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VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal – Autogenerate Visual Sitemap

UX improving is an essential sequence for a website. But if you want to enhance UX, you must need a competitive website audit. Right, Naa?

Audits generating is a time-consuming process, and it’s costly too.

What if it was possible to enter any URL and get a fully detailed snapshot of its scope, architecture, and content in just seconds? 

Here is tool fantastic tool that can help you to generate automatic audits in a second. 

Introducing VisualSitemaps.

What is VisualSitemaps?

VisualSitemaps is a web intel platform tool that autogenerates visual sitemaps and high-resolution screenshots of any public or private website in seconds. 

It will help you to create and collaborate on optimal sitemaps that are easy to understand.

VisualSitemaps is an alternative to Rarchy and PowerMapper, and it’s best for DesignersDevelopersMarketers, and Business agencies who want to plan successful websites and improve their UX.

Using VisualSitemaps, you can research UI, UX, SEO, Marketing, and competitor to spend less money. 

You enter a URL and get a thumbnail-based visual architecture of any public or private website.

After submitting the website URL, you will get perfect clarity of any website’s framework that you can audit, understand, optimize, and share.

Now, let’s have a look at the Features and How-To works VisualSitemaps. 

VisualSitemaps Features

With VisualSitemaps, you will get many features that help you get everything you need to audit. 

Here I’ve described some key features of VisualSitemaps. 

VisualSitemaps Lifetime deal Features

Automated Crawling

Without any coding, you can create fully thumbnail-based sitemaps for any public or private website. 
You can generate visual sitemaps for your clients within a minute by just entering the URL and hitting the Enter button. BOOM! 

No need to manually create a sitemap anymore. Switch to VisualSitemaps

Password-Protected Sites Crawling

Not only a simple crawling feature they have. Also, It’s a super amazing feature that VisualSitemaps can crawl any password-protected site ULR. 

So start using VisualSitemaps to crawl password-protected URLs.

Sitemap Editing

After crawling, you can edit your sitemaps. Drag and drop for easy resculpting and add new sections with ease.

Before editing, Duplicate your sitemap (for safety). Open the sitemap you want to edit..and click the “Clone” button located at the bottom footer.

Visual QA & Scheduled Crawls

If any website UI changes, then VisualSitemaps can track it automatically. You can keep your design consistent from release to release. Flag, Resolve and Share them.

You can schedule crawling automation, and VisualSitemaps crawler will automatically crawl that URL, and also AI (artificial intelligence) will isolate the visual changes and email them to you.

Screenshot Annotations

Using VisualSitemaps, you can easily annotate any page(s) and get feedback from your team and clients.

Also, you can manage your feedback process with screenshot statuses. (Really Cool)

Learn in-depth the features of VisualSitemaps.

How works VisualSitemaps?

VisualSitemaps’ working procedure is quite easy for everyone. No need for any technical terms learning. 

Anyone can use VisualSitemaps to generate website audits and other things in just a few seconds.

Who should purchase VisualSitemaps?

VisualSitemaps is the best for Web Design Directors, UI and UX Designers, Developers, and Strategists-Marketers-Product Owners.

Start crawling your client’s site, tag their landing page hero animation, or write notable comments to share with clients.

Using VisualSitemaps, you can generate sitemaps with 100% design accuracy. 

SEO and SEM Marketers can save their time by continuously checking up on on-site advancements. 

Well, you can also check more about who should buy VisualSitemaps.

How much cost of VisualSitemaps?

VisualSitemaps automatically generates high-quality visual sitemaps + high-res screenshots of any URL. 

VisualSitemaps has five pricing plans: FREE, MINI, FREELANCER, TEAM, and AGENCY

FREE Plan Free/Forever:

  • 1 User Access
  • 25 Pages per month
  • 25 Pages Sitemap size
  • Unlimited Domain Crawl
  • 2-Levels Crawl Depth
  • Private Site Crawling

MINI Plan $19/m:

  • All FREE Plan Features +
  • 1,000 Pages per month
  • 500 Pages Sitemap size
  • 4-Levels Crawl Depth
  • Export as PDF, JSON, and CSV
  • Screenshot Annotations

FREELANCER Plan $59/m:

  • All MINI Plan Features +
  • 3 Users Access
  • 3,000 Pages per month
  • 1,500 Pages Sitemap size
  • Unlimited Crawl Depth
  • Sitemap Editing
  • Scheduled Crawls
  • Visual QA Comparisons
  • Custom Tags

TEAM Plan $299/m:

  • All FREELANCER Plan Features +
  • Unlimited User Access
  • 20,000 Pages per month
  • 3,000 Pages Sitemap size

AGENCY Plan Custom Pricing:

  • ALL of The Above
  • CUSTOM Pages / Month
  • 3,000 Pages Max Sitemap Size
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Tags

According to the pricing plans, It looks too expensive for someone else who started his business recently. 

But Don’t worry! VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal is going on Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal: Appsumo

Website planning shouldn’t be like building a go-kart out of an Erector Set. (“Fifteen hours later, and I’ve invented the skateboard.”)

VisualSitemaps lets you breeze through complex designs with automatically generated maps based on websites, cutting down your workload and saving you tons of time.

Take your websites to a whole new level.

Get lifetime access to VisualSitemaps today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $59.00 $531.00

  • All features above included
  • Lifetime access to VisualSitemaps Freelancer Plan
  • 1,500-page max sitemap size
  • 3,000 pages per month
  • Unlimited domain crawls
  • 3 User Access

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Manually sitemap creation is a challenging and time-consuming thing. As a professional, you must need a tool to help you create your website sitemaps easily just by using the crawler. 

Think about it: you have VisualSitemaps, and you can quickly get any websites or apps sitemaps within a minute. 

It looks so cool!

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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