed. 
This makes Automatic Transcription perfect for businesses that need large amounts of data transcribed quickly without hiring additional staff members to do so! It’s never been easier than this!

Automatic subtitles

Upload-Edit-Export! Transcription is a time-consuming process, and finding someone who can do it well is not easy. We have automatic transcription software that saves you the time and pain of automatically creating subtitles.

Our speech recognition engine produces the first version of the subtitles for your video, which you can improve in our online editor for 10x time-saving. You can realign, adjust and search through your text with ease.

Data annotation

Get High accurate pre-made datasets available instantly with Data annotation. 

Finally, a service that will revolutionize machine learning. With Amberscripts language experts, your company can create the data it needs for accurate audio-to-data workflow.

Behold the benefits of better models with tailored data from native speakers!

API & custom models

Amberscript has AI-based advanced speech-to-text technology. You can easily integrate with your software, with prices up to 10x lower than self-upload. 

Specialized APIs for phone calls, texts perfected by humans, and real-time audio or video

Learn more about Amberscript.

Who should buy Amberscript?

Wanna making excellent transcription or subtitles with minutes? Then it would be best if you had such a perfect tool as Amberscrit.
Marketers, producers, journalists, and creators need quality transcriptions and subtitles for audio and video. 

How much is the cost of an Amberscript?

You can transform your audio and video into text and subtitles instantly. 

Amberscript comes with three plans; Pre-paid, Subscription, and Manual transcription. 

Pre-paid plans start at $10 per month, including Instant draft texts, Online Text Editor, 39 languages, and other pro features. 

But the Amberscript lifetime deal is available on Appsumo

Amberscript Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

The days of manually transcribing your audio are over. (The caption here would probably read, “[applause and happy marketer sounds].”)

Amberscript makes it a cinch to transcribe your recordings and add subtitles for accessibility if you want to leverage your audio and video content across channels.

Ready to open your content up to exciting new audiences?

Get lifetime access to Amberscript today!


  • Editable automatic transcriptions and subtitles
  • Instant text drafts
  • Online text editor
  • 39+ supported languages
  • Multiple speakers distinction
  • All features Included

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Now that we’ve walked you through some of the benefits and features of Amberscript, it might be time to take action.

If you want to draft a speech or interview transcript in seconds with professional accuracy, try out the Amberscript lifetime deal for $69.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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