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Email typing is too hard! Naa?

What if you can send a voice message instead of a bulk message type that sounds just like you. Nothing is lost in translation, the message is beautifully well-delivered, and it’s much easier than typing.

Meet with Vocal.Email!

What is Vocal Email?

Vocal.Email is a voice email sending tool that helps you send voice email instead of bulk email writing.

It will help you to save time to send voice notes in Gmail to your contacts.

Using Vocal, the recipient can listen to the voice without opening another app.

Also, you need to install a web browser extension that is super simple.

Just one click to record your voice and send it instantly to your contacts without manually uploading.

Why Should You Use Vocal.Email?

Using Vocal, you will be able to compress your email message in your voice notes. 

We all know that listening is much better than reading for an audience.

You can write and explain the statement in 1 hour; you can explain it in 20 minutes through voice.

As a result, both your ability to understand and your time are saved.

Even your visitors will listen to the 2-minute voice note with more interest than reading 1000-1200 word emails.

It allows you to deliver accurate information in no time.

Let’s drive into the features of Vocal.

Vocal Features

Use Vocal and send voice messages in Gmail with just a click.

Here I’ve explored a few features of Vocal.

Vocal Lifetime Deal - Features

One-Click Recording

In Vocal, you will be able to the right (or left) of your feature text; You can see the “Mic” icon and click here to start recording.

After complete, click the “Attach” button and send it to your contact. 

Better Communication

Using Vocal, you can build up your communication trust with your partners or customers. Also, you can explain better than text messages with your voice tone. 

A voice message is always preferable to build trust and strength with others.

Don’t worry, Vocal.Email won’t save your voice data in their storage. All voice data will be stored on your local computer. 

Human Beings

Most of the Emails of any company sending by robots. But if you send a voice email, it will help all your recipients trust that you are an actual human. 

They are going to trust you with your voice explanation. So build up your relationship with your voice Email.

Click here to learn in-depth about the features of Vocal.

Vocal Pricing Plans

Vocal is a brilliant and easy-to-use voice Email sending tool. 

Voice.Email comes with Three subscription plans; 

Free, Pro Monthly, and Pro Annually.

Free $0/mo:

  • Send up to 100 per month messages
  • Limited recording time
  • Standard message signature

Get started for FREE now!

Pro Monthly Package $7/mo:

  • Send unlimited messages 
  • Record 10 minute long messages
  • Edit the signature to fit your needs

Pro Annually Package $39/mo:

  • Send unlimited messages 
  • Record 10 minute long messages
  • Edit the signature to fit your needs

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Get Vocal Lifetime Deal From Appsumo. Only $19.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Vocal Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

It’s high time to be left typing thousands of texts to send Emails. 

Vocal will ultimately replace your text writing with a voice message. Use a super extension in your Gmail!

Get lifetime access today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $19.00 $195.00

  • Lifetime access to Vocal Plan
  • Easily send voice messages from Gmail
  • Unlimited message sending
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Audio stored on your computer only
  • Unlimited access to upcoming features

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Be smart and give professional services with your voice Email. 

Build a professional, trusted relationship with your partner and audience.

Get Vocal Lifetime Deal From Appsumo. Why are you getting late?

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