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Verimail Lifetime Deal [$59] – Best Email Verification Tool

Sending emails is a tough job. Every email is a gamble that might or might not result in a successful outcome. Moreover, verifying emails in bulk is a tedious task and hard to do.

Imagine if you could easily verify email lists in bulk and in real time.

Introducing Verimail.

Hey, email marketer, I’m Akram; Here, I’ll discuss Verimail – A validation tool that makes it easy to verify your email lists.

Verimail Overview

Verimail is a bulk email address verification software that lets you clean up your email address list to remove undeliverable and risky email addresses. 

You can send emails safely and boost open rates, including conversion rates. 

Use it instead of NeverBounce.

You can use it if you are an email marketer or want a high-volume sender; you can quickly launch risk-free, low-cost campaigns.

Verimail’s fantastic technology lets you verify email addresses in bulk and real time with API. 

It lets you clean up your contact list of risky addresses and prevent IP blocking. 

I will discuss here four unique features that will help you decide why you should use Verimail.

Verimail Unique Features

Using Verimail, you can easily boost your email open rates without zero bouncing. 

Here are four unique features below;

Verimail Lifetime Deal - Features

Email Address Verification

In Verimail, you can upload all your email addresses, and it will remove undeliverable and risky addresses from your recipient’s list. 

Verimail features;

  • Remove syntax errors for free
  • Remove duplicates for free
  • Correct common typos like
  • SMTP verification
  • Remove invalid domains
  • Detect catch-all addresses
  • Detect disposable addresses
  • Anti-Greylisting technology

Bulk & API Verification

Using Verimail, you can verify your unlimited email address list in a minute.

Just upload a CSV file, verify and download it effortlessly. 

Not only that, but also you can verify your email addresses list in real time without their super-fast API. 


Verimail will provide end-to-end encrypted services that are verified and addressed automatically and permanently deleted from their servers after verification.

So you don’t have to think about your data security.

Verimail Benefits

Using Verimail, you can increase your email deliverability rates, ultimately increasing your email marketing ROI. Also, it will save time and money. 

Protect your reputation: Verimail will validate your email list and protect your reputation, increasing your delivery rate. You know, wrong email addresses hurt sending reputation. 

Get more leads: You will be invited your leads to correct their typo (like: email address using a valid email list before submitting. 

Increase conversion rates: Using Verimail, you can increase your conversion rates. How?

Email address validation increases delivery rate, which ultimately increases conversion rates. 

Save on sending costs: In Verimail, you don’t have to pay for the wrong addresses every time you hit send. Instead, you can eliminate undeliverable addresses once. 

Verimail Subscription Plans

Use Verimail and clean up the email lists that help you to increase your email marketing ROI. 

Verimail’s have four subscription plans;

Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 100 verifications/month
  • Email support

Get started for FREE now.

Starter Plan $15/mo:

  • 10 000 verifications/month
  • Remove syntax error for free
  • Remove duplicates for free
  • Correct common typos, like “”
  • SMTP verification
  • Remove invalid domains
  • Detect catch-all addresses
  • Detect disposable addresses
  • Anti-greylisting technology
  • List verification
  • Real-time API
  • End-to-end encryption on services
  • Live-chat & email support

Professional Plan $79/mo:

  • 100 000 verifications/month
  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • Live chat & email support

Enterprise Plan $299/mo:

  • 1 Million verifications/month
  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • Phone, live chat & email support

Or, Get Verimail Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for only $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal New

Verimail Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Verimail helps you to keep your email address list healthy and 100% deliverable. Without any hesitation, you can launch campaigns that actually drive conversion. 


  • Lifetime access to Verimail Professional Plan 
  • Everything Professional Plan Features
  • 100,000 verifications per month

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Final Verdict

Using Verimail, you can clean up your email lists, whatever their quantity. 

With its lightning-fast API, you can verify email addresses in real-time that also a handy feature for you. Use Verimail and send the right email every time. 

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