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Plai Lifetime Deal [$59] – Advertise Like a Pro & Fast!

You want to start running ads but find the process of creating them and managing your campaigns overwhelming.

What if you could launch an ad campaign without any experience or knowledge of the inner workings behind it. Plugin your creativity and budget, and it’ll run everything for you.

Meet Plai.

What is Plai?

Plai is an ad tool that helps run fully automated campaigns by simply plugging in your creativity and budget.

It will help you to launch targeted ads in just seconds without any experience.

Plai is an alternative to Madgicx, AdExpresso, and 

It’s best for digital creators, startups, eCommerce business, and small businesses who want simple marketing that actually work perfectly.

Plai allows you to access Google Ad Analytics and get automated ad improvement in one dashboard. 

How Does Plai Works?

Without any previous experience in ad campaigns, you can run your ad campaigns effortlessly. 

Let’s have a look at how Plai works below;

Easy to Learn

Very fast & professionally, you can run your ads. In Google and Facebook, you can launch effective ads.

If you had zero knowledge of ad runs, no worries about it. Plai is straightforward. 

Better Results

Improve your automated ads by including graphics, ad text, targeting, and more. 

Attractive ads will make your campaign effective. So you can improve your ad result. 


Plai offers you many ready-to-use ad templates that help you save time and give your marketing effort like magic.

Just $1

Plai not only makes ad marketing easy, but it also makes it better than before. Its users achieve a lower cost per click. 

Already, +$800K ad spend managed by Plai.

Plai Features

Use Plai and stay with just $1. 

Here I’ve described a few features of Plai. 

Plai Lifetime Deal - Features

Ad Management

With Plai, you don’t need to take panic about advertising. It will take care of the hard stuff for you. 

You can create campaign structures like; names, ads groups, ad sets, etc.

Also, Plai will help you to grow up the audience from Facebook, Instagram, and Google. 

Ad Types

Using Plai, you will be able to create ads based on category. Like; Facebook-Instagram Ads, Tiktok ads, YouTube, Google, Google Display, and Google Play store. 

Plai will automatically select your ad platform.


Plai’s gives you complete insights into Google Analytics, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Google Ads, and more. 


Plai’s have some special tools that help you a lot.

Using Plai, you can find influencers and trending content like Google trends.

Even you can find keywords for any keyword search. CPC and related keywords. 

Click here to learn the in-depth features of Plai.

Plai Pricing Plans

Plai always adds new and exciting tools to help market. 

Plai comes with Three subscription plans;

Monthly, 6 Months, and 12 months.

Monthly Package $14.99/mo:

  • Facebook + Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Search, Google Display, Google Play
  • A/B testing, audience builder, insight finder, Plaibooks.
  • Unlimited ad accounts, Unlimited ad spend, add multiple users.
  • Discover influencers, trending content, new keywords, and more.

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Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Plai Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

With Plai, you can advertise like a pro and automatically run successful campaigns that grow your business.

Take the stress out of digital marketing.

Get lifetime access to Plai today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $360.00

  • Lifetime access to Plai
  • All Plai Subscription Plan featuers+
  • 2 team members
  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Unlimited client accounts

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Use the all-in-one tool that helps you to run ad campaigns automatically. 

No worries, whatever campaign knowledge you are! Just use Plai and run a comprehensive ad campaign. 

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