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Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal [$49] | Best Video Hosting & Marketing Platform

Most video hosting platforms are too complicated, resource-intensive, and have too many limitations.

What if we told you that you could make it work with simple, easy-to-use software with all the features you need to make your video marketing successful?

Introducing Vadootv Player.

Hi creators, TP Staff is here; we review Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal – a simple yet powerful way to host, manage and share your Full HD videos.

What is Vadootv Player?

VadooTv Player is an easy-to-use video hosting and marketing platform where you can simply record, manage, distribute, and grow your videos.

It would be the best for content creators, businesses, and brands that want to create and host videos and distribute them from the same dashboard. 

Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal - Features 1

It’s an alternative to Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, BIGVU, and

In Vadootv, you will be able to upload videos with a single click from the local computer, YouTube, or others. 

You can easily record, manage, and share your videos with a single click. 

It makes your video hosting and marketing easier than ever. 

Although the Vadootv player is simple, it’s more powerful than other competitors. 

From video marketing to landing page creation, everything you can do inside of Vadootv. 

Why Should You Use Vadootv?

If we share with you the features of Vadootv, you will understand the reason for choosing Vadootv. 

First of all, let’s a check out the features and customizability of the Vadootv player below;

Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal - Features 2

Video Player

Vadootv allows you to customize everything on your videos. You can add a custom watermark to present your own branding. 

Changing the theme of your video and play icon. But there is no option to add a custom play icon.

Interestingly, you can upload your own thumbnail and also add a GIF thumbnail to your video. 

It allows you to edit chapter markers, navigations, links, and CC. You can upload Closed Captions in Vadootv. 

If you would like to protect your video for specific or private, you can set the password on your video. 

You can schedule a video and set a custom start time in the same dashboard. 

Last but not least, you will get a bulky display control that lets you control your videos from A to Z. 

Here are some options that you will get in the Vadootv player;

  • Override project settings
  • Play button
  • Speed
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Fullscreen
  • Quality
  • Playbar
  • Display time
  • Display unmute messge
  • Skip (forward/backward)
  • Move the progress bar to the top
  • Autoplay
  • Play in loop
  • Bottom control bar
  • Touch to Play/Pause
  • Display control on the thumbnail
  • Pause the video on out of focus
  • Auto enable caption with the video
  • Keyboard Controls
  • Play from the last position
Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal - Features 3

Landing Page

In Vadootv, you can add titles, descriptions, and others to make your video more engaging and informative. 

Also, you will be able to change the background, logos, text colors, share buttons, and more. 

Significantly, you can change the layout of your landing page, such as left video-right content, top video-bottom content, and right video-left content. 

Vadootv helps you change your theme so you can combine your brand colors and others.

In Call to Action, you can insert your own link to transfer your traffic to a specific page. 

Last but not least, you can add custom java code to make your landing page more attractive. 


You can configure your CTA options anywhere in your running video. You can set the time when the call to action will appear. 

Also, you can add the poll, video funnel, and, importantly add, Facebook Pixel ID for better marketing. 

Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal - Features 4


Vadootv provides you with insightful analytics of your videos and audio. You can see the views, watch time, play time, and more. 

You can view the competition rate of your videos and audio daily, weekly, or at certain times. 

Also, you can see the insight of any single video or audio.

That insight allows you to improve your marketing and video strategies and overall user experience.


Vadootv helps you create channels with your own branding; you can set the title, descriptions, cover photos, etc. Even you can choose a channel color that matches your brand. 

It allows you to set up channel URLs and custom java code. To protect your channel from suspicious activities, you can set the password and keep it secure. 

After everything is done, you will get embedded code that you can paste anywhere on your website. 


Like channel creation, you can create a stunning podcast with your own branding and share it with anyone via a simple link. 

You can also select the theme color of your podcast and the text color on the podcast cover. 

Enter your podcast’s title and short description with your own cover photo. 

Here, you can add javascript code and more. 

We hope you can understand why you should use Vadootv. Interested? Get Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal Plan. Pricing Plans

Vadootv is super simple and easy to use for anyone, but its power is incredible and helps you host your video and marketing in a single place. 

It comes with four pricing plans;

Free, Starter, Pro, and Advance

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 10 Videos/ Audios
  • 1GB Storage

Starter Plan $10/mo:

  • Unlimited Videos/Audios
  • 50GB Storage
  • Unbranded Video Player
  • HLS Encryption
  • Domain Security

Pro Plan $29/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 100GB Storage
  • Remove Branding

Advance Plan $39/mo:

  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 200GB Storage

Or, Get Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal Plan Only For $49.00.

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Vadootv Player Appsumo Deal [$49]

Use Vaddotv to secure your videos with high-standard security features and market your content with amazing features such as; CTAs, Forms, Polls, Quizzes, Landing pages, etc. 

GET A DEAL ONLY FOR $49.00 OFF $180.00

  • 1 Year of access to the Vadootv Player Starter Plan
  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • Unlimited Videos & Audios
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Video Landing pages
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Domain Security
  • HLS Encryption
  • Video Bubble, Request Video page & Video Channels

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Final Touch

Vadootv helps you to record, manage, and market your videos & audio in a single dashboard. You don’t have to close any tab to do anything outside. 

It helps you to create your custom podcast, channels, landing page, email forms, leads, and more. 

So what are you waiting for?

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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